Thursday, June 13, 2024

Labour Department concerned over casualization of Labour


The Department of Labour in Rufunsa District has expressed concern over the continued casualization of labour in the area.

Rufunsa District Labour Inspector, Kennedy Nalili who conducted a special inspection on some private institutions in the area expressed disappointment that workers at one of the private schools have been working for more than four years on contracts which are renewed every year.

Mr. Nalili said such contracts were a form of casualization which Government does not condone hence assured the workers that the Department of Labour will soon seek audience with management to clarify some of the issues pertaining to their contracts.

And workers in the district have commended the department for embarking on labour inspections to educate them on conditions of service and other labour matters.

The workers who sought anonymity for fear of been victimized by their employers implored the department to continue with their inspections so that employers are acquainted with labour laws of the country.

Mr. Nalili assured the workers that the department will play its mandate of ensuring that the Labour force in the country is protected.


  1. Casualisation of labour is every where including Shoprite.
    Ministry of Labour are sleeping as usual.
    REMEMBER the noise that was made in the past by politicians?

  2. The ministry of Labour are to blame for this uncalled for dilemma. The ministry of Labour is the sole culprit and must be held accountable for this mess. It’s not only in Rufunsa alone but the country at large.

    There are some instances where employees sign a one year contract each year that comes and that yearly contract signed every year for 12 times of twelve years and each year comes with a probation period of 6 months. This means that one will have at the end of 12 years worked for only 6 years and another 6 years on probation. And the government through the ministry of Labour is fully aware of this madness and they have embraced it at full throttle.

    Madam Joyce Nonde Simukoko MINISTER of Labour and Social Services and your labour commissioners, don’t just wine and dine with…

  3. Ministry of labour in Zambia is a failure to the majority poor Zambian workers who are making a lot of money but not benefiting from their labour . PF worn elections because they promise people minimum wage and better conditions of service . Don’t just seat in the office , inspect more specifically the Lodges or Guest houses who are dodging labour laws

  4. Most of the Ndola labour officers are corrupt . They approve bicycles as means of transportation even during the night time . Inspect Guest Houses .

  5. Don’t be cheated Guest houses are making a lot money in Zambia but poor wages for workers . They just use old beddings and old buildings to make money .

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