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FAZ salutes Janny Sikazwe

Sports Feature Sports FAZ salutes Janny Sikazwe

The referee gives a yellow card to Jan Vertonghen of Belgium during a group G match between Belgium and Panama at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Sochi, Russia, June 18, 2018. Courtesy Xinhua/Bai Xueqi

The football Association of Zambia has congratulated Janny Sikazwe for becoming the first Zambian referee to officiate at the FIFA World Cup.
Janny Sikazwe made his debut in the Belgium-Panama Group G game yesterday in which Belgium won by 3 goals to nil.

After receiving his Fifa licence in 2010, Janny Sikazwe first progressed through international youth matches before taking charge of African Cup of Nations qualifiers in 2012.Since then he has moved up the ranks and has a reputation for being a lenient referee who likes the game to flow.

Below is the full Press Statement

On behalf of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Executive and the entire football family, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Zambian referee, Janny Sikazwe for becoming the first Zambian referee to officiate at a FIFA World Cup.

As an Association we are proud of the landmark achievement Sikazwe has achieved and would like to encourage him to continue working hard to have more opportunities to represent Zambia at the ongoing World Cup and beyond.

We are confident that his example will encourage many youth people with the talent to aim high in all their endeavours knowing very well that everything is possible.

Congratulations once more for this great achievement and good luck in all your future endeavours.

For and on behalf of:
Andrew Ndanga Kamanga


  1. FAZ has no shame even the Pongas who resigned have extended their contracts so they can again enjoy the World Cup, take selfies and most importantly earn themselves allowances…

    • I was so impressed to see Ba Sikazwe handle this game with such professionalism. He made all the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise proud.

    • And Jan Sikazwe can run mwee.
      One commentator said Sikazwe is too professional, he too much avoiding mistakes!!! Just be yourself and let it go.


  2. Get a coach to get us to the World Cup. Sikazwe has earned his strips. CONGRATS, PROUD OF HIM. The fact that that our league is still on shows you that we had no plan to go the world cup… Our players are busy in the ka league instead of watching how to string 10 passes withour giving away possession.. count how many times we lose games from crucial loss of possession in our half.

  3. Congrats Janny, you are the reason I am watching the world cup matches. You have done Zambia proud.

  4. I watched the game and I think Janny should impose his authority …..most of those Panama Players were on yellow cards yet carried on being reckless, even talking back to the ref….most ref especially European refs would have sent one off.

    • @Jay Jay
      Good observation but the main issue i think was luck of respect from fellow black brothers.South American blacks are the most racist towards Africans. They have zero respect…very rude. All Belgium players were very respectful

    • Anonymous – Belgium players were respective because they play in Champion’s league and Refs don’t mess about…moreover the game was going there way and it was like a training session for them

    • jayjay … which european refs are you referring to? hope its not those FIFA rejects from england. In your much cherished EPL no game ends without bad refereeing decisions, referees like micheal oliver cant referee a nursery school game in zambia

  5. HE is a shame to Zambia and AFRICA referees in general, his performance was below average , giving the highest number of yellow cards since the game started, thus why they paired him with TWO black assistant referees, he was even favoring BELGIUM ..BAZOONGU Instead of fellow BLACKS .PANAMA, VERY USELESS AND Iam told that was his last match to officiate in Russia.

    • So what do you expect him to give? Nothing …those fouls were clear yellow cards …they pair you will assistants you can communicate with fluently via the comms …what good is it to pair with you with a Portuguese speaker.

    • My friend you sound sick and need urgent help and resuscitation before you die with rage and jealousy……Take some water and some tonic to relieve your frustration.

    • @Jay Jay
      Ignore this Anyoko moron…he is part of the problem. The world is so messed up today because of dikkiheads like him

    • You sound very frustrated bwana. You have issues with reality. The young man is a true AMBASSADOR for our country. Do you know that there is NO referee from England at the current world cup final ? And our own was chosen because of his outstanding work on the field.

  6. Congratulations Janny. This goes down very well with your recent resolve to top being gay.
    Zambia is proud of you. We are impressed as a country and please continue being our ambassador.

  7. ”ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND”says Sejani. At least he is not Janny Hasikazwe. Congratulations Janny keep flying the Zambian flag to the greater heights.

  8. HaTribes Association of Zambia. HaNegatives. These guys are aliens from space. I don’t trust ’em. No Zambian should. Congratulations Janny! I guess he too is not a member of the Association (I don’t mean FAZ).

    • @Sharon
      You think you are funny but you sound very uncivilized and flat out stupid…i dont support neither UPND nor PF but I think they all deserve some respect. So stop making a “full” of yourself

    • @Sharon
      Are you aware that most bloggers dont comment on LT anymore because of your stupidity. Very soon you will be commenting all by yourself

    • @Sharon, we mbwa we. that’s all i can say. You even use a woman’s name ati Sharon, when you are actually a man unless you tend to change your gender and wants to become a woman. America has brainwashed your mind.

  9. Please carefully answer the following statements with T or F.
    1. Most Hatribes are good people. T or F
    2. Most Hatribes call members of some ethnic groups they don’t like “thieves!” T or F
    3. Most Hatribes when in charge of an Horganization, they begin to “cleanse” it from top to bottom (Let the reader understand the meaning) T or F
    4. Most Hatribes when employing they check you out first if you are a “Thief” or not. T or F
    5. Most Hatribes tell people of other nationalities in the diaspora they live that we have “Thieves” in our country! They even tell them the tribes of those they know are thieves. T or F

  10. If you answered F to above questions, you must go back and review your answers. You might have missed the answers because you were taught by Professors HaNsoni, HaNdulo & ShuwaShuwa. However, Q 1 is a bad question. I can throw it away and give you credit for it. Q 1 tests the professor’s biases too, that is why it is not a good question. Nevertheless, victims of Hatribes will insist the question should stay as it is.

    It is not because President Lungu has done anything wrong, it is because he doesn’t belong to them! He is not a member of the Hatribes Association of Zambia.

  11. Proud of Sikazwe and his professionalism especially after that greedy Kenyan ref was disqualified by FIFA for taking bribes.You make Africa proud .

  12. Lazy bum tribal insolent son of a polygamist tribal father and leader of the Hooligans and Bully Wing of the Tribal Grouping masquerading as a party is barking HagaiN!

  13. LT does HaJayJay, control the postings on this site? Is he a member of LT? How does he play around with my postings? #11 was posted before #10.1. But now from nowhere HaTribes has gone in between with #10.1 & #10.2? Really LAUGHABLE like his sickness! It has happened on many occasions! Okay, he HaScribes with Hatribes!

    • @Sharon, your #16 post shows the level of your education. You are illiterate only good at barking like a dog. Let me teach you something here. If someone post something and gets a number like you said #11, and someone decides to reply to #10, that reply becomes #10.1 and it doesn’t matter when it gets posted even if it’s tomorrow that will come before #11. Do you understand that Dummy?

  14. Good to see though a far
    missing you at work – ebs
    mwaice go! go! go!
    Sharp Sharp Sharp
    We will meet once more JS

  15. Why dont we for once stop this tribal talk ai….my niece is bemba and married to a tonga man and we live so happily…forget about tribes, we ar all one…..

    Congrats mr sikazwe

  16. I wonder why there z too much tribalism in this country with a ” one zambia one nation” motto.Why can’t we just make peaceful and genuine comments? I once stayed with the Tongas and they were very caring and charming people.mind u,am a pure Bemba and see no problem in either tongas/ lozis.

    • Since Sata took over, the Tribalism scourge went on steroids, & into Ugly Overdrive.
      Tribalism was there in Zambia in very small doses, but once P.F came to power, we have Institutional Tribalism in Zambia perpetuated by P.F Goons like Mushota, Sharon, UPND Cadre, & Kudos, all very sad individuals folks!

  17. At least Zambia has recorded 3 points in just 1 game by 1 man ????????????

    Sikazwe is the man now to make history for the Chipolopolo ….. Go Go Go Africa is behind you!

  18. Comment:it’s all about mr sikazwe , y is one talking about tribes, u are even bringing in politics in football, silly

  19. The issue is Jannny Sikaswe, man who has done Zambia proud. What’s wrong with u pipo, especially Ba Sharon. Butuutu mulecita. Y tribal & parties when the writing is clear on the board?

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