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Man commits suicide after picking up a quarrel with his wife over church activities.

Rural News Man commits suicide after picking up a quarrel with his...

A 31 year old man of Kabuka village in Chief Sokontwe’s chiefdom in Milenge district in Luapula Province has committed suicide.

John Chanda is alleged to have committed suicide after he picked up a quarrel with his wife over her going to church.

Confirming the matter to ZANIS in Milenge Police Commissioner Elias Chushi says Chanda hang himself with a chitenge material on the roof of his house on June 18, 2018.

Mr. Chushi said the incident happened at about 10:40 hours.

He said his wife Sara Mwansa aged 21 of the same area found the body hanging on the roof later that morning.

Mr. Chushi said police suspect no foul play and have since asked the family to bury the body.


  1. 1000 ways of dying! He had problems with his wife going to Church and so he took his life over that??………..

    • He wanted twanikane but she refused and told him to wait until she comes back from church. So he felt disturbed after taking mtototo!
      Did he solve the problem by hanging himself? Nope

  2. Man, created in the image of God, experiences untold suffering from many causes. And suffering and death in war, pestilence, famine, and calamities began far back in human history. All of every generation have died, under the prevailing enemy Death. Abel, a son of Adam, whose sacrifice was pleasing to the LORD, was the first to suffer death, being murdered by his brother Cain. Today more than a hundred and seventy-five thousand people die every twenty-four hours. Hospitals and other care institutions are filled with the suffering and dying. No wonder many inquire where God is, and what He is doing about the distresses of mankind.

    • Agree with you “Its politiical..”No sane person would knowingly use that stage name. Frankly speaking the administrator of Lusaka times should compel him/her to change it. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to insult or be in a perpetual state of one. Those that speak, know or are Tumbukas know that that kind of insult cannot be tolerated in any public discourse Freedom of speech or not.

    • Pakudya Salimbana @ You have to be the dumbest villain disdain jerk who suffers from “small penis” syndrome that cannot even penetrate the puss!e of an elephant.You cannot even realist how dull you are dull “Smug Snake”.And what do you think your name means in Urdu? Any person who speaks Urdu especially those from Pakistan knows that your name is insulting Allah( God). What do you know about freedom speech? If you really in believe in freedom of speech then give us your real names! “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”

    • Man has to die to fulfill ecological balance or the whole world would die of poverty due to lack of space for food production.
      Animals, plants, insects, fish, grass and all other creation die too.
      Come on guys, there is no specific way to die, but suicide is caused by failure to control emotions and short sightedness.
      It is foolishness.
      Suicide is an indication that one has failed to reason, let alone think.
      Death is death anyhow- MHSRIEP BY GOD’S GRACE.

    • What God is doing is giving us everything we need to ease the suffering of our fellow human beings if only we will hear the call to service and have the courage to use our gifts wisely, even if that means making sacrifices. We have free will, the choice to make our life and those of others heaven or hell. Which will you choose? Hospitals and care institutions are filled with workers who have already made their choice. May God bless them all.

    • The stage name [email protected] is big insult in tumbuka. Just wondering the kind of person using it.

      Is he tumbuka.

      Did he have parents.

      If a child can use such words , where were parents

      Agha ni ma matusi gha bana ba mu vivwati.

      Agha n

    • Do you know what “******* ****” means? If you did you wouldn’t glorify his/her comments with a response let alone read his/her comments.

    • Am also still thinking how possible??????? Bakapokola bantu don’t help us. Just what are they taught at Lilayi?

  3. @******* ****: Just listen to what others are saying and change your stage name. That is insulting. Please Sir!

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