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Lusaka Orphanage shutdown for filthy conditions


The children that were withdrawn from the orphanage
The children that were withdrawn from the orphanage

A Lusaka based NGO running an orphanage in George Compound has been suspended with immediate effect after a check revealed that it was keeping the over 80 children in filthy conditions.

NGO Registration Board Chairman Chanda Nonde on Tuesday in the company of the Director General of the Zambia Persons with Disability Julien Mwape announced the suspension of Home of Happiness Orphanage after the tour.

The orphanage has recruited 68 children whose young mothers have abandoned them.

Mr Nonde said the children are being kept in a facility that does not meet the minimum standards.

He observed that the orphanage has recruited the children without consent letters from their families and the government.

Mr Nonde ordered that the Certificate of Registration for the orphanage be withdrawn with effect from today.

He further ordered that the operations of the orphanage may call for the de-registration of the said NGO.

Meanwhile ZAPD Director General Julien Mwape with her team and other stake holders have taken up the task of ensuring children are put in a habitable , suitable temporary place during the period of suspension as the owners look for a new place of operation.

The children that were withdrawn from the orphanage
The children that were withdrawn from the orphanage
The children that were withdrawn from the orphanage
The children that were withdrawn from the orphanage


  1. What a shame, too bad.
    This is were we need to see rich HH come in to help as a campaign strategy – it works for both, the need get a better life and he gets a few votes.
    Besides, he got rich through Zambian resources and doesnt need that big house when they are only a family of 3 (Mutinta, son and him).
    If he looks away on such let him not lie to anyone that he cares for Zambian – he cares for his wealthy.

    Prove me wrong HH and you his followers by helping this orphanage not just talking

    • @munone…you’re talking nonsense. HH is not the national president. Nor is he in the current Lungu administration. How can you force a private citizen to take care of a problem which the government is supposed to find a solution to? What about you? Why don’t you help yourself? Or you can start a fundraiser to help, instead of putting other people on the spot.

    • do not help people in the sense of you becoming a president NO that is wrong way of helping . DO it with LOVE AND BY DOING IT IN THAT MANNER GOD WILL HONOUR YOU IN HIS KINGDOM

    • Just keep quiet all of you. HH want votes including for orphans who qualify to vote so whats wrong for him to use some of his wealthy on them? Havent you seen Bill Gates and Melinda helping orphans, didnt you see Roger Federer coming all the way to look after oprhans he is sponsoring – are these rich people in government or presidents in their respective countries?

      I just dont understand why you HH supporters are so blind and defend him blindly – let him help and we will vote for him, if not tell him never to come and campaign in the hood, pass on that information

  2. so poor yet u have a very rich country! instead of trying close it down, find out why it so difficult for them to run such a center in good habitable condition and help them, the center could be financially challenged? i challenge u comrades on this site, that we can do something to help, we can share a little we have with these children, it could be food or even clothes!

  3. Just lacking organisational skills here. Indeed if this charity is registered with the authorities involved in Zambia, l don’t see why those poor souls could be going through what is reported here. I would urge this George compound charity to link up with the many UK children charities here like; “Save the children” for example, there’s lots of assistance they would get. Try it, don’t delay…

    • @Nkope Shinyenga, please stop always thinking we have to involve Western countries to solve our problems. Have you been listening to Akufo’s “Africa beyond Aid” messages? The Zambian community in diaspora can raise enough money to take care of this problem. If we all collaborated and donated something, this problem could easily be solved. Again stop dragging Western countries into problems that we can solve ourselves. That’s why the West keeps looking down on us, as miserable beings who cannot survival without Western help.

  4. @ LIE-DETECTOR, u are on point! jst when are we going to start sorting how on issues without the western influence? imagine every blogger donating a k100 to these vulnerable children seen on the pictures! imagine the difference it would make, jst spare something from the bundles u by pay month! this is the same principle used by those who donate to us from overseas, the principle is jst share anything u have according to ur abilities

  5. 1.2 LIE-DETECTOR, don’t or express your ignorance, h.h is not a private citizen. He is a public figure and and I am sure he calls himself a national leader.

  6. @munone HH is not the only richest person in Zambia. Infact the president and Ministers have recently all become rich. Kindly appeal to them. It’s their duty to ensure that all citizens have decent lives

  7. Fono no no
    If u care jxt go ahead and adopt one none on earth can solve these problems not evn lungu nor hh
    Look at children appearances whom they ar claiming that they ar caring for them!!

  8. Instead of closing the orphanage, inprove it and help those people who are managing the orphanage, by sponsoring them, the reason is simple they are helping you people who are in the government, so don’t add pressure on you and them , it’s not their wish to be poor and have such kind of orphanage


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