The black Mountain Death is a Tradegy Worthy of an explanation-MMD

Kitwe Mayor, Christopher Kang'ombe and District Commissioner, Binwell Mpundu leaving Black Mountain after an on the site check following the accident which claimed many lives and leaving many injured.
Kitwe Mayor, Christopher Kang’ombe and District Commissioner, Binwell Mpundu leaving Black Mountain after an on the site check following the accident which claimed many lives and leaving many injured.

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has added its voice to the call for an explanation on the tragedy at the black mountains were several small scale miners have died after the slug collapsed yesterday.

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda President Edgar Lungu should act over the gross irresponsibility that has led to the death of some youths who were mine slug at Nkana.

Nakacinda also called on the nation not to apportion blame but to work together in finding a lasting solution to the quagmire at the Black Mountains.

Below is a statement as issued by the MMD Secretariat.


The Movement for Multi Party Democracy(MMD) would like to express our deep shock at the sudden death of several lives of small scale miners famously known as ‘JERABOS’ in Kitwe at the Black mountain.

We want to convey our disheartening heartfelt message of condolences to the affected families and pray that the good lord strengthens them during this trying moment. We want to pray also that the injured ones we pray for their full recovery.

The entire country is deeply affected by this unfortunate dark cloud that has gripped us and we can only but describe this as a tragedy, which has claimed the lives of our people. In the midst of such horror and loss, we are particularly sensitive to what government has to say.

We need government to avoid a hasty statement, but to give a comprehensive one. It is not time for excited junior PF party officials or inappropriate government officers to begin issuing empty statements. Let substantiative govt officers be responsible for communicating on the matter to avoid appearing like mocking the grieved families. History will record our response and judge or justify us harshly as a nation.

No one plans the death of others, but a certain level of irresponsibility can. We find these kinds of deaths as avoidable deaths hence the need to summon government to take responsibility.

We are highly disdained by the basic political expediency with which as a nation we carelessly handed over a “Death Trap” without paying particular attention to the safety of those unsuspecting individual beneficiaries.

After the burial, we call upon President Edgar Lungu to act on this level of gross irresponsibility by those he had tasked to handle the processes of the Black Mountain.

It is the duty of any governments like it is for our government to ensure the safety of the lives of its citizens. Worse off in situations where government creates a “DECREE” such as that of handing over the Black Mountain to Jerabos as empowerment without a clear safety assessment. A hint of conscience would have prevented it.

Never should we allow ourselves as a nation to succumb to irresponsibility thereby losing lives. This tragedy cannot be ignored. This tragedy cannot be appeased with empty rhetorics.

We act to defend ourselves and deliver our children, youth and women from a future of fear of working in dangerous places to earn a living. Everyone has a stake in this tragedy. Others celebrated the handover of the Black Mountain while others opted silence.

However, people should not blame one another at a time like this, but it is time to find a lasting solution with the Black Mountain.

If interventions used in the past to address this problem has proved futile, then it is probably time to try other measures to bring to an end to this unfortunate situation.

A greater majority of people engaged in illegal or small scale mining are the youth. The country can do well to redirect the energies of these young and active men and women into other productive ventures that would equally guarantee enough income for them to live meaningful lives.

One readily available venture is agriculture, which has the capacity to employ almost everybody engaged in illegal mining and small scale mining.

As a way forward, we propose that we must ensure these miners are organized and structured. So that in case of govt empowerment or accidents as this there is a system to follow through and people to apportion the responsibility. We must remove the stereotype where mining is only legal when its the Chinese and foreigners. This way Zambians can form cooperatives to equally participate in mining activities as they get more mechanised and move away from these dangerous pick and shovel that characterise the Jerabos.

We would also like to take this same opportunity to extend a message of condolences to the NDC, on the loss of their senior members yesterday in a fatal road traffic accident.

Issued by;
Raphael Nakacinda
MMD National Secretary


  1. Handing this to thugs (jail boys) was disaster in the making.
    How do you empower a bunch of lawless individuals who hsve caused mayhem on the copperbelt?
    This act legitimised thuggery and thereby rendering them untouchable.
    Afterall most decent and well meaning citizens cannot have an audience with the president but not crooks and criminals AKA jarabos.

    • blame politician who have no policy on anything…just looking at the videos even toddlers are there scavenging for the 10%.

  2. Nakachinda should ask the jail boys to give him an explanation on what happened not Edgar period!!!

  3. It is said these boys do not allowing GRZ safety inspectors to visit the site for fear that they may suspend operations because of unsafe conditions. They are Jerabos by the way, typical ruffians. ”Wapya kandeya,” said one inspector who escaped lynching. All the same the accident was very, very unfortunate. We grieve with the families.

  4. minister must not resign but educate these jerabos ,the kind of money they make can be used for other ventures like highly mechanized farms, manufacturing machines but without education they will only buy cars , 3 wife’s ,4 girl friends and beer every day ,now when the black mountain finishes ha ha?

  5. Close the facility and let a proper mining company mine the stuff and pay tax. Why give mining rights to thugs?

  6. @ James buga ,Even your name can tell of your white washing,being in the UK doesn’t make you better than an average Zambian.Using muzungu ligo calling your fellow Zedians “thugs” shaa!

  7. Worthy of an explanation. An explanation is not enough. Heads must roll. If Not PF must roll at election time

  8. Government must critically conduct an investigation into black mountain accident recently that led a number of deaths. Should there be any criminal negligence on the part of some individuals responsible then we want see justice done.

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