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UPND adopts Pastor Kangwa for Lusaka Mayor


Pastor Chileshe after he was adopted
Pastor Chileshe after he was adopted

The opposition UPND has adopted Pastor Kangwa Chileshe as its candidate for the Lusaka Mayoral elections.

Pastor Kangwa is famed for his acting role in Zambia’s first soap opera Kabanana in which he played the lead role of Jason Kabanana.

The UPND has also adopted George Muleya as the party’s candidate for the Chilanga Council Chairperson position.

UPND Chairperson for Elections Garry Nkombo unveiled the two candidates at a news conference late Thursday.

And in an interview, Pastor Chileshe thanked the UPND leadership and the entire membership for adopting him as one to contest the Lusaka Mayoral elections.

He said if elected, he will work towards creating a city that everyone will be proud to live.

Pastor Chileshe said once elected, he will instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in the running of the city council with strong adherence to the rule of law

He says he knows Lusaka very well and it’s many challenges having been born in the city at UTH and lived most of his life there.

Pastor Chileshe’s campaign poster
Pastor Chileshe’s campaign poster
Pastor Chileshe after he was adopted
Pastor Chileshe after he was adopted
Pastor Chileshe’s adoption certificate
Pastor Chileshe’s adoption certificate


  1. So this Kangwa has been UPND thus why he had a overnight prayers over HH imprisonment. this is what i tell those who go to churches to follow Jesus and not pastors because pastors have personal interests. the police where even biting them for saving the interest of an individual and not Jesus. Too bad for this generation of vipers who are not warned of the coming of Jesus but serve Pastors!

    • If only Zambians voted on merit and integrity, not party lines. I still hope Lusaka has a reasonable bunch to teach PF a lesson.

    • Another one bites the dust….blunder after blunder…this is like scoring 2 own goals in one game by the same player…whoever PF adopts to stand against this clown who has been masquerading as a pastor and yet he is also a politician will win the election. This guy is fake

    • Dont say we didn’t warn you…UPND seems to be obsessed with Bemba names…trying hard not to look tribal but ending up picking wrong candidates…I see no difference between Pastors and prostitutes…very deceitful. WRONG CANDIDATE FOR UPND and i challenge HH to talk to me after elections

    • @1 Governer
      Well said my brother…these Pastors are worse than Politicians…now you can imagine a pastor and a politician combined in one person…disaster….UPND has lost this one again and from now on it will be loss after loss till they finally lose 2021

    • HH and upnd trying hard to dilute the tribal tag. They are picking useless bembas so that in 2021 they’ll give an excuse that bembas fail to win on their ticket and then they will adopt tongas exerywhere. Or is it gbm influencing the decisions now to be seen as working. Kiki maybe they’re using his popularity in kabanana of yesteryears to win votes kaya.

    • If you ask me to choose between a Pastor and a Politician…i will choose a Politician because at least i will know how to deal with him. Whatever a Politician does 2 times a Pastor does it 10 times worse. If a politician has 2 girlfriends a Pastor will have 10 girlfriends from his own church…if a Politician steals 2 kwacha a Pastor will steal 10 kwacha from his own congregants…And pastors like to chew married women more than Politicians

    • @1.1, Those who vote for the PF vote on the basis of tangible development and the certainty that promises will be fulfilled. On the other hand, they don’t trust the castles that the opposition is building in the air. They may come crushing down as they have always done. Losses, losses, losses. Change your strategy. Stop insulting and be civil. You will gain votes and respect.

    • HH should be very worried now because am told this same Pastor used to go to HH’s house for “overnight” prayers when HH was in Jail…umwenso wanjikata……

    • My message to all fellow bloggers please dont allow Pastors to come to your house for “overnight” prayers whilst you are away or in Jail…i would rather have nshi Nono come visit my house when am in Jail than a Pastor

      “Pastor Chileshe said once elected, he will instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in the running of the city council with strong adherence to the rule of law.”
      Just how is this going to be possible with the divergent views of your leaders. This is a fake statement tefyo Jason?

    • I dont trust these fake pastors. This chap is only interested in enriching himself thats all. This bu pastor thing is fake, nothing to do with God but his stomach. Just chewing free money from his blind ignorant church members.

  2. UPND. My party. The choices you make sometimes leaves me wondering if at all you value (internal) consultation processes. That guy will not give us the numbers for heavens sake. What is wrong with HH

    • Why not ba Book? I listened to Kangwa when they were vying for MP position adoption in 2016 for Munali. I was very impressed with the clarity of his thoughts and understanding of issues affecting Lusaka people. I’d rather give him my vote than those recycled desperate PF candidates like Sata and Sampa.

  3. Ya gamuka nafuti. So hh thinks lusaka yamukashimi like kabanana? We will see. Ask Maureen, she was even better known than these who became pastors only because zambia has no nollywood flow of acting jobs. Hh will lose again

  4. Pastor Chileshe is okay. Can all those posting negative comments shut up immediately. I worked with him somewhere and the man is a performer, he is a very hard working and focused guy. Some of you are just judging him by his name only. Shut up now

    • @4 Kulukumia
      This clown Chileshe is worse than Charmaine in terms of chances of winning. I can assure you the results wont even be close like Chilanga

    • You worked with him somewhere!!!!!! and you can not even tell us that ‘somewhere’. Better you shut up yourself because also a fake blogger from ‘somewhere’.

  5. Dead on arrival. You might as well usher the PF in and fill the blank with whichever frog will wear green. This pastor cant win. Trouble is people think Lusaka is mandahill, facebook and the other social chakutiz.. Kanyama, Chawama, Matero are the Lusaka bulk by miles upon miles… Do you see those guys voting for Mr Kabanana here? Me neither…

  6. I had no reason to go & vote for Lusaka mayor bye elections alas the clown pastor has given me one reason i should travel miles & miles to go to my constituency(Kawabata) & stop him from becoming the capital city’s mayor by voting any candidate of Pf’s choice.

  7. A thousand 1000 ways to die politically is to work hh

    He thinks it’s kabanana znbc tv show where they know him

    • Hahaha u have made my day. Fake pastor ata bane. Ukubelela ukulya free offering after cheating yo church members every weekend. Rubbish. Miles Sampa its all yours

  8. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says sejani. UPND trying very hard to ride on bembas in their bid to defuse the tribal tug that has tarnished their image irreparably. This is a wrong choice again by this tribalist grouping no different from the Chilanga adoption scandal. PF don’t need even to campaign against this weak opponent, it is a blessing in disguise,the seat is theirs already, just like it was in the Chilanga bye election except that this time around the margin will be wider than the Chilanga bye election. UPND is afraid of adopting more credible candidates than Chileshe because the credible ones are all bantustans and so adopting them will actually amplify the tribal tug hence settling for a less popular and influential candidate Chileshe. BA UPND MWALAMWISHIBA BWINO YESU

    • Tribalism! I see it at some work place. Lozis and Tongas have formed a tribal grouping and promoted undeserving persons of their tribe at the exclusion of deserving non-Tongas and non-Lozis. What kind of curse is this? Tribalism is a curse and I fill sorry for those who practise it. So the roots of this curse are quite deep and opposition UPND must live with the prospect of losing elections. We do not want a country that is torn by tribalism. Unless the structure of leadership changes to have a one Zambia one Nation face, that is what will happen if UPND rules. For us to trust UPND, they must be put to test by choosing a leader other than Tonga to lead UPND. Say Kaonde, Lunda, Luvale, Lozi, Bemba etc. Then next time we can give them a Tonga Republican President.

  9. According to Kakoma “Upnd is a democratic party that’s the grass root picked Pastor Kangwa Chileshe for mayoral candidate. ….” Really? Do politicians realize that they’re talking to grown, mature and intelligent people? When did they involve the so called grass root?Last time the talked about the election of mayor was just the burial of the late mayor and since then it’s been quiet. .then boom and all dirty is gone it’s Kangwa Chileshe for mayor.

  10. These days life is confusing, I don’t know what giving Ceasar means and what giving God means. So this Man of God wants to be man of Ceasar

  11. He suits in Kabanana and not the Mayoral Seat, here you are loosing again and again. That seat is based in the Urban area, worse enough in the Capital city, the party needed to adopt someone who is financially strong, who can influence people.

  12. My foot! What is it exactly with UPND and its choice of candidates this year? That seat needs someone uwakaakata to deal with the real daily issues of Lusaka, not that soft-spoken Kangwa Chileshe.UPND you are certainly losing again. Is Kangwa Chileshe a real politician really??……….

  13. If Maureen Mwanawasa with that super clout of a former First Lady lost to unknown Wilson Kalumba, what makes UPND think this kabanana boy will win them the Mayoral seat. He failed in the last parliamentary elections, surely this time in the Mayoral election he will come crashing down like the infamous BLACK MOUNTAIN in Kitwe. Grow up UPND, don’t think that it is just any Bemba speaking person who can win you an election. That is why even at Presidential election level, as long as it will be HH and GBM in 2021, ECL will have another field day this time with 70% votes in the first round, no re-run again and you will continue petitioning with the outcome already known.

  14. Realistically it would be very difficult for an opposition Mayor to succeed in Lusaka. with all councillors from PF how can a Mayor manage to do what he intends to do. This man is being set for a fall. even if he won the elections he will be just a paper tiger. he would fail lamentably

  15. Kabanana reloaded! The jokes of up & down continues. Wisdom in our largest opposition party is rare as chicken teeth. How can the whole group be myopic and fail to read writings on the wall. Jason has never been a councillor or has he done work in local government. Just like Chilanga, they failed to read the candidacy. You should have convinced Maureen to stand. Your winning of Mayoral votes would perpetuate your relevance. And the opposite would be your race to the bottom.

  16. Nonsense. This foolish party has its foolish headquarters in a residential area and causes the people untold misery.


  18. Wrong party, who will vote for a party which has no direction? And known and famous for “only a tonga shall lead upnd”.
    That tag shall not go away unless h.h apologises and subjects himself to a convention. And that is why h.h was stillborn way back in 2006! No prospect of ever holding president of Zambia. And all who follow shall suffer the same fate. You cannot be President with all those ghosts in your life, especially the tribal ghost, it is the undisputed leader of all his ghosts.
    Even jj and Spaka lilo know that now, after I educated them….kikikikikikik

  19. UPND are merely taking part in the election. Even their inner voice is telling them that they can’t win the election. They are just fulfilling the scripture.

  20. UPND know it that they cannot win this seat in Lusaka.If a famous former First lady Maureen Mwanawasa lost to unkown late Kalumba on PF,then who is Kangwa Chileshe to defeat Mighty PF in Lusaka urban?IT IS IMPOSSIBLE AND THE DIFFERENCE WILL BE HUGE!!!Moreover,HH is just destroying UPND further by adopting these none politicians bembas for the sake of removing a tribal tag from UPND.This cant work.HH can even do better by adopting known bantustans such as Mwaliteta (if he has a G12 certificate),Maureen Mwanawasa,Mr.Chipenzi,etc than this Kangwa Chileshe!!!WHOEVER PF SHALL ADOPT CAN JUST SEAT HOME MINUS CAMPAIGNING BUT STILL DEFEAT THIS WEAK UPND CANDIDATE!!!HH must stop thinking that PF strongholds voters just go for bemba or Eastern names-THERE IS MORE TO THAT!!!

  21. However, in the simplest terms, development can be defined as bringing about social change that allows people to achieve their human potential. …

  22. UPND kuwayawaya fye,the problem is with the leader hh he has to grow up and start convincing people that he can lead this nation not what is happening now otherwise they will continue losing.

  23. Trying to reface the defaced face or putting a lipstick on a pig of the tribal grouping will be a tough nut to crack. First GBM, Charmaine Musonda and now Kangwa. Holala! You can deceive a person once not twice.

  24. If UPND wants to win they should “Sell ALL the assets itself” of the “Privatised company/(INDIVIDUAL),” that is, the Company Childish iTself.

  25. It’s a better UPND candidate choice than they did in the past Chilanga.
    Pastors = Prostitutes???
    LET WAIT AND SEE. Good luck Jason.

  26. You can’t kill two birds with one stone, let him choose btn politics and serving God, “this question goes to you pastor chileshe, how are you going to devide time Btn reading the Bible and the constitution? “Wrong choice ba upnd,

  27. UPND is really a national party…Imagine a Tonga party to having bembas like GBM as Vice President,Mutale Nalumango(former Kaputa MP) as national Chairperson, Mucheleka as Dept Secretary General,Charmaine Musonda as Chilanga MP candidate and now Paster Chileshe as UPND Mayoral Candidate.
    Let some PFool start calling HH a tribalist.

  28. …UPND is really a national party…Imagine a Tonga party to having bembas like GBM as Vice President,Mutale Nalumango(former Kaputa MP) as national Chairperson, Mucheleka as Dept Secretary General,Charmaine Musonda as Chilanga MP candidate and now Paster Chileshe as UPND Mayoral Candidate.
    Let some PFool start calling HH a tribalist.

    • Ummm hmmm hh is hyper tribal wanna. Do you live in Zambia? Are you the only jew do doesnt know that grade one subject? You gotta be kiding me.

  29. in 2011 senior MMD members refused to be adopted for ANY constituency in Lusaka to avoid being embarrassed by PF because they knew very well that Lusaka was for PF. Can you imagine Lungu stood with Guy Scott in Lusaka Central and the Boy lost as if he never stool at all. Dr Machungwa was also sacrificed to Given Lubinda in Kabwata and the Dr was bruised as if Given was driving on him as he did his campaign. Similarly, UPND knows very well that not matter what they do PF will pick the day and unfortunately, Chileshe can not read between the line. To him this is the best time for him and so shall off load his little resources hoping the people of Lusaka have forgotten how their markets were burnt to ashes rendering them destitutes. I pit with the pastor who seems not to understand politics.

  30. The commonality of ideas will always prevail. Its the common sense that has to be applied when choosing a salable candidates in these respective political parties.Here, it looks the mighty PF has an added advantage. its like winning is inevitable!

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