FAZ trains administrators


Central Province football administrator Ernest Silomba says councillors are happy with the empowerment FAZ is giving to the grassroots through training acquiring of equipment.

Speaking during the Central Province FIFA approved and FAZ sponsored administrator’s course, Silomba said administrators were excited with the empowerment programs like the training courses and also equipment support.

He said that grassroots were more concerned about getting support than being engaged into the political side of football.

“We have heard about petitions but I think at the grassroots we are more interested in being empowered. We struggle a lot to manage football at the grassroots,” Silomba said.

“For us we are happy with the FIFA program that has been conducted here. It will equip us with modern trends in management and we also have been told about the new constitution.” Silomba added.

He said the training had also proved helpful in enhancing relations in administration like the touchy issue of referees.

“This kind of interaction will help administrators and referees live in harmony,” he said.

And FAZ Vice President Rix Mweemba said that football should unite and not divide the people.

Mweemba noted that football has the potential to unite the nation, thus need to promote the sport starting from the grassroots.

“Football should be used to unite and not divide us. It is our duty as administrators to ensure that we focus on development of the game,” he said.

FAZ is conducting countrywide administrator courses to equip football administrators with the latest soccer management systems, like having qualified accountants to take up positions of treasurer in the operations of the clubs.

Central Province recorded a 100 percent turn out with all the 40 clubs in the district attending.


  1. If there is anyone in FAZ who needs training it the top brass at Football House who are enjoying themselves in Russia instead of looking for a manager!!

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