President Lungu not my sworn enemy-HH

HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has explained that the handshake he extended to President Edgar Lungu during the burial of Late freedom fighter Daniel Munkombwe on Wednesday in Choma is a normal gesture.

Mr Hichilema surprised many when he stepped forward to shake hands with President Lungu.

Mr Hichilema said in an interview that his gesture shows that he does not take President Edgar Lungu as a “sworn enemy” as some sections of society may perceive.

The UPND leader said the handshake extensions in normal societies lead to the healing of Nation from political tension.

He added that he walked up to greet President Lungu in order to show magnanimity and leadership.

Mr Hichilema said what he did was very normal in a normal and civilized society.

He said since he politically owns the Southern Province and hails from there, he saw it as his duty to extend a handshake to President Lungu as a way of welcoming him to the area.


    • Since he owns souther province he saw it his duty ….

      In other words the handshake was disingenuous



    • And he did this even after being hounded by police from attending the funeral. At least HH is civilised mwe.

    • Handshakes at funeral are normal but to say you only did it because you hail from there and you get tribal votes 5tupidity. I would have understood if it was one of the chiefs from sp who said those words not you. In your oval head you think you’re president of sp and thats why you showed that gesture. This boy needs to be termed or is it zwd spinnibg this story?


    • And HH thinks he did Lungu a big favor by shaking his hand…wrong. HH should just quit politics and let someone else take over via a convention otherwise 2021 it will be the same story

    • – They accuse HH of being bitter, yet it’s them that are bitter & jealous
      – They accuse HH of being a sata.nist, yet he’s an elder in SDA. It’s them that are fake christians who have stolen thru Chinese loans & sleep with small girls
      – They accuse HH of Treason, yet it’s Lungu who committed treason when he refused to hand over power to speaker during petition. He even found time to embezzle $150million Zesco thru a $500m loan from Lewis Mosho.
      – They accuse HH of being tribalist, but they retire civil servants from N/W Rhodesia “in national interest” and only recruit civil servants, police, national service from N/E Rhodesia
      – They accuse HH of having acquired his wealth from privatization of mines, yet we all know who Valentine Chitalu, Syamukayumbu Siamujaye & Francis Kaunda…

    • CONT’D….
      .. are.
      – They accuse HH of losing elections so many times, yet we know how PF rigs elections & uses ZAF, cadre & police violence, POA.
      – They accuse HH of being a dictator, yet it’s Lungu who is a despot & his mentors are corrupt African Despots like Museveni, Mugabe, Mswati, Kabila etc.

      Very soon you’ll start harvesting the fruits of your seeds of Hypocrisy as the debt repayment process crumbles the already weakened economy. Unfortunately also the people who rejected this Den of Robbers will suffer too.

  1. HH please spare us from your rubbish talk ,you don’t own southern province,President Lungu is Republican President of the nation voted in by the majority of Zambians stop dreaming that your are president of the nation.Wait for 2021 but if you continue being irrelevant,you will lose again.People are asking you to take your party to a convention so that your leaderspeople in your party including yourself are voted in not handpicked like you picked GBM for his money and his hate for our Republican President.start preaching peace and start giving the people of Zambia hope not insults or talking about our Republican President.people are interested to hear what the alternative party can do for them with practical ideas.

  2. May the God of Shadrach, Misheck and Abednego continue to guide you to descend from your egoistic supremacist thinking and humble you. You missed a lot of people with your unceasing bitterness. Hallelujah!


  4. HH do not cheat your self….to lungu you are his sworn enemy. After spending $17 billion on infrastructure lungu did not think he with his wife will have to dance at rallies. He was told not to even bother with campaigns. It will be a walk over.
    But instead PF and lungu had to sign away Zambias independence for campaign funds and lungu still had to rig and use unprecedented violence resulting in him ruling over a fractured nation. All because of you HH. even the PF rats will never forgive you.

  5. Really bo HH, is that the analysis of your greeting the president? My brother, today is Sabbath and you need prayers.

  6. Kikikikikikikik he owns SP politically. So we have Southern Province Country whose president is HALITUMPA HICHIPUBA HH. God help us.

  7. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. HH for sure you are not normal how do you say “you politically own southern province” that is why politically and tribally you have divided this nation with your under-five political sentiments like this one. Zambia is owned by all Zambians in all aspects , no any part whatsoever is owned by an individual. It is sentiments like this that makes TONGAS and UPND in particular tribal entities. This entails that this man is never going to change, he is still full of himself, egocentric and carrying ” I know it all” attitude and these traits make HH VERY UNSUITABLE for presidency. ” IT IS TIME FOR A TONGA TO RULE” SAYS Daniel Munkombwe.

  8. My apeal to political party sympathisers, you should avoid hate speach as you advise your leaders. There is life outside politics. One day both of them will leave politics and they will remain brothers. That is to say they are both zambians. In most cases people reconcile at funerals. We should never politicise funerals. H.H and president lungu are not enermies. Political parties are clubs and the two leaders belongs to different clubs which are found in zambia. Lets promote unity.

  9. This guy is dull. Who analyses a greeting & goes further to proclaim his tribalism? And he expects votes from other provinces?

  10. I do not think HH said what is reported here. This must be coming from peolpe who cannot find material for news and just twist things to create “news”. HH wants to contest for republican Presidency and surely cannot still be talking regional. Such will pull him down.

    • @pink toe. i think you are very very correct. i seroisley dont think anyone in their normal thinking woul say such a thing when they are vying for Plot one. its like writing an exam of 10 courses, you only pass in one and claim you have passed the exam

  11. When all is considered, HH came away on top. You don’t get locked up at Mukobeko for 127 days on death row on trumped reason charges and walk up to the man who did it to you to shake his hand if you are not genuinely magnanimous!! The other jailbird opposition leaders followed suite! The body language in Edgar Lungu in that encounter speaks volumes of where he was in that space.

    • Trumped up charges: Everyone saw the video, including the replay the hard talk interview on BBC, how could it still be trumped up? Is this word (Trumped up) so likeable that it can be used anyhow?

  12. Kkkkkkkkk…..HH is very dull!!!Surely who advises Kainde?HH OWNS SOUTHERN PROVINCE,HOW?kkkkkkkkk.TRIBALISM HAS KILLED THIS MAN!!!anyway,I blame tongas for allowing this tribal creature called Kainde to continue painting them black.GBM THOUGHT EXACTLY THE SAME THAT HE OWNS NORTHERN PROVINCE UNTIL WISE BEMBAS TAUGHT HIM A POLITICAL LESSON IN 2015 AND 2016 BY VOTING FOR PF!!!HH does not feed tongas.Even President Edgar Lungu cannot claim to own Eastern or Luapula not even Zambia.GOD IS THE ONE WHO OWNS US ALL AND NOT A FELLOW HUMAN BEING!!HH cheats himself that he is a Zambian god-how?KAINDE IS VERY DULL AND TRIBAL INDEED!!!Please tongas stop voting for this evil Kainde because he does not own you!!YOU BELONG TO GOD!!

    • HH is such an embarrassment to his supporters. No wonder his best supporter is chief sheet himself Mukuni. How can someone be so dull.

  13. I wonder how it feels to be a UPND supporter having a leader who embarrasses you every time he speaks. Mulyokela speaks more sense than HH. Having a leader like HH is like having a parents who gets too drunk, sings foolishly on his way home and pees himself in public. No wonder he has supporters like Chief sheet himself on bungee jumping Mukuni.

  14. #7 Spaka lilo, at least you don’t hide the fact you are a strong disciple of Ackson Sejani and other tonga tribalists. Unlike others…..

    As for h.h, if he has been quoted correctly then he will never cease to amaze, I thought that he wanted to be President of Zambia one day? Now this does not add to his extremely very very impossible ambition does it?

  15. I wonder how it feels to be upnd, nothing correct ever happens there because of tribalism. Maybe they should change the name of the party?

  16. HH you have come out of the box. Never be misled by some of your MPs and supporters who like fueling the political tension for their unknown ambitions. We are one and Zambia is ours. You have shown political maturity just through that hand shake. People like Mulongoti are desperate chaps who can bark anything to show that they also exist. Can we have politics that are clean and players with mature deeds. Hakainde, remember that a long journey starts with one step and you should not end with one step. Avoid some media plat forms and colleagues that are good at over stating and twisting the facts.

  17. #21 AVIVYOKWENE, “avoid some……..and colleagues that are good at over stating and twisting the facts”.
    But that is all he has, tribal mates and misinformers, if he avoids them what will remain of upnd?

  18. Colleagues in as much as we are able and have the right to express our options but it is always necessary to be civil and refrain from vulgar language. In all fairness can you advise someone with insults and expect him/her to get your advice? I wonder!!!. Even our beloved Republican President ECL can’t and doesn’t condone such. Zambia is a Christian Nation, let us try to practise it.

  19. What the mouth does is not what the heart wants. Unfortunately we can only hear the story from the mouth for the heart doesn’t speak and neither can we read it.

  20. One day a Tonga will become president but not HH. This Tonga will be one who will rise in politics without people noticing it.

  21. Poor selection of words! When we say under 5 politics u think we hate this kid. The boy still has alot to learn. By the way, why is HH not aspiring for the mayor of Lsk? At least he can come out number 9.

  22. Meanwhile,Mighty PF has adopted Hon.Miles Sampa for Lusaka mayor-SO HH AZAMUZIBA YESU ON 26/07/2018!!
    GO PF GO!!

  23. HH would do himself a very big political favour by not trying to show this level of desperation by trying to claim political mileage at every event. There is no political leader who has ever claimed to politically own a section of our great nation except Hichilema. That expression by HH on Southern province is a clear cofirmation of what people have always talked about.

  24. “He said since he politically owns the Southern Province and hails from there, he saw it as his duty to extend a handshake to President Lungu as a way of welcoming him to the area.”

    He is the president of the whole of Zambia. Why do we as Zambians let useless opposition leaders exist?

  25. Useress and irrational chap holding the country at ransom for two weeks when clearly you knew you can’t win, you never win and you will never win. Please go away, far away.

  26. @#7, “Lungu rigging and using unprecedented violence.” lol Which planet are Hallucinogens from? Who is violent? The arson party.

  27. The President of Southern Province (Namwala) greeted the President of Zambia (all provinces). I am glad he behaved and did not do fuulish stuff to the motorcade this time. He must be taken to Mukobeko for good.

  28. I, akainde ichilema, by virtue of my tribe do hereby state that i “politically own the southern province.” I agree that that handshake was truly disingenuous indeed. Am speechless!!!

  29. ‘He said since he politically owns the Southern Province and hails from there, he saw it as his duty to extend a handshake to President Lungu as a way of welcoming him to the area.’ What?!!! What nonsense if this? Really this boy is indeed under five. Who told him that he owns Southern Province? As usual a small leader with uncoordinated speech. The hand shake was ok, but was spoiled by the above statement. Hehehehehehehe awee mwandi, ni buchumbu munshololwa. Kainde is still a novice. Mwebaliko mupepi naena tell him that ichilinganya mapuli chilaponwesha.

  30. The hand shake was good as a signal for dialogue & reconciliation. The rest is trash. We wait for a time when the two can tost in jamerson .

  31. HH does not own SP and Lungu does not own Zambia, We the tax payers own them and we decide when to pension them off ie vote them out.

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