Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa survives assassination attempt (Updated)


Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has survived an apparent bomb attack in the city of Bulawayo.

Live Zimbabwean tv showed an explosion going off shortly after Mr Mnangagwa was leaving the stage having addressed supporters.

While the president was unhurt, state TV reports that Vice-President Kembo Mohadi has suffered a leg injury.Two aides are said to have died on the spot.

President Mnangagwa came into power last November, ousting his former mentor Robert Mugabe.

The president was in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second city, to campaign for his Zanu-PF party ahead of nationwide elections taking place on 30 July.

The elections are the first in Zimbabwe since Mr Mugabe was ousted after 37 years in power.

Zimbabwe’s First Vice-President, Constantino Chiwenga, and his wife, suffered minor injuries, Reuters news agency reports.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean President has posted the following tweets


    • Zimbabwe is forever indebted to the Army like is the case in Egypt…no Joe Public will ever win elections without their approval or else!!

    • Staged…African Politics….now its time to scare the opposition just in time for the elections and declare a state of emergency…Mnangangwa is such a coward he knows he cant win in a fair election and without the help of the military…Am glad all Zimbabweans are saying its a fake assassination attempt meant to silence the opposition

    • Oh! really thought you Zambians are dismissive of such occurrences with statements like ….they were just scavengers ….or he is just an illegitimate President who unconstitutionally ascended to power etc. Just wondering because I cannot understand why we should have tearry eyes over this. I suppose what we can say is just thanks he is alive otherwise let us not dramatize this incident in Zim when we have even already forgotten about our dead scavenger colleagues.

    • @1.4 Abilima
      Yes but Mnangangwa knows he is not very popular and he is trying to find ways to cling to power…Guess what will happen now…deploy soldiers all over Zimbabwe in the run up to the elections and that will be very easy to intimidate voters and rig the elections…This is pure African Politics…never free and fair

    • Am sitting with my 2 Zimbabwean friends right now and they are saying its fake and staged assassination attempt…they’re saying its ZANU PF tactics

    • Mnangangwa the crocodile knows without the help of the military he cant win the elections…”now lets bring in soldiers,,,clamp down on opposition and maybe postpone the election date. Zimbabwe has alot of young Politicians capable of retiring the Crocodile. African Politcians, once they get into office the first thing is try to find ways to be in power till death..The vice President Chiwenga is still very much involved with the military and so in short Zimbabwe is under ZANU PF and Military rule

    • Mnangangwa is not very popular in Zimbabwe and he is surrounded by criminals…the same criminals that surrounded Mugabe are now surrounding Mnangangwa. Nelson ‘Cyclone’ Chamisa is a serious threat and Mnangangwa knows that this guy will win the July elections

      What has Mrs Mugabe been up to lately? Watch the Mugabes; unceremoniously unseated, they may still have some energy to pull a few menacing shots.

    • I hope our secruity services are taking note…imagine what happens in Zambia where you have the whole cabinet including the Vice President with all PS at KKIA escorting some lazy dingbat flying to Chongwe for the day.

    • i will cap this one….
      NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN…POLITICIANS ARE GOOD AT FAKING ILLNESS OR DEATH…This is how they win elections….After faking this assassination attempt now Mnangangwa wants sympathy from the international community and sympathy votes..Mnangangwa is scared of a young Politician Nelson ‘Cyclone’ Chamisa and i hope they wont accuse him of plotting the assassination which will be one way of intimidating him and locking him up just in time for elections

    • If you look at other clips of the so called assassination attempt..people started diving and rolling on the ground before the fire cracker went off…I think Steven Spielberg is a ZANU PF member…good script though but please dont accuse Nelson Cyclone Chamisa

    • Anonymous you are spot on, it seems the rigging script is being followed to the latter. You can fit into a square box. Started with ice cream incident, the escape into South Africa, removal of Bob and now this so called “bombing/shooting”. What next? Watch this space.

    • RiggingPF, interesting the time and location is were the story started. This could qualify for a nomination for Oscar. It all started as an attempt to quash reports that Mnangagwa had been poisoned by ice cream made at the large Gushungo dairy owned by Robert Mugabe.
      The struggle was ultimately won by Mnangagwa who was inaugurated as president after a military takeover and mass street protests which quickly brought about Mugabe’s departure.

  1. Survives assassination attempt when elections are near….very suspicious…I would like to see his injuries; now he will declare State of Emergence and crush the opposition with the Army.

  2. Sad indeed: well the advanced team duck for cover leaving the the head of state vulnerable….that’s a no no…thats first thing you learn in training.

  3. This is the doing of Mugabe and his supporters who are still bitter at having been ousted from power. ED should clamp down on such before the elections.

    • Why would uncle Bob want to assassinate Emmerson when elections are around the corner and risk the Army taking over again … for Emmerson this is one way to seek public sympathy. If they wanted to eliminate him they would have put the bomb (or the fireworks) right under that stage!!

  4. Anything could be at play. Cry our beloved neighbor! Have we being paid $400 million overdue debt?

  5. Now compare this with driving side by side in a convoy. Who is more paranoid? EM must remember the words of Shaka Zulu, ‘never leave your enemy standing’…

  6. It WAS an assassination attempt, no doubt. Whar do you about cloak and dagger politics? Grace will stop at nothing to get into power.
    EDM is a good leader. Listen to me, if I like him then he must be a good man. He is likeable too.

    • @10 upnd cadre
      You are wrong my friend…Mnangangwa in not popular..Zimbabweans just wanted Mugabe out of office and now he knows he cant win the July elections…this is how African leaders cling to power…stroking fear and intimidating the opposition..do you really think thats a real explosion or just a fire cracker…

  7. What’s the problem Africa? Do we now have suicide bombers in Zimbabwe?

    Those sharks must have been in the harbour for a long time. There is need to clean up the ranks or there will soon be another state of emergency.

    • Lazy Lungu may be a daft lazy “air-miles accumulating” bum but wishing someone to go out like that is bang out of order…you just have to get organised and vote him out via the ballot!!

    • Be careful of what you post. …you’ll cry like the Mongu Doctor. Don’t think by using fake names and fake emails will hide your identity.

  8. Well ,live by the sword die by the sword .Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s general who crashed critics and he came to power thru the use of Zim army …so his chickens are coming home to roost for him.

  9. I said the overthrow of Mugabe celebrations were not only premature but also naive especially that the guy behind the coup was the architect and executer of mass murders of political opponents.

  10. This is suspicious. Did the intelligence do their work prior to the arrival of the President. Looks like a planned move within.

  11. After looking at different news sources I’m made to believe someone out there doesn’t like Emerson. Let’s hope there won’t be indiscriminate purge.

  12. Imwe bantu!!!!!!!!! Fake or Real. This event occurred in the heart of Gururaundi! Bulawayo suffered the great of the Croc’s hands. Remember that’s where the Korea trained Army brutalised the Zimbabweans. So its possible EM may I have enemies in there. Just speculating.

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