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Zambia issues a second travel advisory alert to truck drivers and transporters entering South Africa

Headlines Zambia issues a second travel advisory alert to truck drivers and transporters...

FILE: A Zambian Truck Recently burnt by South African Protestors

Zambia has issued a second travel advisory alert to truck drivers and transporters entering South Africa.

The advisory alert follows a reported fresh wave of sporadic attacks on foreign registered trucks driven by foreign nationals.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba says truckers and truck drivers should remain alert and follow security protocols issued by the South African government.

He said it was cardinal that truckers use highways that are always secured with high police presence, who always carry out regular highway patrols.

Mr. Mwamba said he has been assured by the South African government of intensive security measures that have been established, which include police presence at border and crossing points, as well as toll gates on all major highways.

He has also called on Zambian truckers to avoid using routes which were experiencing picketing, protests or demonstrations of any kind in order to save lives and goods.

About six Zambian registered trucks were recently caught up in separate local violent protests.

The six trucks were petrol bombed in that country following violent protests that erupted in Limpopo and Kwazulu Natal provinces, however, no lives were lost in the attacks.

This is contained in a statement availed to ZANIS yesterday by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambia High Commission in South Africa Naomi Nyawali.

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  1. Look, it’s almost 8 40 now, and there is no water in PHI, Lusaka water and sewerage, what is the issue kanshi. I want to bath, I want to go to church. You are the chaps trying to make government unpopular.

    • Since Lusaka time doesn’t say anything about what these protesters are complaining about, does anyone know what these people have been protesting about? What are their grievances? Just a summary. Thanks.

  2. Xenophobia! They fought the whiteman but he still reigns supreme so they turn their assagais against a fellow African.

  3. South Africans will remain the most primitive nation in Africa who have failed to live with others in peace. Next time they attack our truckers we need to react as a nation.

    • You have a short memory Denkede… the way you treated Zodwa Wabantu…and you don’t expect a reaction from them…?… South Africa is an advanced hence you have more than 200,000 Zambians living there. Take PF out of the equation and all will be well.

  4. Apartheid controlled them very well, maybe they want it back. At the rate they are going very soon their economy will be damaged so much that they will be seeking economic asylum in the neighbouring countries that they now call Africa

    • You have more than 200,000 Zambians living there and you wish for apartheid to return….wow. Fix your country first then all this nonsense can be avoided.

    • @Ingazi we had more Zambians in apartheid South Africa. Just ask your grandfather that’s if he’s alive.

  5. Police protection? In South Africa? Ba Mwamba you live here and you know how corrupt the police are in Zed and in SA

  6. These Thick Skulled previously oppressed [email protected] have forgotten who set them free from the chains the B0.er had placed around their silly necks.
    I’ve noticed they always attack fellow Africans.
    Just goes to show Apartheid is a disease like H.I.V, that once one is afflicted, there’s no cure, apart from [email protected]
    Vipuba vibantu ivi, sha!

    • Before you start calling them (South Africans) vipuba…. fix your PF government first….do not complain about South Africa. That country has always been like that.

    • Obviously Inghazi you must be new to this site to think I’m a P.F supporter.
      Now the real issue; what has P.F got to do with South African Stone age barbarism?? This is a problem you should be blaming South Africans , & no one else, & STOP being an apologist for South African uncivilised behaviours.

    • Just because because you don’t like PF doesn’t mean our people in South Africa must suffer.

  7. A friendly country to HaChintole who wants that country to remove the president and instal him as Paramount Chief of the people of Zambia, sorry of Namwala.

  8. @7.1, Fix the bupuba that makes your Paramount Chief of your peeple winless, first before you talk about the PF which has been beating the Privatization Thief ever since he began to crawl.

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