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I will introduce high rise Cemeteries if elected Lusaka Mayor-Miles Sampa

Headlines I will introduce high rise Cemeteries if elected Lusaka Mayor-Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa who has been adopted to stand as Lusaka Mayor on the PF ticket has promised to introduce high rise grave yards as a way of addressing the shortage of burial sites in Lusaka.

In an interview on his key priorities if elected Mayor, Mr Sampa who is also a Former Member of Parliament for Matero said resolving the issue of inadequate burial places in Lusaka will be top of his agenda.

He said the city needs to find a lasting solution to the grave yard crisis currently facing residents of Lusaka.

Mr Sampa said his proposal to create high rise burial sites will free up a lot of space in Lusaka.

“Other countries bury their dead on top of already existing graves and as Lusaka Mayor, this will be my main priority when I am elected Mayor. We need to find a sustainable solution this problem and as a City Father, that would be my main task,” Mr Sampa said.

He said, “We also need to find way of expanding the Leopards Hill Cemetery because the current boundary is almost exhausted. Our people surely deserve to bury their dead with dignity.”

Mr Sampa added, “We have to come up with a way of say, after five or ten years when the body decomposes, it’s lofted into a smaller coffin and reburied on top of another as a way of mitigating against this serious problem.”

Mr Sampa who also served as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and Finance and also as Southern Province Minister was over the weekend adopted by the PF Central Committee as its candidate for the position of Lusaka Mayor.

He faces strong competition from UPND’s Pastor Kangwa Chileshe with some Lusaka residents saying the city requires fresh leadership and new ideas to respond to the many challenges.


  1. Please don’t start complicating things Mr Sampa….Just make Lusaka clean and proper roads and sanitation

    • Miles Sampa. A lazy, disgusting, unprincipled lowlife. A disgrace to his late uncle, MCS, a disgrace to those of us who are Bemba, a disgrace to humanit, a disgrace to creation.
      here is a man who can’t do an honest day’s work. He epitomizes the typical Zambian politician. competent at nothing except, theft of public resources. Give this guy any job that requires actual work and he will fail. But like the rest of the scum in politics, he is only good at lying, stealing, bootlicking. Why does Zambia have to end up with such lowlife human beings in leadership?

    • Based on your Campaign promise I wouldn’t vote for you Mr Sampa….I don’t think that’s what Lusaka needs right now…..and this is the last time I want to hear you talk about graveyards waumfwa!!..i thought you have better ideas for Lusaka

    • What?!!!,,, miles is miles off the mark, reduce deaths, reduce poverty, make proper drainage system so that people don’t die from cholera and you put them in the high rise manda like in philipians

    • Really laughable…Miles Sampa boyi I too aspire to be buried in your posh High rise grave yard I dont want my sleep to interrupted by riffraff commoners disturbing my comfortable sleep in my expensive coffin.
      This boy Miles just made me choke on my afternoon Kenyan tea, surely this is calibre of candidates …then that boy Tayali and his Delele formula on tackling corruption makes sense.

    • Will Sampa exhume RUTH MBANDU & bury in the high-rise graves?

      This Sampa is very pompous & was abusive to his Ex-wife even when he was sleeping with small girls. Tha’ts why she divorced him. What a Douch bag.

    • Iwe Sampa, please, why not change the Zambian Culture from burying to cremation?
      That is the easiest solution compared to your high rise burial sites. On one hand, you say, “Our people surely deserve to bury their dead with dignity.”, then you say “..after five or ten years when the body decomposes, it’s lofted into a smaller coffin and reburied on top of another”..is that resting in dignity??? Who wants to be disturbed from his well deserved eternal sleep, because SAMPA wants him (er) to share a space??
      But, I commend you for putting forward your objectives and plans, so people know who they are voting for and what they stand for. I missed such in the Chilanga elections. Other Candidates ought to do the same.

    • These are great ideas.

      Impressed. Unless you live in Lusaka you won’t understand what miles is talking about.


      Please vote Miles Sampa.



    • Miles Sampa the undertaker….Funeral Parlor specialist amano ububi…if he is so obsessed with people dying why cant he go get a Job at the mortuary as a Malukula

    • We have a long way to go its 2018, candidates talking about such issues instead of talking about sustainability; plastic paper recycling …just one Plastic Recycling Plant would create thousands of jobs and bring millions of dollars from exports for LCC.
      The sad part about all this is Sampa will win by simply dancing on stage….those educated fooools on LT will be rewarded with a small retirement 6ft deep plot in the Miles Sampa High Rise Luxury Grave Yard.

    • Dignified burial is long gone in Lusaka and its perplexing to consider graveyards as priority instead of city orderliness, cleanliness and, functional services delivering. Dignified burials still have a place in our society only if we all tried to maintain our strong ties with our villages of origin taking personal investments and choosing to finally rest with kin! Instead scrambling to be in cities and choosing to finally be buried in its precincts just robs land for developments! Let’s bury our dead with relatives in their own villages!

    • When Sampa was selected and some of us indicated anyone from PF is not right to run the municipality you thought we were being petty…. well, enjoy now

    • Who focuses on the dead instead of the living? Most people are dying from sanitary related ailments …..and like a typical African focus is on issues that are of little priority compared to those that impact the living. An African is more focused on “respecting” the dead than doing good for the living….. we have a very warped way of thinking

    • Miles Sampa has just failed the job interview for Lusaka Mayor…can PF disqualify him and pick someone else???? People say Miles Sampa is very dull now I understand…no wonder he is being divorced

    • I totally agree with you! I don’t know why Miles is so negative in thinking – is he satanist? Instead of thinking about providing quality services to the hungry Lusaka residents, Sampa is thinking of how he will be burying them as something as something on top of his Agenda!! The fella is so negative in thinking and not worth voting for.
      There is no shortage of burial sites in Zambia – there is just plenty of idle land. I dont even know of the countries Miles is alluding to because even small countries like Britain with its population of 90 million people but half the size of Northern Province is still burring people.
      10 years is such a short time to be exhuming skulls of loved ones for reburial because Sampa thinks it is sensible idea – what nonsense!!

    • I personally knew the late former mayor Wilson Kalumba and I know what he used to tell me about LCC politics, PF politics and all that. But Zambians being Zambians, we cannot even have a sensible debate. I do not know if I am even voting in the mayoral election. I might just turn up out of respect for the fact that the right to vote has not always existed and had to be fought for. I know the right history and I value it.

    • I don’t think Lusaka is running out of burial space. It is the people who have lost diginity.
      People go to burial, and get into fights with PF cadres.

    • @Nostradamus
      Am having problems here, your nephew mayor candidate chileshe ‘kabanana’ is calling me claiming you are not answering him, same with your cousins mayor candidate Miles and former dog breeder turned rabbit breeder mulenga sata,,,, na ka tayali na ko he is fund raising,,he wants to talk to you,,,
      Am under pressure with uncle mulyokela,,so I won’t manage,, please answer your relatives or call for a family criss meeting

    • @Ndobo, my friend this family is a disappointment:
      – Kabanana
      – Miles
      – Mulenga
      – Tayali
      All these guys fighting over one girl: Shatel songbird of NDC, your uncle’s daughter.

  2. Burying on top of other graves is already happening. Leopard’s hill cemetery got full a long time ago. Tell us what you did for Matero and promise us that you will do it for the entire Lusaka

  3. If Sampa mentioned cremations as a sustainable solution I would agree , highriase graves ? Plezzz

    • And he will win …that’s how docile Zambians are…even those marketers in Kanyama, Soweto will be dancing not knowing they don’t qualify in High Rise graves

    • For as long as JK comes up with version 2 of Dununa, that will make them happy and sufficient to cast a vote.

    • Ichi wele wele, now I understand what Bwalya Mwamba Chikwandawas refering to.
      In a shock post on her facebook page, Bwalya inquired if PF Secreatry General, Davies Mwila had made the official announcement.
      She wrote; “Has the official announcement been made declaring ichi wele wele, nechi puba cha muntu a candidate?” Bwalya is supposed to be an aunt to Miles Sampa.

  4. “Other countries bury their dead on top of already existing graves”. Zambia is 752,614 square kilometers (290,586 square miles) in size. It covers an area larger than the US state of Texas – actually the combined size of Texas, Maryland and Vermont, or the combination of the European countries Ukraine, Greece and Montenegro or about the size of France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland combined.it 3 times larger Malawi. The total population in Zambia is estimated at 17.2 million people. Having said that why should the burial site be problem unless you want to “conceal” the grave of Ruth Mbandu for obvious reasons by burying another dead on top of Ruth Mbangu’s grave. Come up a proper manifesto dude. Or consolidate all the manifestos of the other 29 PF applicants into one master…

    • CONT’D…
      Or consolidate all the manifestos of the other 29 PF applicants into one master manifesto.After all they pledged to support you so enrage them on some issues.Some are engineers whilst some are economists like yourself.

    • Ndobo just shut up.You are not on my level may be Jay Jay not iwe Kapususu.Have you ever seen an engineer teaching social studies ?

  5. i dont like this idea, we have plenty land just after 15 miles ( not your name) . i would not pretend even the late mayor i did not like him because of his idea of creamation.on one hand you are claiming to be christian nation on the other hand you are ecouraging practices that suggest the opposit. Lets learn from nigeria even our neighbours like South africa, DRC who are millions and yet we have not head these things. We are only less than 15,000 and how may square metres of zambia that we cannot not even barry our beloved ones. Bwana candidate the priorities are many especially sewerlines that overflows through out the year in mandevu,kaunda square and no water in chaisa. my brother the issue of finding another place for burrial is the best. rashing to grave yards and removing dead…

    • Zambian we have only ourselves to blame for allowing this calibre of appalling leadership….Miles would never touch sensitive topics of Market and Intercity Bus management but would rather touch of pointless issues as that’s not why those Kaponyas on the MCC like SG Mwila put there for.

  6. Thought you wud say u will completely eradicate cholera by keeping the city clean and green so we dont lose lives to such a preventable illness.. Get to deal with what is leading pipo to graves so that u reduce the death rate. Roads are a death trap, dirty in city, lighten up the streets, install cameras, come up with play parks and other recreational facilities.

    • Joe – these chaps in the PF have seen how much money that young man is making money at New Leopards Hill and they want a piece of that because land to them is easily obtained …those issues you have mentioned its a non starter as they have already sold 25 year contracts to their corrupt Lebanese…LCC will be getting pennies from those deals, recreational facilities have all been sold to the Chinks.
      This why Sampa has been chosen for this role as he is the ideal tool like Lazy Lungu…

  7. Say we need this, who’s going to be paying for the reburying and/or buying of the smaller coffin? What about the unclaimed bodies?
    The problem is we come up with our supposed solutions, we don’t seem to think thoroughly enough in the first place. This mausoleum idea is okay, doesn’t any brilliance though.

  8. I have known Mailoshi Sampa to be another lazy bum. All he can think of after consuming Nshima is to come up with high rise grave yards when we have to think of living better while still alive. When we tell PF cadres this is another clueless wannabe PF leader, they begin to say we are UPND. The buffoon has to care for current the living Lusakans by promising them better graves. What a joke!

    • Bona – You can not manage a low-rise Primary School …surely how can you facility manage a high rise anything not with such dunderheads and outdated procurement construction packages available in Zambia

    • A high rise Kulima Tower bus station, a high rise Freedom Way is needed. Those places are disgusting. Imagine someone with Ebola passing through Kulima Tower, what would happen?

  9. Who ever decided on Miles Sampa should check his head. He stands for nothing, loyal PF members have stood by PF yet Miles who campaigned for HH is allowed to stand on the PF ticket.
    His main priority is grave yards??? seriously?just shows he has no vision, lusaka has major problems and all he can choose is grave yards.

  10. Of all the important issues stretching from poor sanitation to substandard dwellings, the man finds it appropriate to talk about high rise graves. You would have thought he would be address the issues that are causing avoidable deaths.

    • And he’s an Economist? This is why I say Western education has not worked for us Africans. We need home grown education. How it that a person of such education can think like this? Just a few showers and the ka city center floods, garbage, plastics, glass bottles every where and high rise graves is what he thinks people need right now? Mawee.



      High rise graves ? Is that the best he could think of ? Hehehehe , he belongs in PF for sure….where being du.ll is a gift.

      A cheaper alternative would have been to suggest creamation.

  12. ……..I will introduce high rise Cemeteries if elected Lusaka Mayor-Miles Sampa……like really?’ Is land that scarce in Lusaka? C’mon we are a 3rd world with so much land spaces…I would have wished to talk about land management. ### You cant give so much hectares of land to the greedy rich and Chinese etc for industrial & habitation needs within 20Km CBD radius.had you talked about reversing this trend… i would have given you my vote Hon.

  13. #15 Chisenga, read Miles Sampa again, here he goes, “Other countries bury their dead on top of already existing graves and as Lusaka Mayor, THIS WILL MY MAIN PRIORITY WHEN I AM ELECTED Mayor. We need to find a sustainable solution this problem and as a City Father, that would be my MAIN TASK” Mr Sampa said.

  14. I now join jj and Sharon in the laughter. I hope jj can laugh too?
    Sharon, I caught your disease as it relapsed, sorry!!!

    Sampa…kikikikikiki….please ba Davies Mwila seat this boy down…..use that sense pump…or else I can’t see the difference with upnd the ditectionless party. By the way is it too late for PF to change its candidate?

  15. The most ridiculous thing is that Miles says that high-rise burial will be his “main priority” as mayor. His “main task” at the very top of his agenda.

    Sure, Miles. High-rise burial is what Lusaka needs from city government more than anything else? Never mind sanitation, market space, traffic lights, street lights, or even public parks. It’s far better for the mayor to prioritize the work of graveyard manager as his number one task for the city. Some vision. Imagine, he’ll probably win too.

  16. I don’t want to leave lots of comments here ’cause I’m loaded with frustration just to see and hear this empty mind making useless promises to the people of Lsk

    MS is as empty………and has nothing to offer to the people of Lsk
    Please please please please please, don’t waste votes on this empty mind

  17. Tayali is looking very good as Mayor of Lusaka at this moment. This is the craziest thing I have heard in a long time kikikiki.

  18. Kikiki,ba Dundumwenzi,I am happy you have accepted the defeat before the elections day,Sampa is wining the coming by-elections for the Mayor of Lusaka.

  19. We have not forgotten the Eurobond that got you very excited like a kid that had seen snow for the first time! Where is the money? After chewing the Eurobond which you claimed to be over subscribed, you now want to chew council rates! What is this high rate cemeteries you are now talking about? People want water, affordable houses, garbage collections, lights, parks and other little things that will prolong their lives on earth! Not that crap you are thinking of!

  20. Ba LT you twisting the story. And you look like you now reporting like Zambia watchdog. Report responsibly and not this Masongo dingo. Start from where the question came from

  21. This is a PF Manifesto actually and not Sampa’s idea. I think PF wants him to lose the election (and erection) to teach him a lesson. It is so terrible to have PF leaders who have no vision for the living but crazy ideas for the dead!
    At least Lungu told us that he has no vision and that is much better than Sampa with his ideas of high rise graves! This guy has warped up and abnormal brains.

  22. Lungu was forcing people to have their HIV status checked in the past. He promised there would be enough medicines in the clinics for every positive case. It’s all quiet, is it because there was a resounding NO from the general public.
    In my opinion, people aspiring for public offices like mayors and all political posts should undergo HIV screening.

    • Such a foolish idea from an id.iot that would be stigmatising a section of our community. Why test for HIV only when there are other more deadly diseases including mental health that are killing Zambians daily. If you want testing why not test for everything not only HIV!

  23. Just wait and see the results for the Mayoral Elections. PF – Miles Sampa,Mpaka litente insumbu

  24. Inasmuch as we have a challenge of burial sites in lusaka,it sounds negative to put this as a priority,put things like poor sanitation,helping displaced vendors,keeping lusaka clean,addressig traffic conjestion,improoving drainage systems etc on top of your agender.

  25. I am not a politician but very concerned with misplaced priorities for the said upcoming City father! There are better and more life affecting matters right now to the living than could be for the dignity of the dead. Lusaka has many serious Public service and Public Health problems resulting from corruption in the market places, government institutions, sanitation, street kids, Prisons, over enrolment of children and pupils in schools distorting the ratio of pupil: teacher efficiency, mushroomed fake Universities and Colleges and high cost of living. I realise the voting pattern is bad currently and such irresponsible minds may be given office but please as you take office help Lusakans get something better!

  26. Imilimo yandoshi iyajushukula abafwa yalalaisa ku Lusaka city council under the able leadership of Miles Sampa. I wouldn’t like to share same resting place with a stranger.

  27. In other words Miles realises that more will die during his regime hence the need for more burial sites.

    I would not have such a priority as something to be remembered for.

  28. With such thinking GOD cannot bless you my brother. In other words you are a happy man to see people dying. I would advice you to staring preaching the word of GOD as a mayor instead of thinking of the dead.

  29. In other countries, political leaders have observed that people are living longer and government leaders are investing more in health services. In Zambia, political leaders are complaining that people are dying more and therefore need to invest more in cemeteries.

  30. Top of my Priority??? Burial Site sure imwe bantu with so so many Challenges Lusaka is facing hence leading to the high number of Deaths. Hospitals and Clinics are in the worst state, Cleanliness is not even to say (Cholera) Deplorable roads, poor road signs, drainage’s etc then u go prioritize burial sites??

  31. Pls Bose’s make our country out of diseases not what u are planing, that is not future plans.
    Make 2us proud by doing correct things.

  32. All we need is someone who will keep Lusaka clean as you can see street vending along freedim way has begun after 18:00hrs Please let us keep lusaka clean .sm

  33. I think tayali you have our vote now,forgive us for calling you a joker,we have discovered a real joker in miles sampa,kikikikiki.

  34. Its time Zambia got out of the Dark ages and switched to cremation like most countries, stop believing all this religion rubbish about the devil and being cremated . Saves space and its cheaper, also it was never our culture before the brain washing missionaries arrived to be buried in a coffin.

  35. Zambia has been reduced to zero indeed.
    And this is the same scumbag who at one point wanted to be President.

    But knowing how foolish and corrupt Lusaka residents are, Miles Sampa might surely be the next Mayor of Lusaka.
    Zambians are indeed a cursed people who don’t think.

  36. Don’t we have better priorities as the City of Lusaka than high Rise grave sites? The City needs to address the cause of the Perennial Cholera issue than thinking about deluded ideas such as High Rise burial sites! Lusaka needs a Mayor who will look at beautifying the City with shrubbery and water features like other Capital Cities and not High Rise graves. Why can’t we take examples from Kigali? Where is the Public Health department? They also gone to sleep? Let us avoid these strange ideas and get back to reality lest we are branded as being deluded.

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