Luanshya Municipal Council to close down unclean business surroundings

Children manning a small stall called Ka Ntemba in Roan Township of Luanshya
Children manning a small stall called Ka Ntemba in Roan Township of Luanshya

The Luanshya Municipal Council has announced that the authority will soon start closing down shops in the Central Business District and part of the second class trading areas for noncompliance to sanitary standards.

This is in line with ensuring that the Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Health campaign, is enhanced in the district.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda said shop owners who have not adhered to the local authority’s call to paint and clean their business premises risk their shops being closed.

Mr. Chanda said it was unfortunate that some shop owners have opted to ignore the council’s instruction even after being given an extensive period to adhere to the task, citing Luanshya Post Office as one if the non-compliant business houses.

The Mayor indicated that painting the buildings was part of keeping the town clean and attractive to investors, including having well maintained structures that are neat for operations.

He said the municipality will this week carry out inspections of all business premises to ensure compliance.

And Mr. Chanda has urged business houses that have not painted their structures to do so with immediate effect or face punitive measures.

The Mayor has however commended shop owners and traders who have heeded to the call and cleaned their structures.

He has further implored traders and all residents to develop a sense of ownership towards having a clean town and supplement government’s efforts in trying to keep Luanshya district clean.


    • Some of these places you can only visit when drunk, and at night.

      Hygiene is such a big issue in some parts of our country.

      Even personal hygiene is a challenge. I will stop here.

      However, the more we talk about it, the better because people will question the norm, and start adjusting.

    • Thank you Mayor Chanda for enforcing the law. Please don’t let them get away with not cleaning their surroundings. Make them cleanup. Again thank you sir. KEEP LUANSHYA CLEAN. KEEP ZAMBIA CLEAN!

  1. The dog in the pic looks to be tired waiting for customers no business in Luanshya.By the way I don’t remember HH visiting Luanshya.Ayopa cha mambala?

  2. Very positive approach to cleaning the town. Am a non luanshya resident, but how is the cleanliness around luanshya district properties, e.g. markets, parking lots, parks, cemeteries etc. These are areas that council ought to show luanshya residents how cleanliness is done.

  3. Do you need someone to tell you to wipe your arse after using the toilet? Shop surroundings are not different from the arse surroundings and thy too need the same attention.

  4. Long overdue. After that they can now close HH’s mouth. It is too wide open and houseflies are having a party in it!

    • Sharon you’re strangely obsessed with HH huh? What’s up with that? You never talk about anything without dragging HH into. It’s more like some sick obsession. And no I’m not a UPND member or even HH supporter. I just find your obsession with HH troubling. I don’t mean you shouldn’t criticize him at all. I do criticize him myself sometimes. But with you, your obsession with him seems juvenile and nonsensical. Grow up, unless you’re a kid who doesn’t know any better..

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