Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Airtel, MTN and Zamtel fined for poor services


ZICTA has fined MTN, Airtel and Zamtel a combined K12.6 million due to poor service.

According to a statement, the three mobile network operators have been fined for various cases ranging from dropped calls, failed SMSs and poor internet services.

MTN received K3.6 million in fines, Airtel was fined K4.2 million and Zamtel was slapped with a K4.8 million fine.


    • I blame the docility of Zambian consumers. If you boycotted poor service by not giving these sub-par businesses your hard earned money, they will give you great service. Furthermore, take your MP’s to task over these same businesses. Banks should also be taken to task for charging customers for withdrawing monies from ATMs. I live in the USA and I have never been charged by my banks for withdrawing money from an ATM or inside the bank as long as am withdrawing from my savings account. Wake up people!

    • Is this connected to Miles Sampa’s free WiFi campaign promises? Closing those companies is another disaster following The Post.
      PF is really in control.

      Zicta should in turn be charged K12.6 million for failing to understand that the companies they are charging are in an ever competitive transformational phase from 2 through to 4 and half to the now fifth Technology generations. Does the youth folks at Zicta understand that we don’t manufacture internet in Zambia?
      ZICTA should first have undertaken a tour to all network operators and learn first hand what’s happening. How is the zicta phased tower planting going for crying out loud. Regulate, don’t punish operators. Kindly put on an advisory hat.

  1. Wow, this is good. We need to get the value of our money, it not a charitable product but a service we buy with own hard earned money.
    This government is doing well, we need to give praise and encourage them to work for us. The other day I read how HH has built a school – this is the kind of politics and governance we should be talking about.

  2. Now is zamtel which is already broke going to be able to pay? And who is even going to make them pay seeing that both ZICTA and ZAMTEL are both government entities.

    • There’s no law that stops one parastatal from suing a fellow quasi government company. How will they pay? Even within a company a department can pay another department for services.

  3. This isue of making them pay, how does it help the people of zambia, for them as long as they have the money they continue to give us bad services, I don’t see the work of zicta

    • Yes. Zicta is making money on us. we continue receiving poor services and zict staff are increasing their salaries. we want refunds for the airtime we spent during the same period not zicta pocketing our money.

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