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Caristo Chitamfya Jnr dies in road accident

General News Caristo Chitamfya Jnr dies in road accident

Caristo Chitamfya Jnr
Caristo Chitamfya Jnr

Son of prominent media personality Caristo Chitamfya, Caristo Jnr has died in a tragic road accident in Lusaka.

Caristo Jnr aged 24 of Plot 706 Chalala who also carved a blossoming radio career working for QFM Radio as a Presenter died around 05 Hours on Thursday.

Police have confirmed that Caristo who went by the stage name Caristo Clear died around 05:00 Hours along Great East Road near Handyman’s Paradise.

This happened when the vehicle he was driving Mercedes Benz Reg. No.BAC 8166 hit into a Hino light Truck registration No.AJD 1064 driven by William Gwatilinga aged 37 a resident of Kanyama Compound in Lusaka and Mercedes Benz Reg. No.BAC 8166 which was being driven by Caristo Chitamfya Jnr. Lusaka.

The deceased is alleged to have misjudged clearance distance and hit into the light truck from behind and he died on the spot.

Police Spokesman Godfrey Chilabi said both motor vehicles were moving in the same direction-east to west.

Caristo’s body is deposited in the University Teaching Hospital awaiting post mortem.


  1. Shame but I bet he was either driving carelessly, drunk or speeding.

    A loss for his family, not the country at all




    • The number of road accidents in Zambia underscores the underlining issues with what is wrong with our country
      1. Poor Driver training on hazard perception, speed, judgment, driving whilst unnder the influence of chamba drugs alchohol and mere road courtesy .
      2. Driving vehicles that are unfit for the road.
      3 . In some cases unlicensed drivers and poor state of the road.
      Then you want to say the country needs prayers because of too much satanism and sacrifices?
      Just do your part as a driver and pray that
      You dont meet the above otherwise you are on your own out there!

    • @James Buga, would it be a surprise to you that there are out there people who would defend the corrupt RTSA with their lives? I’ve tried to reason with this type of people but all they have to say is that those socalled agents have families to feed and so they have to what they do. Even simple things like giving way at roundabout is not obeyed because these drivers haven’t been trained in road safety and etiquette. MHRIP.

    • Mushota, you are evil. Worse in judgment than the devil Lucifer. Unsympathetic. How can you say that? You sound bitter, angry and unforgiving. This is a loss of life, he has parents who are grieving and you post that nonsense? You must be under a bad wicked influence of an evil demon. Please remove your comment

    • I remember on holiday in Zambia in a bar when people started telling me that Caristo Chitamfya had just walked in ..I looked around and said I don’t see him? Then they pointed to this boy in the picture….

    • Caristo chitamfwa Jr. now the late belonged to a family, which is a subset of the Country. Therefore, his demise is a loss to the Country as well. It is called Inductive Reasoning. Or common sense if you like.

    • Ati zambian men drink?
      Wait until you see those women at chicken parties!
      They are blazed and a sorry sight

    • Agreed @ James buga that one is on their own once they get behind the steering wheel though importantly too is the state in which they are in as they decide to do so! Laws are there to enhance personal safety take it or leave it much more depends on the person! A family is grieving a loss of which a little more effort in judgment would have avoided a loss! How many among us do care that this could happen to anyone and choose to learn lessons and adjust? Condolences to the family.

    • Alcohol and a speeding car is a deadly combination. Add in driver fatigue and death is a certainty.

      There is a time to be born and a time to die. That is how the natural world works. No one is living forever. Life is like a cup of wine. You can sip it carefully and slowly for a long enjoyable drink or sip it fast…

      More will die this weekend… drive with care to stay alive.

    • Ka mushota is worse than a maggot.
      I would prefer to jump into a rancid sewer tank, than touch that putrid mushota with a bargepole.
      If this troll is for real, don’t even know or understand how that so called Nick can touch, kiss, or even doda that [email protected] mushota, who probably has green flies, & maggots crawling all over her ka uvuni.
      The thought makes my skin crawl,

  2. It is sad.Young men are dying in their prime age.It is a great loss to the family and nation.These are young men who are supposed to contribute positively to the growth of this ailing nation.

    • If its near HandyMans Paradise, it means he had just left the traffic lights at Manda Hill…implying he had accelerated excessively!!!

    • @Luapula bize, it could also be that he was already in high speed and found the mandahill traffic lights at green and just kululaaaaaaaa

    • The boy must have found the traffic lights in green so he was cruising a lot be cause if he had stopped by traffic lights he would have survived.

    • The traffic lights may not have been working or he simply disobeyed the traffic lights, another possibility. At that hour, many people don’t respect traffic lights.

  3. Blame God.This is why I always tell you that God is jerk. The Bible says, “You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book!” [Psalm 139:16].So God knew (he is omniscient) this young man Caristo Jnr was going to die in the car accident but he could do nothing to prevent the mayhem instead remained hidden in the name of giving us free will and choice. If God really exits then he is evil bcoz him being omnipotent (all-powerful) & omniscient (all-knowing) he would used his “divine” intervention but bcoz he is imaginary no help was given to prevent the accident.

    • ******* ****, we live in a society where we respect each other’s views on religion. Please respect our Christianity the same way we respect your atheism.

    • @******* ****, I agree with you in totally. The only person who could have prevented this terrible loss is God.
      Imagine if the boy had arrived safely home, we could have been saying THANK YOU LORD. Now the opposite happened what would you say ? Lets learn to call a spade a spade guys.

    • BUT where does it say death isn’t part of living?
      Stop blaming everybody except yourself.
      Even those caught in adultery ati ni chiwa cha nkolele olo satana!
      Eish! People there only a few exceptions most of these things are avoidable with due care !

    • @ Well noted though I don’t agree with your (we) bcos many atheist face persecution by Christians/Muslims for saying it openly.You also got respect my views on God who to me is a jerk.Having said that it is my opinion you can’t tell me what to write vice versa unless you are a fake christian .In the same way Christians should
      * smoking
      * flat earthers’ ideas
      * baroque architecture
      * star trek
      *gays like Jay Jay

    • God exists, whether you believe or not!!!
      You cant blame, we are given free will to choose between wrong and right!!
      If you tell your child not to be playing with fire, and he cant listen but he insists instead, when that child one day gets burnt, the blame goes on the child and not the parents!!

    • @ David ..
      Read Matthew 5:22 New International Version (NIV)” But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’ iis answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You f00l!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

      In short your bible say you will be “fire of Hell” for calling me a f00l.You see how stupid and contradictory your bible is?

  4. So sad loosing young souls like this. The young doctor, the young lawyer, the black mountains boys then this young man. Mwe Lesa what is going on in this country. Please have mercy upon this great nation.

  5. Ubuloshi bwa abena Luapula, you will hear the next thing is Caristo Sr is standing as MP in Mwansabombwe fimo fimo! Kuma elections eko katwala umwana ka Caristo, mambala just like Katele Kalumba the invisible Sangoma.

  6. A case of another young boy driving a powerful motor…read the ZP statement and it all points to reckless driving possibly drunk

    • That’s the problem with our country you can be the most careful driver on the road not drink at the club but on your way home the roads are full of silly morons who have been drinking bottles of whiskey are behind the wheel.

  7. Lets go back to our old culture. We were told when you start work, first rent a house, marry,then car. Nomba car first whilst you still being kept by parents. The boy was very young driving an expensive car. It has hurt me so much as a parent.

    • As you have stated that was the old culture, today in Zambia young professionals can afford those things before marriage and a vehicle is a must!!

    • Children of nowadays going back to our old culture??……..kaya.Everybody is eligible to obtain a driver’s license at 18.The most important thing is CAUTION on the roads. He must have been overspeeding

  8. You people that claim to not believe in God…why does his name bother you so much that you have to bring it up unnecessarily?

  9. “Caristo’s body is deposited in the University Teaching Hospital awaiting post mortem.”

    Where to they find these journalists? These guys can’t write to save their lives! Come one guys! Stop nepotism! Hire the right people for the jobs.


  11. My country of birth takes everything for a ride!
    1. Driving licenses ukpelafye kwati mafumo! No serious checks to prevent accidents and loss of life.
    2. You’re caught drinking driving, you just bribe a policeman and he lets you go!
    3. You allow the general public to disturb a very unstable Black Mountain because the thugs will organise votes for you and your comrades!

    The list goes on!

    Are we really a Christian nation? Is this what Jesus would do? Shame on the nation! Rich in natural resources but the corrupt culture effs up everyone!

  12. It is a pity that people continue dying in such circumstances which can be prevented. It seem the cause is careless driving and over speeding by the deceased. A lesson for other who are in a habit of over speeding unnecessarily. If you do not want to be late just start off early and drive responsibly. Its a pity he killed himself and let us be responsible and observe traffic regulations and speed limits. MHSRIP

  13. Comment:
    Only GOD knows the truth behind his death ,funny we rush to comment bad against the deceased but praise when his alive. the celebrity world consumes our brains and emotions with jealousy or fascination if you where driving a Benz you would have both elbows out that window to show you got it all just because his young has one its an issue. what we need to stand against is how social media handle such and disrespect humanity cause as Zambian we have lost it death fascinates all rather then grief .MHSRIP.

  14. He must have been driving an old Mercedes Benz without safety features like BAS PLUS, SPEED RADAR, ACTIVE LANE KEEPING ASSIST, PRE SAFE, ACTIVE BLIND SPOT. I DRIVE a 2018 GLE CLASS.

  15. “Meanwhile Chilabi said the body of the deceased has been deposited in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem.”

    First of, this is an unnecessary piece of information. No need to tell us about where the body is unless it’s not at a mortuary!

    Second, who says ‘…body deposited at…’? That’s just a weird way of putting it. Refer to the first point to avoid such awkward phrases!

    Finally, it’s ‘postmortem’, not ‘post mortem’.

    If you want some lessons in English 101, please let me know!

  16. MHSRIEP.
    But sometimes pride and esteem, anione anione, kills our people especially we the young ones, especially in Lusaka maka maka!!

  17. My condolences to chitamfya’s family, indeed it is a big lose to the family. And you Ba Mushota can you just choose to post that in a
    situation Like this though you had personal hurt to a young man sure, death comes anytime you should know, now you have recieved insults from people that is a response that you don’t think. Muletontokanya before you post something, hope from now you will think before posting something like you did as if you er from under world, maybe.

  18. It’s so sad to lose a person like caristo jnr the guy maybe don’t not obey the traffic light when it’s night most of people ignore the traffic forgetting the rules of the road and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE????????????????

  19. It’s so sad to lose a person like caristo jnr the guy maybe don’t obey the traffic light when it’s night most of people ignore the traffic forgetting the rules of the road and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE..

  20. Tendency of a human to not accept his own mistakes, we all have a tendency to praise or be proud of our achievements but we loose the same in accepting our mistake and when we found no reason to blaming faith, destiny, luck and God.
    So as soon as we realize our mistakes were due to our fault we might stop blaming any other person or God.
    May God give him eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the pain.

  21. please our friends stop drinking while you are driving or drive before you drank i beg of you and let archive this terrible thing and bad to our lives and to live long

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