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I want you to succeed, Sinkamba tells Finance Minister

Headlines I want you to succeed, Sinkamba tells Finance Minister

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba with  Finance Minister Mrs. Mwanakatwe
Green Party President Peter Sinkamba with Finance Minister Mrs. Mwanakatwe

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says Finance Minister is positioned to succeed in stabilizing and growing the economy because of the bold transformational reforms that the Government under the guidance of President Edgar Lungu is undertaking.

Some of the reforms which the Government has undertaken under the Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme include the implementation of austerity measures, optimization of domestic revenue collection, and the economic diversification programme.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Mrs. Mwanakatwe at her office in Lusaka on Wednesday, Mr. Sinkamba said there is need for the Government to do more by exploring all available options, including non-cash solutions in order to achieve sustained economic stabilisation and growth.

“We have a collective duty to reverse the country’s debt challenges and grow the economy for us to accomplish the long-term well-being of our people,” Mr. Sinkamba said.

He proposed that Government should conduct a comprehensive exercise of updating its asset register, “a tool that will guide any future efforts in assessing the value of Zambian Government assets globally.”

Mr. Sinkamba emphasized that his current passion was to encourage the Government to implement measures that will ensure that the country becomes ready when Eurobond and other debt obligations fall due.

He also expressed eagerness in seeing that the Government intensifies its efforts in stimulating the commercial viability of the agriculture sector.

The Opposition Leader further said that he would take a pragmatic approach in the national dialogue process “to promote the timely and collective handling of issues of critical importance, as and when such matters arise.”

And speaking during the meeting, Mrs. Mwanakatwe told the Opposition Leader that the Government was open to suggestions on how optimal performance of the public sector could be achieved.

She reiterated the Government’s readiness to work with all willing stakeholders in facilitating the growth of the private sector to ensure the growth of the economy, creation of jobs, expansion of wealth, and betterment of citizens at large.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe commended Mr. Sinkamba for pursuing a non-confrontational approach in implementing the dialogue agenda with Government.

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    • Sinkamba is an amazing Politician…he doesn’t wish others to fail so that he can take over..i hope Lungu starts listening more from this Gentleman

    • Sinkamba has proved time and again that he is sober, wise and intelligent opposition leader constructively playing his role well in the liberal democratic space with best interest of the nation at heart. With such maturity, the opposition would find itself playing an important role in providing practical criticism of the ruling party. They would be easily consulted when important appointments are made.

    • Where is Peter Sinkamba’s vice-president and other officials? Did he see the finance minister alone? Interesting!

    • If Lungu was not a crook, he could have appointed Sinkamba to take over from Elexandra Useless Chiteme as minister of National planning.
      In PF there are only 3 ministers:
      The rest are a bunch of loyal civil servants like messengers who guard PS, just bringing tea to boss, waiting for payday.

    • You simply can’t wish a problem away.

      10 years of reckless borrowing, fearless looting, corruption, no fiscal discipline, ballooning Govt expenditure, bloated civil service by PF will take 100 years of sacrifice, review of our ethics & policies in order to rectify & bring our economy back on track. whether you like it or not.

  1. Tell these people that people out there are strugling. There is no cash in circulation. Government is not puting deliberate programs out there to empower the people on the street. The moving of government employee’s salaries to the end of the month, like private companies, means that the entire country only has one day, in the whole month, when there is money in circulation. One day. And thats how there a country & preach austerity measures, efinshi when the economy has shrunk

  2. I also want Maggy to succeed. She can make a good President, better than the current.
    Sinkamba minister of National Development.
    Everybody likes Sinkamba.

  3. “I want you to succeed”, Sinkamba tells Finance Minister.Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe can succeed like she did at Barclays if she stops going Mayela nite club, flirting with RB, pays back the CEEC loan, employs 10 Indian accountants and 3 economists from KCM to help her tun around the economy.

    • This why you dont have tangible opposition or shadow ministers..why should everyone be appointed to cabinet? You have no clear understanding…of how multi-party democracies work?

    • Ba Just thinking don’t you know that people work better if they are not in government (especially well meaning opposition ) than when they in? As a minister he will be bound by the socalled collective responsibility and loyalty to the appointing authority. By his positive and mature approach Sinkamba may become the next president because people will realize that his priority is for the Zambian to have a decent life.

    • @ Jay Jay
      Exactly my point. Why now when PF is in the “cul de sack” opposition “leader” offers support?
      Forget and forgive criminal acts in exchange for what?
      Just confidential “thank you” or at least ministerial position for help given?

  4. Sinkamba in your discussion I hope you also mentioned that the whole of the eurobond can be paid as long as we start growing and exporting weed in a commercial scale.

  5. This what dialogue should be about. …to ensure who’s in government works for the good of our people. …not wishing Zambia to fail so that I can become president. What makes you different from the ” thieves ” in government if keep on working for the government to fail. The African syndrome of I this I that I, I, I, I, as been our undoing whether in government or outside government.

  6. He seems to have stopped smoking the illegal stuff. Well spoken. Please keep away from that it destroys brain cells!

    • And it seems you have had a thorough bath today since you have not mentioned your man from the South!

  7. Sinkamba is tolerated by lungu and PF only because he is of no threat what so ever to lungus presidency.

    If sinkamba was a threat he would not be allowed to meet the people he is meeting.

    He would have been roughed up by now.

    • That’s your character just like Kakoma . All you want is Plot One at all costs. My dear if HH wasn’t meant to be, he won’t be. He will just be like Dlakama of Mozambique who even tried terrorism but went to his grave without success.

    • Peter’s politics have not started now. He was there during the last days of UNIP in the mid 80s whilst at ZIT as a Student Union publicity Secretary. These are people who use brains not emotional cadre ethics. The Multi party democracy we are enjoying now the students of his era played a pivotal role.
      Ask KK or Grey Zulu. ZITOON Chambeshi Block.

  8. Hope he brought the Lusaka Ndola dual carriage way cost and the cheaper way. We can’t add $1.2 billion on the already bloated debt. May be he is the one who pump sense in her questioning the cost of this project.

  9. Other opposition party leaders, please take a leaf (not the illegal leaf, of course) from the Green Party about how opposition politics ought to be conducted.

    • Only news is resignation of acting auditor general Ronnie Mwambwa who was long-time deputy of Anna Chifungula, the former AG. How a constitutional office was left without a substantive holder for so long is beyond my comprehension. Departure isn’t a surprise to keen analysts of events in Zambia.

  10. HH is not a threat either, he is not tolerated because of stoolpidity, nothing more. He is a danger to peace in Zambia. Why don’t Hallucinogen abusers fail to get it?

  11. This man has bee sober from day one…. he has good ideas that would turn our economy the other round. People have wrongly judged his ideas because they have not paid attention to him. I salute him.

  12. Sinkamba brings a fresh air to Zambian politics.
    I like his passion,ideas,patriotism and non-confrontational approach.
    His ranking among politicians is fast rising.
    He is currently number 1 on my list of opposition alternatives.

  13. Although Zambia has been ruled by a dagga smoker before, this one stands out differently. Ichamba na mabo

  14. Sinkamba’s politics is way ahead of all other opposition policians in Zambia. If only opposition politics in our country were like this, Zambia would have been a great country by now. But alas, we have danderheads and war mongers heading so called big opposiion parties. Cry my beloved country.

  15. In a long time, this is the first time I have head a positive and patriotic contribution from an opposition leader. It is said that opposition parties are governments in waiting and therefore, they are part of the national administration. Well done ba Peter. We need modern politics in this country.

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