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New technology has created a convergence which has disrupted traditional media-Dora Siliya

General News New technology has created a convergence which has disrupted traditional media-Dora Siliya

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya in China
Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya in China

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya says new technology has created a convergence which has disrupted traditional media.

Ms. Siliya notes that this calls for new ways of thinking and serious investments in the sector.

Speaking at the 4th Forum on China-Africa media cooperation in Beijing yesterday, Ms. Siliya who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said there is need for African countries to strengthen their cooperation with countries that have advanced in technology such as China.

The Minister noted that the forum on China-Africa media cooperation, which has brought together about 400 delegates from 45 African countries, provides a fertile opportunity to deepen cooperation between China and Africa in their collective desire and determination to create an informed and knowledge based society.

She told delegates that the Zambian Government viewed the forum as an important platform in facilitating technology transfer from China to Zambia and Africa as a whole.

“This forum has even become more urgent with the arrival of the information communication technologies such as internet, digital broadcasting and others in which China is leading the way,” said Ms. Siliya.

Ms. Siliya said China’s emphasis on cooperation and a win-win outcome had continued to generate favourable conditions for its relations with many African countries including Zambia.

And Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of Communist Party of China NIE Chenxi said the Chinese Government will continue find ways and means to enhance cooperation between China and Africa.

Mr. NIE, who is also Minister of National Radio and Television Administration, said China will also continue to foster strategic partnerships such as in media sector.

He said this was important because the media is a critical component in the enhancement culture and overall national development.

Mr. NIE called on all African countries to strengthen their media in terms of technology and human resources especially with the migration of the broadcasting sector from analogue to digital.

He said China stands ready to offer its expertise and support to African countries implementing and those which are yet to start the process of digital migration.

“We must explore ways in which we can further collaborate in areas such as policies, technology and human resource training to enhance media convergence through digitalization,” said Mr. NIE.

And speaking at the same event, Chief Executive Officer of the African Union of Broadcasting, Gregoire Ndjaka said China has distinguished itself as a reliable and important partner in media development for many African countries.

Mr. Ndjaka noted that China had continued to help many African countries to bring positive change in the broadcasting sector especially in the implementation of digital migration in television.

He, however, said there was urgent need to align the media profession with new trends and to re-think the manner in which materials are packaged.

Mr. Ndjaka said the African Union of Broadcasting will continue to encourage and emphasise the need for all African countries to migrate their broadcasting sectors for the prudent use of the cyber spectrum.

Ms. Siliya is accompanied by Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director-General, Josephine Mapoma, IBA Deputy Board Chairperson, Patricia Mwase and ZANIS Director, Patrick Lungu.

And Ms. Siliya will tomorrow be among Ministers responsible for media from Africa who will be attending a two-day High level African Digital Television Development Seminar in Beijing


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