HH now calls for peaceful campaigns ahead of the mayoral elections

HH speaking during the handover of Nchole community school in Namwala

United Part for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema , barely 48 hours after calling on his members to reiterate when provoked, has called for peaceful campaigns ahead of the mayoral and local government by-elections slated for next month.

Mr. Hichilema’s change of stance follows Republican President Edgar Lungu’s growing concern over calls for violence by the opposition despite government’s call for peace during the forthcoming by- elections.

President Lungu said it is retrogressive for the UPND to advise its supporters to revenge when attacked by their political rivals.

The President’s concern follows a video which has gone viral on social-media in which Mr Hichilema is captured urging his supporters to defend themselves when attacked purportedly by PF cadres.

However, Mr Hichilema has now changed his stance by explaining that violence has no space in the modern politics and should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

“We are calling for peace in our nation, violence has no space in the modern politics and should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians,” he said.

Speaking to journalists yesterday in an interview after taking part in the American National Day celebrations, the UPND leader suggested that all political stakeholders should agree to put in place a peaceful environment to allow for free and fair by-elections in the country.

“All political parties, Electoral Commission of Zambia and the general citizenry should stand up and say no to violence as it puts the lives of ordinary citizens at risk,” he said.

The UPND leader went on further to propose the suspension of the scheduled elections in the country until political players and all stakeholders in the political arena agree to the creation of a peaceful environment to protect and preserve the lives of citizens.

Mr. Hichilema told Journalists that the events and violence that characterized the recent Chilanga by-election require that no elections are held until stakeholders agree to programs and activities that will not lead to violence and not put the lives of the citizens at risk.

The UPND leader recalled that the violence that was witnessed in Chilanga during the recent Parliamentary by-elections should not be given room to reoccur.

Mr. Hichilema said that the Chilanga by-election was not an election but a war that left a lot of people injured in the process, and that this should not be tolerated or repeated at any point in the country.

Mr Hichilema said that it was not too late to call off any scheduled elections whose process has already begun until programs that will create a peaceful environment are put in place and agreed upon by all stakeholders.

Mr. Hichilema stated that no election is worth the lives of people and therefore there is no need to go ahead with elections in dangerous environments that might put the lives of the innocent citizens at risk

Zambia will hold mayoral by-elections in Lusaka and other local government by-elections on 26th July 2018.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has warned that it will not hesitate to disqualify any political party that abrogates the Electoral Act from contesting the July 26th by-elections.

ECZ Spokesperson, Margaret Chimanse has said that the commission will not be lenient in enforcing the provisions of the Electoral Act.

Ms. Chimanse told QTV news by telephone that the Commission has a mandate to apply the electoral law firmly in an election.

Ms. Chimanse explained that it was the reason why sometimes the commission engages political parties privately on the laid down rules and regulations for participating in national elections.

Ms. Chimanse said that the role of the ECZ is to act as referee by creating an electoral environment where all participating political parties have an opportunity to win an election.

She has since justified the Commission’s decision to deny Economic and Equity Party (EEP) mayoral candidate Chilufya Tayali from filing his nomination papers after turning up when the nominations had


  1. I hope so.

    HH is a breath of fresh air. How one wouldn’t embress his mature statements is beyond me.

    Miles for the job



    • Defend yourself when attacked is a call for peaceful elections. Why should the PF cadres carry pangas and machetes during campaigns. Malcolm X said, defend yourselves by any means necessary when attacked. It is foolish to remain idles when attacked by fools

    • HH, if only you yourself can stop sending mixed messages to your cadres about violence, people will believe you. At the moment you sound like an hypocrite on this whole issue.

      When did ECZ encourage violence in this Country for you to lamp them in the same group of people who should stop violence? Stop HH and seriously think about the kind of Country you dream to lead some day. IT IS ALWAYS EASIER TO DESTROY THAN TO BUILD….which side of the equation do you want to be remembered for?

    • HH was right to ask his party members to defend themselves. if a thief attacks you in your home are you gong to sit back and let him beat you up? You will obviously defend yourself. Its the dull reporters who can’t think who are twisting his words. This message is the same as before. He has not even changed his message now. Very dull media in Zambia.

    • Mushota you shift loyalty and jump from wagon ti wagon like a monkey. Mr. Lungu and Hichilema are disappointing.
      Both are self centered and egoistic.
      Nicolas Sarkozy was thrown off guard by Francois Hollande, a socialist.
      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a Latino socialist bea ts Rep. Joe Crowley, No 4 in House Democratic leadership in the USA.
      Germany, Sweden, whole of Europe id turning to socialist state, welfare states where leadership is accountable, where money is not wasted on unnecessary gallivanting trips, interfering in foreign affairs, cheap demonizing fellow politicians and threatening of neutral citizens.

      Start looking at Socialist Party lest one gets a shock of life.
      Start interacting with them to build an I progressive manifesto for Zambia.

      We are now able to see who the true leader. This goatheader is extremely clueless about leadership.
      We don’t know the slogan “Zambia, One!” We only have “One Zambia one Nation”.

  2. Defend yourself when attacked is a call for peaceful elections. Why should the PF cadres carry pangas and machetes during campaigns. Malcolm X said, defend yourselves by any means necessary when attacked. It is ridiculous to remain idles when attacked by foo!s

  3. HH does not know where he stands in life.That is the reason why majority Zambians especially those in 6.5 provinces do not see any sense in Kainde.Today HH would say A,tomorrow B on the same issue.It is like HH thinks after saying something instead of thinking before opening his mouth.No normal political leader would encourage his cadres to involve themselves in violence like HH did or does!!!KAINDE ALREADY DAMAGED HIMSELF ON VIOLENCE ISSUES!!HIS UPND IS A VIOLENT PARTY-FULL STOP!!
    Thank God for giving us a peaceful president in Edgar Lungu!!!

    • Another dull PF robot here. Defending yourself is not calling for violence. Use that medula oblangata iwe.

    • @Given Lubinda: I hope you understand what “defend yourself” might mean to an uneducated cadre. And you are assuming that everytime UPND cadres fight, they will always win the fight. Which might not be the case. Instead, they will just end up getting hurt or worse, killed. That’s the danger of encouraging this kind of violent behavior. And what you will end up with is quite predictable, MORE VIOLENCE, DEATH, and UNNECESSARY FUNERALS. Political leaders from all Parties should be preaching peace, tolerance, coexistence, and maturity….we only have one Zambia folks!

    • But where was the President all along, citizens kept on asking why he was silent. The opposition have been attacked at radio stations. So lets be honest if peace is to prevail. UPND, leader Hakainde Hichilema in the past has been forced to use a rooftop exit when his live programme at Sun FM in Ndola was disrupted by ruling PF cadres.
      Those cadres beat up his supporters outside the station and were headed to the studio to inflict harm on him but quick action by Hichilema’s security personnel save the opposition leader.
      There was no police presence worth protecting Hichilema from the unruly cadres who had assorted weapons including firearms.

  4. I’m a not fan of HH but he was actually right to tell his members to defend themselves when attacked. Someone attacks you and you are just watching as if you are a monument!! No ways! Life is precious. Why should I allow someone to take it away from me as if he is the one who created me? We have seen some people killed in these campaigns

  5. I think thats the most sensible thing to say when you are a leader. Never to encourage violence at all cost.
    telling followers to retaliate is promoting violence. We want a violence free nation

    • It’s too late his militias are already in townships. With their reading culture only 1% will know about this turnaround.

  6. He’s merely asking citizens to defend themselves when attacked. Only a fool will continue giving the other cheek in the face of violence. People like twisting facts for reasons best known to their evil minds. If violence continues at the rate it is being promoted by those desperate to win elections, our country’s peaceful future is at stake.

  7. UPND supporters please go for a General assembly. HH is now desperate because he is scared of his own people. Mr HH your time has come to give your presidency to another Tonga. U have failed the UPND party for far too long man. Go out !

  8. He should have provided weapons to those who were forced out of their homesby UPND jihadists in Namwala in 2016.

  9. HH received counsel from the US Ambassador and he retracted his stance on violence. Good job Ambassador Foote!

  10. Comment:There is nothing wrong to tell your child to defend himself or herself ” Wen attracted by thugs”.it is foolish not to rebuke or punish your child who always attacks friends. Kaya who is hypocritical here .Sometimes we judge out of …….


  12. I smell a rat here . Maybe the tazer gun story is true so somehow the almighty wants to distance himself from this lest he goes back to Mukobeko. It’s too late those militias are already in townships ready to carry out the original instructions.

  13. There’s nothing wrong to defend yourself once attacked without any reason.
    PF and Edgar Jonathan mutawari lungu are not above the Zambian law. Self defense is the best option if attacked by dull dirty stinking rat eaters.

  14. HH please just for farming. You are not a politician. Concentrate on your mooo! Mooo! Mooo! We need meat.,,

  15. This face and that of Mwaliteta, and Professors …. just need to go away, far away! And Zambia shall be great and peaceful Hagain!

  16. HH must be examined by a team of medical experts. He seem to be forgetful. He doesn’t even know how many time he has lost erections. He Continues to change goal posts. The other day he ordered all married women to deny their men conjugal rights! He’s a comeidian just Mulyokela

  17. Hetch Hetch you need to rest mkulu, 20 chakuti years as president in background is just too much it is quite stressful because you are always striving to win which you don’t as a result you become really stressed, agitated and ……..

  18. #20 Laughing philosopher, “The other day he ordered all married women to deny their men conjugal rights!”, h.h said that at a campaign rally in Chililabombwe in 2016. The husbands targetted were those who supported PF. Invading the privacy and intimacy of citizens!! No respect for human or conjugal rights!! No wonder he lost miserably where he expected massive support where miners were retrenched.

  19. I bet when he was instructing his cadres to be violent he also told them quietly to ignore his later statements which would be issued as PR stunts.

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