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Luapula Province Minister says Government is doing everything to complete stalled projects

Rural News Luapula Province Minister says Government is doing everything to complete stalled...

LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa
LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa
Government says it is doing everything possible to ensure that works for the construction of the District Center in Lunga District in Luapula province are completed on time.

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa says as contractors engaged earlier had resumed works works on the works, he stated that government wants to see works progress to another level before the end of the year.

The Provincial Minister said government is aware of the urgent need for infrastructure in the district and that will do everything possible to ensure that something is done.

ZANIS reports that the Luapula Province Minister said this yesterday during the Musubilwa Mpemba Traditional Ceremony of the Unga People of Lunga District.

He also disclosed that funds for the clearing of water channels in the district have already been released and that government will ensure that the channels are cleared.

Mr Chilangwa has since called on the people in the district to support government projects aimed uplifting the welfare of the people.

He cited projects like coming up with a longer fishing ban period as one that needs support from both the chiefs and the people, saying allowing the fish to breed is the only way that people can benefit from it.

Mr Chilangwa also called on chiefs not to delay in giving land to investors when called upon saying projects that come in the province are for the benefit of the people.

And Senior Chief Kalimankonde of the Unga People has called on government to put up Communication Towers that have internet in the area.

Speaking through Musubilwa Mpemba Lunga District Organising Committee Chairperson Borniface Mwelwa, the Senior Chief says towers in the area have no internet connectivity facility and only work during the day.

He wondered how the area can be connected to towers without internet and only work during the day when people communicate at any time.

The Senior Chief has since appealed to government to come with good strategies that will ensure that nature is conserved in the area.

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    • I just checked from Zambia Parliament website and this man Nickson Chilangwa doesn’t even have a degree.

      Hotel in Tourism is his best certificate.

      How is he qualified o be a Minister?



    • Am sorry, but look at this man. Is this the kind of person who should be a minister? And we are expecting that our country will developed? Iyo kwena.

    • Nickson is a dunderhead. He should know his finance minister announced austerity measures that all projects below 80% completion will be shelved for now as the government has no further resources to finance them.

      In saying just look at him. Safer meeting a warthog in the dark. Rest my case

  1. Can Lunga district cope with increasing settlement that will come with district status? I see Lake Bangueulu get more and more polluted in the next few years and the tasty Luapula fish we all enjoy will be a thing of the past as has happened to Kafue fish. In case some do not realise it, the Kafue begins life from the same watershed as the river systems that form the Luapula and Congo rivers. There is no such a thing as a river; only a river system exists as it is a number of small rivers that eventually form a big river.

  2. Nikson, Government has failed to pay contractors period, do not lie Bwana but remember days are numbered.

  3. Mushota
    Nickson Chilangwa is one the most dull member of parliament. He is one of those who cannot debate in parliament unless in bemba. He only goes to clap for others and drink free coffee.
    When it comes to qualification, it does not matter for as long as you are a bootlicker you can be given anything hence the country has made strides developing backwards.

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