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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A lot of Heavy Trucks are using Lusaka’s Mungwi Road to avoid paying toll fees

General News A lot of Heavy Trucks are using Lusaka's Mungwi Road to...

Tollgates have been commissioned at both Manyumbi and Kafulafuta. In the Picture , a Rosa Bus driver paying a toll fee in accordance with the law at Manyumbi Tollgates in Kapiri Mposhi District

Concerned residents and motorists in Ferngrove residential ( locally known as Kasupe ) area and the neighbouring Zingalume township have called on government through National Road Development Fund ( NRDF ) to immediately construct a toll gate on the newly re-rehabilitated road.

The concerned motorists and residents in the area said they are concerned that there is an increased number of trucks that are now using the road to seemingly avoid paying toll fees on the Kabwe – Lusaka highway.

Speaking on behalf of her fellow motorists, Ms Anne Mwale, said in an interview with ZANIS today that while government through its agencies such as the Road Development Agency ( RDA ) and the NRDF has spent colossal sum of monies to re-construct and rehabilitate the economically viable Mungwi road it was sad to not that there now a number of heavy loaded trucks which were using the road as a short-cut to Kabwe and other outlying areas.

Ms Mwale said unless a toll- gate is set up along the road especially at Mungwi- Kasupe road junction, the newly rehabilitated road risks being damaged by the heavy trucks.

“We are concerned as motorists and residents alike that there are a number of trucks that are using our new road to freely transport their goods with rather than pay tolling fees along the main Kabwe- Lusaka road.

“The answer to this is for government through its leading road agencies to immediately set up a toll-gate on the road so that revenue is collected not only for the treasury but also help with maintance of the new road, “ she said.

Both RDA Corporate Affairs Director Masuzyo Ndhlovu and his NRDA counterpart Alfonscais Hamachila where unreachable as their mobile phones were switched off when contacted for comment.

However, Mr. Ndholvu later on when reached for comment on his mobile said he will respond to the concern upon getting the details on the matter.

The Mungwi road which is part of the L – 400 roads government has targeted for reconstruction has so far reached at Kumwaka lodge junction from Lumumba road junction.

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  1. They should just put another kantemba Toll there then see if the tax evaders will be driving through the bush to avid the confused Zambian Toll fees.

    • sorry to avoid, naifwe twafulufyanya, Mutweleleko mukwai before these critics with nothing to do start talking nonsense,

    • Oh bashikulu ba B R Mumba, Sr! Mulishani Mukwi. Chili bwino kuno, we are winning the World Cup. Na Brexit is on course just a few hitches mostly being caused by these trouble makers. How’s Tirumpu and Stormy Daniels?

    • But mu Zambia there is outbreak of idyocy. everything is money. That’s idea of construction of roads so trucks can get out of speedy traffic.
      Every where in world, a cargo truck will avoid toll booth. Even a commercial GPS is designed to avoid tolls.
      That Anne Mwale night business is slow, shortage of truck drivers.

  2. Ridiculous observation! The heavy trucks that use the Kasupe road are those entering Lusaka from the great North road, after having paid all the toll fees. These head to the factories (mainly Chinese) on and off Mungwi Rd including Sunshare, Wonderful industries, Great Wall Cement & various large farms.

  3. Cont’d
    Mungwi Rd rehabilitation only ends at the boundary between Lusaka city & chilanga district (Kumwaka lodge junction). A toll gate is only viable on a commercial road with high traffic volume. Mungwi Rd is in bad shape and only received a spray of bitumen when ECL visited during the Chilanga by-elections.

  4. The reported news is an expression of ignorance. Toll roads are a privilege and not a right. Those who use them shud pay. However,by obligation the govt is supposed to provide toll free roads that are are right of every motorists. For us privileged outside Zambia, we know that govt is supposed to provide an alternative route for those who don’t want to use the toll road.eg Lusaka-Kafue was supposed a toll free road.

    • This is exactly what I tell Zambians …they think the toll i there to decongest the road…absolute rubbish…a toll is like a short cut you use at a cost to the normal route you pay with your tax.
      Even the definition is self explanatory. Toll – a charge/fee/levy payable to use a bridge or road. eg.”motorway tolls” You cannot simply build say Luasaka – Ndola Motorway with a loan which taxpayers with pay via paye …then mount a toll gates in the middle. You are robbing people…I am surprised no one has challenged the govt.

  5. I dont blame them because a toll is not supposed to be mandatory …you should have the option of using an alternative road …Zambians are too docile, its illegal for the to block an existing road with a toll without giving an option when you already pay road tax.

  6. How can a truck going to kabwe use mungwi road…. ? Thus total madness Ms Ann. You talk rubbish. you think paying toll fees is something we enjoy.

  7. Trucks using that road are those offloading at Chinese shades and other yards like great wall cement and wonderful ceiling….. Is there a road kukasupe that goes to kabwe.. mmm

  8. Stop complaining naimwe. The idea of these roads is to decongest the usual suspects. Why majelasi so? You want your spacio to be the only beneficiary? Let the trucks also enjoy.

  9. Mungwi road is located in the heavy industrial area of Lusaka. So why should it be so strange to see a rise in the number of trucks using the road now that it is in a better state? If a truck comes out of Lusaka using that road near the chunga dumpsite, is it able to avoid the Katuba toll gate?

  10. Are the roads prescribed? Usually if you don’t want certain trucks not to use some roads or residential roads, you put weight limits. If that is not done, the truckers have a right to use any road. This is local government problem, not the truckers. These are problems of centralized government more especially if it is incompetent. They should put weight limits on certain roads, more especially residential ones because that helps to reduce creation of potholes and movement of hazardous materials in residential areas. Don’t blame the truckers. Not constructing tolls everywhere. Not a solution.

  11. Africans don’t know the meaning of Toll. Just dullness!! We will never develop. The rest of the world is Marching forward at electric pace as we Africans steal from each other. Shame!!

  12. In South Africa where this idea of toll gates was copied from there are alternative routes that you can use if you do not want to pay. Only problem is this routes will be longer than the shortest thereby making people use the shorter route and pay instead. Here they have not provided alternative routes so you will always have drivers finding ways and means to avoid paying.

  13. which tollgate are the truck drivers avoiding for them to use mungwi road people? those trucks you see moving on the same mungwi road have been there moving,even before it was Rebelt…..and mind you that is an industrial area there are so many companies that side,so if you are a resident of Lusaka west just like me, I don’t think the idea of tollgate is the solution….cause once the tollgate are being put….congetion will be the thing that will follow up

  14. Road Tolls aren’t supposed to be money raising ventures. The tolls are for the maintenance of roads. You cant go chasing traffic with tolls wherever it goes so you can raise money. In most countries tolls help to sieve trucks off busy highways so that those paying can have faster speeds

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