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Chiefs urged to stop selling land to Foreigners

NORTH-WESTERN Province permanent secretary Ephraim Mateyo
NORTH-WESTERN Province permanent secretary Ephraim Mateyo
NORTH-WESTERN Province permanent secretary Ephraim Mateyo
NORTH-WESTERN Province permanent secretary Ephraim Mateyo

A local Cultural activist’s group called Nsakwa Yaba Kaonde, of North-Western Province has appealed to traditional leaders to desist from selling land to foreigners.

Speaking during the Ntongo Traditional Ceremony of the Kaonde speaking people under Chief Chizela, Nsakwa Yaba Kaonde Vice Chairperson, Goodson Sansakuwa urged traditional leaders to welcome invests who come to do business in the province but discouraged the residents to sale land.

Mr. Sansakuwa said the land belongs to local people and the future generations hence, traditional leaders should ensure that their people have access to land for the betterment of their livelihood and that of the country.

Meanwhile, North-Western Provincial Permanent Secretary, Ephraim Mateyo has implored all ethnic groups in the country to respect their cultures and traditions.

Mr. Mateyo also assured the Nsakwa Yaba Kaonde that government has taken note of their concern and will work with traditional leaders to stop the act of selling land.

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  1. How do you want them to survive? when Lungu is selling everything including installations like NRDC which are meant to be, at the very least, the only possessions Zambian should keep at al cost?

    • Lungu is sleeping at the wheel again. Somebody wake him up please. We have been saying for quiet sometime now that chiefs should not be allowed to sell land, without government approval. No disrespect to them, but some of them are not educated enough or exposed enough to make fair land concessions with sophisticated foreigners some of who are crooks. Remember the Rudd Concession of 1888. YouTube has videos of Zambian chiefs who were deceived and taken advantage of by foreign companies into selling land for peanuts and displacing their own people. The government needs to pass a law forbidding foreigners from owning land in Zambia. Foreigners should only be allowed to buy land for building a personal house–i.e. foreigners with permanent residence. As for investors, they should only be…

    • (Continued)… allowed to lease land large enough to put up their business structure. If you stup1dly continue to sell land to foreigners, you’ll have no country in the end. If you don’t own land, you don’t have a country. Stop selling land to foreigners.

    • Zimbabwe & RSA are currently painfully trying to reverse land inequality by grabbing land from foreigners, ivi VIPUBA vi PF that’s when they’re selling land to tu ma Cho-Cho-Lee who are NOT allowed to own land in their own country.

      This week a C/belt teenager was shot for tresspassing while picking firewood on a piece of land “owned” by tu ma Chinese. It’s easy to sell land to a foreigner, but grabbing it back will be a costly bloody fight.

      The price of land in Lsk is now too high for locals becoz of tu ma Cho-Cho-Lee. Zambia is for sale to the highest bidder by Lazy Lungu & his PF00L Den of Thieves.

  2. Chiefs are also broke and the only income for them is through the sale of land. House of chiefs must come up with regulations on how traditional land can be sold.

    • The Tongas should just claim their country back and chase all of us. I know the Tongas would never give their land to anyone, they are very patriotic and have a sense of ownership. The reset of us should just either go back to Zaire (Congo DRC), Namibia or South Africa where we came from.

    • Or we can just press the RESET button so that we can start all over again!-That is what I mean when I write that: ‘The reset of us should just either go back to Zaire (Congo DRC), Namibia or South Africa where we came from’.

  3. Somalis and Nigerians should NEVER be allowed to own any land in Zambia .These people are dangerous and criminal.

  4. If ECL a foreigner can own land in eSwatini and PF and Government say its okay, why shouldn’t Cho-Cho-Lee be allowed to own land in Zambia? I know this comparison is controversial, but if you think about it, that’s what that whole saga left the impression among many Zambians.

    It will be hard to reverse the current altitude of chiefs selling land with current PF government, unfortunately.

    • Difference with Chinese is they can buy our land but we cant buy theirs in china, make a new rule only countries that allow Zambians to buy land overseas can buy in Zambia.

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