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Government determined to create wealth for all Zambians

Economy Government determined to create wealth for all Zambians

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe, says government is on the path of wealth creation for its citizens beyond partisan lines.

Speaking when he toured the African Development Bank (ADB) funded multi-million kwacha Luombwa Irrigation Project in Chitambo District , Mr Kabwe said government through the project will help reduce poverty among the surrounding communities in the area.

The project is a massive investment that will increase production which in accordance with the PF government’s mandate will put more money in people’s pockets as well as contribute to household and national food security.

“ The community surrounding the scheme also stands to benefit from the accompanying infrastructure such as schools, health facilities and improved road network once it is fully operational, “ he said.

He added that the scheme will in the long run be connected to electricity supply which will be to the benefit of local people.

And Chitambo Acting Senior Agricultural Officer, Freddie Simukonde, says a good hectarage of land has been cleared for the irrigation scheme which will directly benefit 200 local households.

Mr Simukonde said the Agriculture Productivity and Marketing Enhancement Project (APMEP) covering 250 hectares of the targeted 500 hectares will also indirectly benefit 1, 200 local people who will be employed by the scheme.

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    • Yes, no doubt. That’s why we buy scania fire trucks for 1 million dollars and insure them for 25 thousand.
      That’s why we buy ambulances from unknown dealers at 300 thousand dollars when we could have gotten them at 70-100 from a reputable dealer like Toyota.
      That’s why we are giving all the prime land in Lusaka to Chinese
      That’s why we are giving thousands of hectares of countryside land to foreigners
      That’s why we are overpricing road contracts and giving Chinese
      That’s why government ministers are getting huge kickbacks on these contracts
      Yes, Yes, Yes! this government really wants to create wealth for ALL (corrupt leaders in PF)
      By the time this government will be done, zambians will be very rich.

    • This path to wealth for citizens that PF government has been promising seems to be very long.

      The only people getting rich via tax payers are Lungu and his colleagues. They are all very rich now. Where did they get all this wealth from?

      Do not be fooled Zambians.

    • Other Media is telling us that Lungu will not develop the Kafue-Mazabuka road because it is in the ‘Tonga-Land’ and this Kabwe chap is telling a contradictory tale. Junior, the new Mushota also wants to roll. What kind of people are you Zambians? Soon someone will be telling us that Zambia will win the 2018 World Cup without even being there. Just let the Bristish/English dream and Shaddap!

    • Zambia borrows money just to get one person rich. So who is going to pay the money back? The country or the thief?

  1. This is not called for at all. What wealth are you talking about? It is not good to mock people Sir.

    PF has been promising jobs and wealth to ordinary Zambians, and yet the only people getting rich via tax payers money is Lungu and his colleagues.

    Zambians deserve better, much much better.

  2. Wait for Government to create Jobs and by the time Jobs are created you will have died of Poverty.Wake up and do something for the Government for Government to do something for you.

    • Wow. “do something for government for government to do something for you”. This is exactly why Africa remains in poverty. We have people who don’t know that government exists to serve the people. We have people who have been given jobs in foreign service based on party affiliation or nepotism and so they cant see beyond their paymasters and see their fellow citizens suffering.
      It was the great Abraham Lincoln who said government is “by the people, FOR the people and by the people”. That’s why America is great. But here is the calibre of people in Zambia…”do something for government for government to do something for you”…. This is ridiculous.

  3. The Victim in this administration is the poor, it’s amazing that no one is explaining to them that it would take hard work and dedication to pay the borrowed money back to the lender

    If we are not careful, it might even bring strife between the lender and Zambian less connected.

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