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Scandalizing Zambia on social media by Zambians is evil -Bishop Kumukwamba

HeadlinesScandalizing Zambia on social media by Zambians is evil -Bishop Kumukwamba

Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Central Zambia, Garry Kumukwamba has urged all Zambians to be patriotic and preach good about the nation.

In his homily during the 84th anniversary of African Martyr’s day celebrations at Masala parish in Ndola, Bishop Kamukwamba said Zambians should learn to settle their own issues through dialogue and not preaching ill about their own country using foreign and social media.

The Anglican Bishop said it was devastating to note that Zambians have now taken a stance of preaching negativities about their mother land to foreigners whom he said can offer no solution on such matters.

He observed that people from other countries have always preached good about their mother countries, a situation he described as not common among many Zambians.

Bishop Kamukwamba has since urged the general citizenry, the church inclusive to respect the leadership as they were representatives of God.

Meanwhile, Ndola District Commissioner, Canon George Chisulo who graced the celebrations said the church and Government are one, hence the need for the two institutions to work together if the nation was to address some of the challenges its faced with.

Canon Chisulo also urged the Anglican church leadership to join their counterparts and participate in the national dialogue.


  1. Hello bishop excuse me, let lungu and them to respect themselves first,, why are you encouraging people to dance for wrong doers,, that’s a sin on your part

    • No need to argue on this one, Its only HH and his minions who are not patriotic, they try to destroy the image of our great nation at every chance they have yet they expect to be voted.
      I don’t understand that small boy called HH.

    • Pope Pius XII is nick-named “Hitler’s pope” after he failed to condemn the genocide of killing millions of Jews.
      For 27 years, almost all churches stood by & did nothing as KK oppressed us & copied North Korea leadership style until he destroyed the economy & the food riots led to his downfall.

      Today in Zambia, the church especially the pentecostals have joined the plunderers & oppressors by receiving brown envelops to campaign for Lungu under “Christians for Lungu” and support PF as they loot, indebt the country, sell our country to foreigners & oppress peoples freedom & promote tribalism.

      It’s a shame that the church which was once a pillar of hope for the oppressed has joined the PF thieves against the oppressed and quote scriptures to their flock to blindly bow down to…

    • CONT’D…
      quote scriptures to their flock to blindly bow down to Lungu’s leadership, no matter how evil or corrupt he is.

    • @shu shut shut & munone,,
      Why are you obsessed with HH, I didn’t mention HH or any other opposition leader,,, power to the people not the leaders,, easy your balls chaps

    • Nonsense. Patriotism doesn’t mean you speak lies. If there is corruption in the country, we must call it as we see it. “Bishop”, God does not command us to be liars in the name of “Patriotism”. God calls us to tell the truth.
      Also, respecting the leadership does not mean we shut up when the leadership are corrupt and are busy destroying our country. Righteousness calls for resisting evil laws and opposing evil leaders.
      In any case, foreigners can see the mess in Zambia. just as the British ambassador or the American ambassador. We would be insane to.try and claim that Zambia is ok when it’s clear for the world to see that we have greed, corrupt and incompetent leaders.
      Ati “other countries preach good about their countries”. This clearly an ignorant man. Have you not read…

    • Very timely message Bishop. Some Zambians take a lot for granted. We are so blessed as a nation & we have such beautiful peaceful country full of perennial rivers, evergreen & colourful landscapes, every natural resource you can think of, with mild temperatures, cheerful & God fearing people. From time Country was declared Christian Nation we have never lacked in basics & even drought & power crisis have come & gone without affecting or crippling us yet our neighbours are still struggling. Our economy has continued to grow even in hardest of times & infrastructure has now reached most poor of our Brethren to uplift their lives. We can certainly do more but God Almighty is in control of this great nation & we shall continue counting our blessings while asking for more. God Bless Zambia

    • continued…have you not read what the Americans are saying about Trump on social media and on the major news outlets like CNN? Have you not read what South Africans were saying about Zuma when he was still president? The most advanced nation on earth criticises it’s leaders. The most advanced nation in Africa criticises it’s leaders. And here is a man telling us that other countries don’t speak against the evils they are in their countries.
      “bishop” when you are in the pulpit, preach God’s word and not falsehoods for political or financial expidience. God is watching and will judge you for how you executed you duties as a preacher of the gospel.

    • @Journeyman: That’s the problem! Corruption in Zambia and Africa at large remains unproven. It is tackled in the media and not yielding convictions in our Justice system. All you foreign based critics of grz are shouting corruption, corruption but turn a blund eye when real corruption perpetrators like Kambwili have genuine corruption cases in our courts and prefer to call people you hate personally in grz as corrupt. This corruption fight will only be won when we empower and build capacity in our security agencies and convictions are achieved. Right now, it’s about a bitter and disgruntled opposition using the obsolete Task force/Post newspaper method against their poiltical rivals!!!

    • Zambian Citizen

      ” @Journeyman: That’s the problem! Corruption in Zambia and Africa at large remains unproven….”

      What do you call 42/42 or inyatsi, a major contractor for GRZ , giving lungu land ? 

    • @Spaka: You had over 1 year to prove 42/42 was corrupt by providing counter quotes but nothing up to now. It still a “social media court” issue, a total waste of time!!!

    • @Zambiancitizen my brother/sister are you sure corruption in Africa is not proved? Just answer me a few questions
      1. What would you term the purchase of a scania truck for 1million dollars and then you insure it for 25 thousand dollars? Where on earth will you find a scania fire truck for 1 million?
      2. How can you give Savenda a small, unproven company owned by an associate of the president to supply these trucks, at an obscenely inflated price? Why not purchase from the OEM, who will give a warranty for atleast one year and actually have the technical competence to provide technical support? This is all in the public domain boss. its not heresy.
      3. And how about giving contracts to inyatsi and then suddenly it turns out that inyatsi are building a mansion for the president in…

    • 1.11 Zambian citizen

      Those trucks lungu sanctioned $1 million for cost less than $250k ……


      I wait your response…

    • @Journeyman:
      1. As i mentioned in 1.11, everyone was at liberty to PROVE otherwise by availing the public with detailed quotes from rival OEMs. It was a public tender and others like Albion services even quoted $1.3m each.
      2. Savenda, a company owned by a Zambian has every right like you and me to participate in any public tender. The fire truck tender was awarded to Grandview Inv. NOT Savenda. Do I smell personal issues here???
      3. Inyatsi categorically proved they didn’t own that piece of land otherwise Eswati authorities would have started corruption charges against them. As I said, your allegations are all social media based. Total waste of time.

    • @Spaka: The president or minister don’t sanction tenders. That’s why Levy failed to convict FTJ. Responding to your childish allegations is quite tedious and boring.

    • Citizen….

      Sorry but property has been confisticated from FJT……and the swazi land registry showed inyatsi owned that price of land….unless the land registry is lying ?

    • @1.8; You are right. But criticising is not the same as insulting. Zambians, especially disgruntled ones because of losing elections, do not criticise but insult the country’s leadership.

    • Abena Citizen, Mbili Yakale & Chosen … you’re wasting your time. These cretins are bitter sole losers with their demagogue.

      They are always fighting wrong battles and always get outsmarted by the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise who they hold in low esteem to their peril.

      Most of them are low IQ, low libido living lives they don’t like. So, when you see them ranting like rabbits just know, they have other psychological issues at home, work, etc.

      Bitter souls they are, some of them only get some relief once they have vented here.

      They are sorry sons of a gun.

  2. Criticizing a govt that does not treat all citizens as equals isn’t the same as scandalizing Zambia. The two are different Bishop Kamukwamba and have never been the same. Govts come and go but Zambia remains.

  3. Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Central Zambia, Garry Kumukwamba do you say anything when opposition are being attacked and maimed in front of police and jailed on fake chargers ?

    Do you say anything when citizens are denied their right to free political choice by violent PF cader thugs ?

    Do you say anything when wearing the wrong colours in public can be a danger ?

    Just keep expecting Brown envelopes …

    • No wonder i dont go to church,cant imagine somone with the little mind of Bishop fimo fimo preaching in front of me,but he says something i cant avoid noticing ati “..the church and government are one…”.Even PF government sir?You are one with these incompetent thieving leaders?

  4. And whose gonna listen to you? You alone has caused more deaths trying to decide us! The Church been chasing who’s in power only to eat from the master s stable

  5. Haha so many false prophets in Zambia, most of them are as crooked as the politicians. I urge all Zambians who have access to the Internet to use social media platforms and expose the corruption and human rights violations that’s happening in our beloved Zambia

  6. Polithiefcians and GRZ functionaries scandalize Zambia even more with theft and fraud reported by International media.Why worry about little Phiri and his keyboard when even bigger damage comes from elsewhere?

    Real EVIL is seeing a Government embroiled in Scandal after Scandal, Eswatinigate, 42 Wheelbarrows, Savenda ambulancegate, [email protected] night, then looking to brown envelopes for supporting graft & plunder.

  8. Amen, Bishop. In a democracy, if the people reject you and chose your opponent, you must accept and move on and improve your pitch to them. Like Sata did by even denouncing violence when the Copperbelt supporters wanted to come and cause havoc on Lusaka. This nonsensical attacks by upnd and hh on the country is unholy and evil bourne out of bitterness, hate and pure evil. May the Lord continue to bless Zambia.

    • Let’s wait for the coming Mayoral and Chair persons’ elections and see who is wasting money campaigning to lose.

  9. The ones in charge of the affairs of running this country are the ones that tarnish the image of this country. People from other countries do come here and see for themselves the natural resources that God endowed us with but are those resources equitably distributed? They do see for themselves how our people here are living in abject poverty yet some political elites are living way beyond their normal incomes. Our leaders here must be seen to be fighting corruption, must be seen to be delivering development without kickbacks,must be seen to be arresting those pepetrating political violence.This is the only way Zambia’s tainted image would be repaired

  10. The bishop should know that those of us who talk we are the ones exposing evil in politicians who steal with impunity. Unless the bishop is saying corruption is godly, talking about corruption being perpetrated is evil. I respect the church leadership and I encourage the bishop to help politicians do godly things. It is the conduct of the PF that make us say what we say because we do not see any change especially on issues of poverty, unemployment and corruption in Zambia. Ignoring these vices is sweeping dirty under the carpet and encouraging the corrupt to steal more. I think its evil for politicians in government to steal not those who want to promote the principle of social justice.

    • @Zambiancitizen again, I ask you: Hitler was voted for by the German people. so they had confidence in him right? does that mean he was a good leader?

      Raw data always points in a directions. its there to be analysed and we can draw conclusions from it. we can see trends. right? Now, when you look at this data from FIC, AG, world bank and you analyse it, what tends can you see? what conclusions can you make? An increase in money laundering? An increase in corruption? Denying the trends that are clearly seen and saying you can’t prove anything is to deny facts.
      Even on financial markets they use raw data to come up with trends that inform on financial performance of markets which drives investment etc. do they say “you cant prove anything”

    • Knowing who Hitler was, people probably voted under duress. In Zambia elections are free and fair and the whole world knows that except the losers. By the standards of the Zambian people, Lungu is a good leader. Imagine 2015! & 2016! How can he be a bad leader honestly? People love him and his leadership What we have is a bad opposition who do not know what is good for them and want to rip where they have not sown.

  11. As others have already mentioned, the chief culprits in destroying Zambia’s image are the people in power. They are corrupt and incompetent. It’s not what people say on social media, it’s things like buying fire trucks for 1 million. It’s drugs being stolen in government hospitals and siphoned to private practices. its leaders being given land in swaziland by inyatsi and having mansions built there. its giving inyatsi road contracts so that they can give kickbacks. its a leadership that attacks the auditor general and the FIC report. its having a corrupt incopetent and lazy civil service because the politician are too lazy to put systems in place. these are the things that scandalise us. The donors see all this and just shake their heads. They see people like you who defend a thieving…

    • continued….. they see people like this bishop and some others on this LT blog who defend a clearly corrupt regime and they just shake their heads.
      The only reason people defend a corrupt leadership is probably because they benefit from it.
      I am also disgusted at how some people here only see things in terms of PF vs UPND. Really pathetic. Let’s discuss issues and policies. Some people’s only argument is “Lungu is a drunk” or “HH will never rule”. Is that the best argument you can produce to defend you position? Is it any wonder that Zambia remains backward? Am sure we can do better fellow zambians. our country needs us to do better?

    • Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap….You have become an expert in watchdog rubbish, you have actually convinced your mind it’s all true. Tell me, brother, if all you have mentioned is true, why did Zambians vote for the same leaders last month in Chilanga (a upnd seat!!) and other districts in the country???

    • Zambian Citizen

      “…Tell me, brother, if all you have mentioned is true, why did Zambians vote for the same leaders last month in Chilanga (a upnd seat!!) and other districts in the country???…”

      Even UNIP was winning seats , even Mugabe’s ZANU PF is/was winning seats , even kabilas party has been winning seats even the ANC under zuma is winning seats… …..

    • @Zambiancitizen FYI I don’t read Zambian watchdog because it’s crap. But I read FIC report and AG report, world bank assessment of Zambia and other trusted and reputable organisations. perhaps these are rubbish to you. But to some of us and probably a large part of neutral parties, these are fairly reliable sources of information.

    • As spaka has so perceptively noted, being voted for doesn’t mean you are not corrupt. He has highlighted several instances of very corrupt and oppressive leaders still winning elections. Does it mean these regimes where not corrupt.
      Hitler murdered 6million Jews and countless other people. He believed blacks are more monkey than human. And yet he remained in power till he was removed by the allied powers. He was elected by the German people. so according to your logic Hitler was good leader. I mean he was votef for after all wasnt he?

    • @Journeyman: If that’s what you read, then you have the intelligence to distinguish between raw data and evidence that can be used in a court of law, WHICH HAS POWERS TO LABEL ANYONE CORRUPT and convict them. Being voted proves the people have confidence in you. Zambians have lost confidence in parties that accuse others of corruption yet openly practice tribalism corruption and dictatorship like upnd and other useless opposition parties. PF has been having provincial internal conventions and changing leadership. Those corruption allegations are nothing but personal attacks on rivals by opposition who can’t prove jack!!!

    • Zambiancitizen again, I ask you: Hitler was voted for by the German people. so they had confidence in him right? does that mean he was a good leader?

      Raw data always points in a directions. its there to be analysed and we can draw conclusions from it. we can see trends. right? Now, when you look at this data from FIC, AG, world bank and you analyse it, what tends can you see? what conclusions can you make? An increase in money laundering? An increase in corruption? Denying the trends that are clearly seen and saying you can’t prove anything is to deny facts.
      Even on financial markets they use raw data to come up with trends that inform on financial performance of markets which drives investment etc. do they say “you cant prove anything”

    • @Zambiancitizen by the way kudos for being willing to have a civil exchange of ideas. its far more than can be said about a lot of other bloggers, who only know how to insult and shout. I don’t agree with you but am happy to have open dialogue on issues affecting our country

    • Kudos to both of you for having a civil debate…..political disagreements don’t mean we are enemies ok citizen ?

  12. If you are a GRZ guided by morals, principles and the democratic rule of law , who will listen to anyone scandelising GRZ ?

    However if you are a theiving corrupt GRZ that uses violence to silence opposing views , then you will mind and lookout for what is being said in the mediaphere…

    This is same as banning opposition rallies by the incompetent insecure while the voice of reason says provide jobs and no one will have time to listen to or attend those rallies…..

  13. Mr Bishop; you should have been telling PF leaders that it is evil to steal public funds and to kill and injure innocent Zambians using their police and cadres; talking against the corrupt and violent does not mean we are talking bad against our country;

  14. Bishop read book of Samuel God is not in a government of human being and churches stop inviting politicians to your pupit if you are a real believer

  15. The name of the Bishop is Derrick Kamukambwa…. where do you get such forceful names…? How can we believe your story now. when u dont even know the person tou are referring to?

    • @Fortune:
      …his name is Bishop is Di.ck Pr.i.k Kamukambwa! That speaks volumes on its own….he is just a p.r.i.k not a man of God after all! Ass.h.ole.

  16. Mother fc.k.er Satanist Bishop Kamukwamba! Of course Zambian “leadership is NOT a representative of God” – They are thieves and cannot represent our True God. You worship money which you get paid by the thieving Zambian Govt what a st.u.pid boishop you are! And you still call yourself a man of the collar?? Lucifer go to hell you id.i.ot

  17. This is not a political movement. It is a tribal grouping. It is also spearheaded by Galu Watchers in Zambia.

  18. Patriotism is necessary even when one disagrees with powers that be. There is no need for hate speech. There is no need for insults. There is no need for arrogant. The communication channels exist for dialogue to grow. When you take social media for granted, then you find that the public will shut you out. The publc will not waste time listening to disgruntled voices. The public deserves constructive criticism.

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