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Both President Lungu and HH must be clear on no-violence stance-EU

Headlines Both President Lungu and HH must be clear on no-violence stance-EU

EU diplomats meeting with President Lungu
EU diplomats meeting with President Lungu

The European Delegation in Zambia has maintained that both President Edgar Lungu and opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema have a responsibility to denounce political violence.

EU Head of Delegation to Zambia Alessandro Mariani said the two political leaders must clearly denounce political violence if Zambia is to remain a peaceful nation.

Mr Mariani also stressed that there should be no preconditions to ending acts of political violence.

He was speaking on Friday after a delegation of EU Ambassadors to Zambia held a closed door meeting with President Lungu at State House.

Mr Mariani confirmed that the meeting touched on a number of issues such as the national dialogue process, economic matters and public debt including Zambia’s role as Chair of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

He said the two leaders should publicly disown its supporters who are involved in political violence.

And President Lungu said his administration remains committed to working with the European Union to improve the livelihood of every citizen.

President Lungu with EU Ambassadors at State House on Friday
President Lungu with EU Ambassadors at State House on Friday

President Lungu greats EU Ambassadors at State House on Friday
President Lungu greats EU Ambassadors at State House on Friday

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    • Lungu should raise above his personal agenda of stealing let him think about poor Zambians. It’s a shame to see how our leaders are so selfish both Lungu and HH. It’s about them not the people of Zambia.

    • The EU has every reason to be concerned because when hell breaks loose they are the ones that mobilize to pick up the pieces. When Sierra Leone blew up, the UK under Tony Blair mobilized to stop the mass rape, murder and all manner of appalling crimes. The EU knows when a country is heading in the wrong direction. In the early 1990s a long inter-disciplinary study was carried out to identify tell tale signs of state failure by the US Dept of State. A book was later published edited by MIT historian Robert Rotberg WHEN STATES FAIL: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES in 2003. I have a copy of the book. I know what has motivated the EU to do what they have done, that is, to meet ECL over political violence. I’m a marked man for saying this.

    • The EU have done well to come out in this way. They are the ones that mobilize to pick up the pieces when African countries blow up. When Sierra Leone blew up it was the UK under Tony Blair that intervened to restore order. There was mass rape and murder which the AU couldn’t stop. In the 1990s a long inter-disciplinary study was carried out by the US State Department to identify early signs of state failure. A book titled WHEN STATES FAIL: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES was later published in 2003 by Princeton University Press. It was edited by Robert Rotberg, a historian from MIT.

    • We are tired of the lawless fools hanging on Windows of vehicles and roofs of buses. I don’t believe that Zindaba Soko doesn’t see them. I will take the law in my hands now.

      Call a spade a spade not a big spoon for the sake of impression.
      We have head both leaders speak. One is against, the other is for violence.
      Whether these guys speak or not, the real onus is on the cadres. Their thick skulls should understand that they just get used. Let the visionless and strategyless party continue losing.
      Who told you that if a friend does support you, you should consequently rise against him? Maybe that’s way we won our freedom from the British Colony. Otherwise ECZ should ensure that the waring parties must not be present in the same neighborhood at the same time. Yes logically and physically separate the violents.

    • The EU have every reason to take the step they have taken. It’s they who often come in to pick up the pieces when African countries blow up as what happened to Sierra-Leone. It was the UK under Tony Blair that responded to stop the mass rape and murder that was taking place. AU couldn’t stop it. The EU know what they talking about and are taking preventive measures. In 1990s the US State Dept sponsored a long inter-disciplinary study to identify tell tale signs of state failure. A book titled WHEN STATES FAIL: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES was published to document the study. It was edited by Robert Rotberg, an MIT historian and published in 2003 by Princeton University Press.

    • EU have every reason to take the step they have taken. When African countries blow up, it’s often they who have to come in and pick up the pieces. Sierra-Leone blew up and there was mass murder and rape. The UK under Tony Blair intervened to stop the rot. AU could not do a thing. EU know what they are worried about. In the 1990s the US State Department sponsored a long inter-disciplinary study to identify tell tale signs of state failure around the world. A book titled WHEN STATES FAIL: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES was published by Princeton University Press to document the results in 2003.

    • Check out this study: WHEN STATES FAIL: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES edited by Robert Rotberg. The book categorizes strong states, weak states, failing states and failed states and what can be done to put them back together again.

    • What is the weather like in Lusaka for the President to wear such a winter coat? What is strange is that no one on the picture is feeling cold, the background clearly shows a nice bright sunny day, which makes the whole picture a bit awkward, why wear a winter coat?
      Aweee sure mwee!!!

  1. It is not denouncing only.ECL is the president he should take measures to take these cadres to court.up to now no PF cadre has been taken to court even if known to have caused violence

    • At least one violent goon in the name of double h went down for road rage. Chap got forgiven. He now wants his stooge to taste jail too.

  2. A straight forward simple request by EU which both HH and Lungu need to act on through issuance of directives to their supporters to desist acts of violence! However for Lungu being the head of state he further needs to direct the police to act professionally without compromised bias across the board bringing to book anyone found wanting! Lungu must also urge or promote a functional separation of powers.!

  3. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. President Lungu is making efforts to denounce violence but the tribalist HH and his tribal grouping are busy agitating for PANGA for PANGA. UPND will not cease to be a violent tribal grouping until its mission to deliver a TONGA president to the state house is achieved. It is a tribal grouping with a history of violence such as mapatizya formular, Namwala ethnic cleansing etc. It is a grouping full of hateful TONGAS who are ready to kill for their small god HH. It is time now to tame these tribal terrorist before they plunge the country into civil pandemonium. Zambia is bigger than UPND and TONGAS.

    • saimbwende, clap up man you sound like a stuck record or are you a robot that is programed to repeat the same dibble. some matters are above political affiliation and peace concerns Zambia our country, so if you do not have any intelligent comment best keep quiet. Zambia is bigger than you

  4. This man Lazy Lungu is a villager surely how can you wear a heavy coat like that when you are recieving visitors at home..those Europeans are simply laughing at the buffoon!!

    • We know its cold in Lusaka but surely this is the wrong coat to wear…I mean look around in that picture no one is wearing a coat because they have either left them in a car or in the cloak room; imagine if all guests came with such coats State House Security would go crazy…anyway Lazy Lungu is a fontini Komboni man it is now that he is coming across such attire more like those Nigerians in those music videos set out of place in an American city!!

    • How can you wear a waist coat, jacket, overcoat when you are at home…really laughable…this man lack priorities no wonder people are laughing at his folly in the photo.

    • HH is a villager who first came to a city when he came to UNZA! Unfortunately, he still looks “villagish” and going for residency is a long haul for him! It will NEVER happen! Well tried with your Mapatizya formula! I also laughing at you because I have this laughter disease like you!

  5. “Mr Mariani also stressed that there should be no preconditions to ending acts of political violence.”

    Sad to say but they know the audience they are addressing, is advice should be taken without excuses

  6. Lungu survives through violence and cheating in collusion with the police who stand by and watch…..

    Lungu can not win any free and fair election without violence and intimidation against the opposition.

    One thing for certain is the new British HC calls a spade a spade and is setting the standard of what the west expects in terms of free democracy if any western financial aid is to come Zambias way…
    We expect the next elections to be very tough for lungu without the use of violence…

  7. #6 jj, it’s not always that you have to remind us where your sympathies lie. The President was simply making a light hearted pose by trying out the coat given to him by the EU ambassadors. You are so consumed with tribal hatred that you can’t you see laughter correctly?

    I didn’t know that h.h was so toxic that he has damaged vital organs in his tribal henchmen, like the now permanently blinded j.j. Even h.h’s forced but nevertheless plastic smiles are toxic like Novichok. The symptoms of Novichok are seen in all the “leaders” and supporters of h.h, I mean the faction of upnd which has not received the anti dote.

    • Same shiiit again different toilet …I dont even have to read your post I can simply pick out HH, tribal, JJ !!

  8. I had to look twice to believe that’s how ECL was dressed in a heavy coat
    Maybe he was under the weather!

  9. One wonders why so called normal people cannot see who are the real perpetrators of violence in the country. If the opposition were the ones at the forefront of the skirmishes that we see during elections, our prisons would be full of UPND cadres. All we need is for Mr Lungu to instruct his team to stop the fighting that is putting our country at risk of war. He should ban transportation of violent cadres from Lusaka to wherever elections are being contested for. The police should also be allowed to work professionally without intimidation from PF hooligans. We want to live in a peaceful country without having to resort to self defence. Please allow us to freely choose our preferred leaders.

  10. People you should understand that upnd supporters are not violent it’s the pf who are violent.never in your political history did you people hear that upnd has gone to attack the pf but it is the pf who all the time attacking the upnd.look at the burning of the upnd Secretariat in Kitwe.none of you pf fools condemned that barbaric act but you were rejoicing, the dhiwangandu issue the stoning of the helicopter you fools were dancing to that act when today the upnd warns that this time around they will defend themselves against those barbaric act you fools call them violent.you fools must start thinking,do not just support or comment foolishly that is why Zambia can not develop you fools elect people on your love for someone and not on the ability of someone,start using your brains not…

  11. Panga for panga simply means if someone comes to attack you using a panga why watch them kill when you even know that police won’t defend you nor arrest your attackers because they have the support from the head of state. So use a panga also to defend yourself save your life. PF carders are scared of that statement of panga for panga because they thought they would be attacking others and get away with it. Now that they know that people are ready to defend themselves, they are now agitated. Stop attacking your opponents and there will be no need of them to use pangas to defend themselves.

    • Well-tried Online wing of the Mapatizya Formula and members of the Hatribes United Football Club playing at Monze Swallows Football Club Ground.

  12. It’s the police that are mandated to ensure that there is no violence. The problem is that police do not work independently and are always controlled by the ruling party hence cannot do their job properly.

  13. Ending violence should start with governing leaders by non discriminatory discipline.

  14. @1.3 ur comment is blocked because u blog NAME IS TONGA also on the other hand is like CHACHINA which is associted with FAKE GOODS, SO U BETTER CHANGE TO BEMBA OR EASTERNER (tHE WISE) LEST UR COMMENTS WILL MAKE SURE NEVER APPEAR ..HOPE IAM CLEAR U TONGA MAN

  15. you morons should be the last to talk about dressing. you dont even know your size bacause you always wear oversize olo ni salaula, old cloths?

  16. The holocaust devil Hitler’s insatiable hunger to rule the world is akin to HH’s insatiable hunger to rule Zambia. In the same vein, HH’s calls for his cadres to defend themselves is akin to Hitler telling his soldiers to defend themselves against defenceless Jews, yet he was the aggressor and transgressor. It is only natural that those who are vying for power will tend to be violent while those in power will seek to defend their status. As a result clashes will ensue. Yes, let both President Lungu and president Hakainde condemn violence unreservedly. Both PF and UPND must publicly declare that they will disown whoever will be involved in violence and that they will be on their own to face the law.

  17. HH is not factor in Zambian presidency! He is just a tribal noise maker! He will NEVER be president! Case closed!

  18. “Sakwiba Sikota you can’t be a president for UPND, you are not Tonga. UPND is for Tongas!” words spoken by one of the Tongas! I have forgotten his name! So they found HH – a Tonga to succeed the late Tonga Mazoka! And HH has succeeded in making the 7 strong and learn about the 3. 7 is greater than 3 and 3 is less than 7. Hatribes United Football Club believes the opposite when Hallucinating.

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