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UPND Lusaka Mayor will depoliticize markets-HH


HH interacts with Lusaka residents
HH interacts with Lusaka residents

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has pledged to depoliticise the running of markets in the city once the party’s Mayoral candidate Kangwa Chileshe is elected into office.

Speaking when he made an impromptu tour of trading places at Northmead, Longacres markets and Kabulonga Shopping mall in Lusaka on Friday, Mr Hichilema said only a UPND candidate can remove politics from markets.

Mr Hichilema who was accompanied by UPND Lusaka Mayoral candidate Kangwa Chileshe and several senior party officials also took time to listen to some of the challenges affecting traders.

“This was meant to appreciate the challenges that come with the high cost of doing business in an environment where electricity and fuel prices are ever rising. We also heard how the markets have become highly politicised. And we pledged to depoliticise them once Kangwa is voted into power,” Mr Hichilema said.
He said the UPND remains committed to ensuring an enabling environment for business to thrive.

Mr Hichilema said this is within the party’s vision that marketeers, bus and taxi drivers are provided with safe, clean, adequate and alternative trading places.
“In view of that, we call on Lusaka residents to go flat out and campaign for our candidate, Kangwa Chileshe,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND is confident that it will clean the city and bring about law and order, sanity and development as opposed to land grabbing and all kinds of illegal and unlawful activities as is the case now.

“Fellow Lusaka residents; do not tire, the Lusaka mayoral election is a blessing to all of us so that we can begin experiencing a new journey full of hope and Kangwa Chileshe is our torch bearer. Trust us, we will through our mayor, Kangwa Chileshe work for you. We truly believe in service to you our people and not unto ourselves,” Mr Hichilema said.

More HH selfies
More HH selfies
HH gets some love from workers at Nandos
HH gets some love from workers at Nandos
HH during a selfie session with some Lusaka residents
HH during a selfie session with some Lusaka residents
HH taking selfies with some Lusaka residents
HH taking selfies with some Lusaka residents
HH with a child outside a restaurent in Lusaka
HH with a child outside a restaurent in Lusaka


    • What will Miles, the PF legitimate president, do when he loses elections again. Yaba PF chifundo.

  1. ” TONGAS WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR HH THAN JESUS CHRIST” says Chishimba Kambwili. Waste of time Mr. tribal man Lusaka is known to be pro PF, you are just building the castle in the air. Your candidate, just like in Chilanga, is so a weak opponent that Pf will find it easy to win this election. Anyway this is a good litmus test for UPND to assess their popularity in Lusaka. If UPND loses this one it is an indication of diminishing political fortunes for them. From my own perspective UPND have not done enough to dilute the tribal tug which is inherent in them and this makes the grouping very unattractive to many Zambians especially NON TONGAS.

    • @Saimbwende, did CK recant these words? ”TONGAS WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR HH THAN JESUS CHRIST.” Did he find them to be words due to demons living in him or not? Have the demons left him now? Is the “thief” now a saint in UPND’s eyes or is it because now he is an enemy of the president? UPND’s belief: “Any enemy of our enemy is our friend!”

  2. Good ideas batuumbu ba h.h, just like me. Whether you mean what you say with your flip flop character is open to debate, but U think tgat you don’t. But the problem remains that you are upnd leader because of “tonga only to lead upnd”. And we all know that once, sorry if, you were in power Zambia would be painted as such. So Kangwa can be mayor but that does not change the tribalism in upnd and yourself.
    You need to change that tribal tag, how you do it is your problem that I cannot help you to solve especially that your tribesmates at Mukuni and Lwiindi Gonde etc including Sejani, ooh! and jj will not allow it.

  3. So selfies ba h.h, will not bring the votes at all no matter what we as voters think of PF and Lungu.

  4. My vote,that of my wife,daddy,mum,my sblings are for Miles Sampa on 26/07/2018-period!!!
    What will happen to your UPND candidate is none of our problem!!
    Dreaming is free so HH is free to dream about his tribal party UPND winning Lusaka mayoral seat but the harsh reality will catch up with him after ECZ declares Hon.Sampa Miles as a winner!!!

  5. How can a good idea work in a setting polluted by tribal objectives? Answer me h.h, you have never clarified let alone disown Sejani. Now you have reinforced Sejani with chieftainess Mukuni.

  6. Mapatizya Formula – throwing in the kitchen sink, creating a hell of destruction via creation of falsehood and making the country ungovernable!

  7. Mapatizya Formula – unintended effects: uniting the 7, exposing the tribals and the tribal grouping including Hatribes Football Club!

  8. Kangwa Chileshe – Lipstick on a pig! Ather UPND camouflage! GBM decoy! UPND is damaged goods. No amount of decoys can help you to hide who you are. Lusaka Times is the best place to tell everyone who you are! HaJayJay and HaSPakata ha good envoys for you! Love it!

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