The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has summoned Kitwe lawyer Mr. Iven Mulenga of Messrs Iven Mulenga & Co. to appear before the Legal Practitioners’ Committee at LAZ Secretariat in Lusaka this week on Friday for professional misconduct by a practitioner.

This is in relation to a complaint filed by the Green Party President Mr. Peter Sinkamba to the Legal Practitioners’ Committee of LAZ in May this year.

According to summons dated 26 June, 2018, signed by the Committee’s Administrative Assistant Sipelile Mwilwa-Nyirenda, the summoned lawyer and the complainant are scheduled to appear before the Committee on Friday 13 July, 2018 at the LAZ Secretariat in Lusaka.

“You are hereby summoned to appear at the Law Association of Zambia, No. 1 Lagos Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka in the Board Room on Friday, July 13, 2018 at 13.00hrs and so from day to day until this matter is determined,” reads the summons.

“You will be appearing before the Legal Practitioners’ Committee of the Law Association of Zambia, established under Section 13(3) of the Legal Practitioners’ Act, chapter 31 of the Laws of Zambia to give evidence in a complaint laid against the above-named respondents details whereof are well known to yourselves. You may bring documents and witnesses to support your complaint. Should you fail to attend, the Committee may proceed to determine the matter in your absence,” adds the summons.

The summons relates to a complaint of professional misconduct which was submitted to the Committee where Mr. Sinkamba alleges that Mr. Mulenga mislead the court or allowed the court to mislead itself contrary to Section 52(b) of the legal Practitioners Act. He also alleges that Mr. Mulenga deceived or misled a client or allowed the client contrary to section 52(i) of the Legal Practioners’Act.

Mr. Sinkamba wants the Committee to investigate the trustworthiness and fitness of Mr. Mulenga to continue practising as legal practitioner.

“In view of the foregoing development, it will be unjust if the honesty, trustworthiness and fitness of Mr. Mulenga, as a legal practitioner, remains investigated. I therefore implore the Association to investigate the same,” the complaint letter to LAZ reads in part.

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  1. After this Kitwe Lawyer Iven Mulenga will be struck of the practicing register then he will become President of Zambia, a careers taking off in our very own eyes!


  2. I thought it was a genuine case until I saw that the complainant had just been seen holding stuff in his hands and exhaling.


  3. LAZ, what about Martha Mushipe have you disposed of her case of misconduct? As far as I know, you have not heard the case. So why Iven Mulenga? Names again? Or h.h at work confusing matters?


  4. Analyser, let the courts make an independent judgement call. What the hell do you all want to think of a republic, a president and learned lawyers when you cant even keep your our parents or elders. Smoking weed like Sinkamba, is not helping anyone. We need realistic and evidence oriented alternatives. And not just smoking gabbage in the name of academics.



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