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Zambia should forget about the IMF- Dr Habaazoka


Lubinda Habazoka
Lubinda Habazoka

Economics Lecturer Dr Lubinda Haabazoka says Zambia should shelve its plans of getting an economic bailout package from the International Monetary Fund.

Zambia has for the past three years pursuing a bailout package from the IMF believed to be in the region of US$1.3 billion.

Dr Haabazoka who is also Head of the UNZA Graduate Business School stated that Zambia has the potential to turn around its economy without support of the IMF.

“Forget about the IMF!!! One point something billion dollars is pocket change to Zambia. We have the brains to move this country forward,” Dr Haabazoka said.

“Let us embrace everyone!!! Let us not shy away from providing a service to this nation. We only have one nation! Let us give respect to the people in government and the people in the opposition. They don’t sleep because of the many problems facing our nation,” he said.

He said, “Government is not the policy makers or the civil servant, it’s you and me. Don’t vandalize government property but at the same time accuse another person of corruption.”

Dr Haabazoka warned that some Zambians might end up abandoning the county for greener pastures if things do not improve.

“Zambia, if you continue like this, some of us might abandon you for greener pastures. By doing so, you would be sending us into slavery,” he said.

He added, “In the next five years, we shall be admiring Rwanda the way we admire South Korea. We shall use Rwanda as a case study on how to develop a country. Let’s wake up! Rwanda Air can now fly to the States! Rwanda is now assembling motor vehicles!!! What are we doing?”

Dr Haabazoka observed that Zambia as a country has failed itself.

“With all that copper!!! Allowing foreign multinationals get it for a song? This is a sin our future generations will never forgive us.”

“In 2018 you hear people glorifying street vending!!! You have so many agencies such that even to access God given water you need to pay. We need to put our act together. And by that I don’t mean politicians. I mean you and me. Our shanty compounds should be a thing of the past.”

“They have no place in Zambia. Let’s use our mineral resources to build decent houses for our people.”

He said, “Let us stop the Pull Him Down syndrome. Let’s call back Clive Chirwa to realize his electric train dream. Let us support the idea of our neighbor, friend, work mate or even competitor. By pulling them down, you are making your own relatives suffer because they would not have enjoyed the fruits of that innovation!!!! Let us abolish tribes! They have no place in a Zambia of 2018!”

He advised, “Let us abolish chimbuya!!! All Zambians are mbuyas! This Mbuya nonsense is dividing the nation!!!! Much of the problems we face are because of stereotypes of tribalism. We can’t live in a single country divided by mbuyaship!”


    • I agree with him on all but abolishing tribes and chimbuyaship. Am Nsenga, my very best friend is Tonga, my other three great friends are Luvale, Lozi and Kaonde respectively and I have a Bemba friend who is technically my sister. My point is we all can get along. I don’t see tribe when I meet someone. I see a human being.
      Culture and traditions are a very important character to a nation. I say tribes and chimbuyaship is what makes us whole; One Zambia, one Nation!

    • This talk of abolishing chimbuyaship and tribes came about because of one tribal HH. The People of Zambia doesn’t vote for HH because he is Tonga but he is not likable. He has a personality of a boiled egg and he is the one who brought tribalism into Zambian politics. Just look at how Southern Province votes. And at the end of the day HH and his minions have the guts to call Easterners and Northerners tribal! Give me a break!

      Zambians will vote for any tribe. HH however is not a good candidate tribe or chimbuyaship aside!

    • The current crop of looters has no moral compass to steer our country to prosperity.

      Here’s how PF economics works
      1. PF official identifies a useless infrastructure project
      2. He pushes for a Govt guaranteed Chinese loan
      3. He gets bribes from Chinese company & Zambian PF-cadre contractor to award the contracts
      4. He also gets bribes during construction to fight for payment from ministry of finance.
      5. He builds blocks of flats, buys range rovers, flies with girlfriends to Dubai, etc. He claims economy is doing great.

      PF Looters are just waiting for that IMF $1.3 Billion, that’s why they don’t want IMF to put conditions on the loan.

    • This is the best time to be a Zambian to stir the Zambian dream forward. I am inspired by Habazoka with his big nose (he’s now my mbuya and I am Bemba). Let’s build our country together).

    • This Tonga bull really make sense, i dont know if its because he has a lubinda name or what. he is the only Tonga who doesnt pray to the almighty small god of dundumwezi. he is fit to be presido economic adviser and believe me he is not the kind that would pass confidential material to the small god of dundu. he is his own man and he behaves like monkey eater( Bemba)those that dont pay any attention to the great bag of maize (GBM) just because he is rich. Lubinda Habazoka#presidentialeconomicadvisor

    • Oh dear, so what has Habazoka said here about economic turn-around to excite everyone? Zambia is in no position to change its economic circumstances without outside help. What will you do about the debt you have already incurred? Chikwanda took you to foreign bond markets where there is no rescheduling of debt. Had you got World Bank money, you could negotiate if times are too hard for you to pay. Forget about what Habazoka is saying. RwandAir isn’t making money so there is nothing to get excited about. What outbound and inbound air traffic does Rwanda attract in sufficient volumes to enable an airline to operate profitably? Let Habazoka answer that one.

  1. It is very true to say “Rwanda will be like South Korea or Singapore in the next 5 years” while here we will still be helping plunderers to rig elections

    • Lucinda,
      I agree with you on loan issue. I also agree with you on two other points, the need to rid our national culture of vandalism. The second point is improving the standard of living of the masses of our people using the proceeds from our mineral resources. There is no reason why we should be poor except what we carry between our ears. Copper does not benefit us, no because we are tribalistic. We cannot produce finished products because of Chombuya. The truth is we cannot do much to help ourselves because of the way we think, both as individuals and as a collective. That’s why we want to go somewhere where people of different tribes think alike and prosper: greener pastures.

  2. Not with lungu and the PF thug theives in power, borrowing and stealing is all they know.

    There is no GRZ like lungus who have had so much money. Yet so much unemployment , poverty and tax burdens on citizens.

    Lungu and pf are too corrupt and are not nationalistic enough.

    After spending $17 billion we should now be riding a wave of high exports and employment.

    Now the stage is set for another round of violent oppression of the opposition in the run up to 2021 so as to cling to power seeing they are failing to provide meaningfully employment.

    • “Government is not the policy makers or the civil servant, it’s you and me. Don’t vandalize government property but at the same time accuse another person of corruption.”
      If you can read and deeply understand this paragraph from Lee’s article, you will realise that your post is biased, full of hate for one person and just lacks sense!!!

    • Lets be positive, Dr Habazooka is right and correct in his thinking, this is not about individuals but collective, lets contribute positively on some of this matters!

    • The professor even mentions Rwanda , just compare the leadership’s.
      Paul kigame is all about empowering and skills transferre to Rwandans at all costs lungu is all about which foringners will offer the most bribes and campain funds….like how he awarded the RATSA national traffic management system to the lebanses of lamise , completely disenfranchising Zambian universities, engineers and bussiness leaders from being leaders in our traffic management.

    • Citizen…

      Don’t just make noise……tell us how Zambians will benefit from lungu awarding the Lebanese of lamise to partner with RATSA instead of Zambians ??

  3. Well put sir. We need to get serious as a nation. We should start by embracing education and hard work. We will not go anywhere for as long as we continue with shortcuts where people believe that life is all about deals and who you know. People should also also stop supporting leaders simply because they hail from the same region or are mbuyas. It’s time we did away with tribes and mbuyaship when dealing with national matters. Such things should be reserved for private meetings because they tend to dilute the seriousness of business.

  4. Positive thinking is what we need not fishing in a dry pond and wishing Zambian economy to fail. Keep on keeping on Prof.

  5. If Dr.Habazoka is asserting that the roots of Zambias’ poverty are NOT economic,then I concur.Zambias’ misery are socio-cultural in nature which manifest in low levels of situational analysis and awareness(education).Socio-cultural stagnation can be so complex that some times it has to take a war or some other form of upheaval in order to bring about socio-cultural reorganizatio and begin tentative steps toward economic take off.In this case,we need foreign aid as some form of start-up capital to help us in the basics of human development:cheaper energy,food and cultural change

    • “….In this case,we need foreign aid as some form of start-up capital to help us in the basics of human development:cheaper energy,food and cultural change…”

      Errrrrr……..you have just gone through $17 billion ??

  6. “TONGAS WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR HH THAN JESUS CHRIST” says Chishimba kambwili. This man is one of a handful of wise TONGAS. He does not only criticize constructively and objectively he also gives advice and solutions to the challenges. These are the type of TONGAS we need in the country to live as one Zambia one Nation not the likes of hateful and bitter HH, Chipenzi, nkombo, mwiimbu etc who just want to see their TONGA man at the state house at whatever cost. When TONGAS start thinking and behaving like Habaazoka tribalism in Zambia will be reduced at least to some extent. For now every one knows TONGAS to be thick skinned tribalists amplified by HH

    • My brother, you’re wrong. I am not a Tonga but I have several friends who’re Tongas and who are very good people. Of course not all of them have the same character just like any other tribe in Zambia. We’re all created different and in each tribe, there’re good people and bad people. I also have friends who are Bembas who are good but some of them are bad. This is the distribution across the country. You’re a good example of a hateful person because you sound like every Tonga to you is a bad person. I have observed that most people who talk bad about other tribes are people with foreign roots. Please stop saying bad things about Tongas. I have never felt like a foreigner when I am in Southern Province and every Zambian should feel welcome anywhere in Zed.

    • Saimbwende—Stop using this name! Education has really failed to transform you. Your thinking is that of a typical animal in the forest. Go back to the bush where you are used to live with animals. You have no place place in areas where human beings live. You never see human beings, but tribes. Why are you obsessed with tribes? Instead of appreciating what people from different background are able to do in order to develop the country, you only see yourself and people from your ethnic group. How can Zambia develop with people like you? You are a shame to humanity.

  7. Our politics have influenced attitudes, whereas once, the attitudes ( culture) influenced the politics.
    Just after Independence, there was truly a One Zambia One Nation situation – and very metropolitan too! For example, Lusaka Boys in the 60’s and 70’s had Zimbabweans, South Africans, Malawians , Ugandans and Angolans and i actually thought we were all just black Zambians with just sometimes unfamiliar names! Albeit, even the coloureds, whites and Indians were also Zambians .
    But now, divisions are a fine art, championed by the elite wealthy tribalists who want to propel their tribes and hence will do almost anything to pull anyone else down.
    We can do this, but we need to get rid of people who stand on tribal and not Zambian tickets, in politics.

  8. Rwanda is not the best model for development. Rwanda is a dictatorship, so whatever little gain they could make in terms of development cannot be sustainable because you’re likely to see a civil war, coup de tat or civil unrest at anytime. No meaningful FDI can last longer in a dictatorship. I hope VW will not regret their move to put up an assembly plant in Rwanda. There’s nothing wrong with tribes. instead, remove compulsory teaching of local languages in our primary schools. Tribe is a means of identity. Tribalism is not the same as tribe. Leave my tribe alone. My children have to know their history and their origins. This is not tribalism. Even in the western world, people have ways of identifying themselves in groups. What is wrong is segregation based on that.

  9. Yes ba Habazoka: Abamano bamano. All what you have said makes sense. We have Zambians in Government ZP, Army, Judiciary,. Look at Bank of Zambia Dan Kalyalya. Such people be consulted in running the economy of the country. We have Copper, Emeralds, Gold, Uranium, Cobalt and good agriculture soil. What do you want GOD to give you if that is not sufficient for every Zambian to benefit.

  10. This is surely becoming my man. Only we ourselves can develop Zambia. Not Lungu or HH alone. Corrupion is with technocrats and not politicians. Where did you see the president receive cash or cheques for any project? It is civil servants that do so. And if they all said no to corruption no Minister would access any money. To blame ministers and later facilitate corruption if true is what may destroy our economy.
    If every Zambian became vigilant, all corruption would cease.
    Thanks Habazooka for starting this talk. Hope ministers will read and start acting accordingly.

  11. Rwanda is developing while you are busy pulling yourselves down in the name of democracy.
    You are busy calling Kagame a dictator and he is busy developing Rwanda. Zambia is not yet ready for the so called American democracy. We probably need another type of system of governance.

  12. Rwanda and South Korea are where they are today and are primed for better times because of a changed attitude by citizens. Habazoka’s views are progressive. He is the visible definition of a patriot. If I understand him well, he is urging citizens to reflect on what they can do for Zambia rather than what Zambia can do for them. This is the attitude that is propelling Rwanda and South Korea to prosperity. The hatred I see on this platform will not help Zambia in any way. The BOMA IYANGANEPO slogan must come to an end. Imagine, even looking after the portion of my yard facing the street, ati Boma Iyanganepo. Fellow Zambians, let’s pick up the pieces and build Zambia. Our descendants will be glad they had ancestors who thought about their welfare.

  13. Thank ba bazooka, you have said. I can’t add any more. Our wealth is being stollen like never before. Let’s work up.

  14. It would be nice to send our mp,s and cabinet officials to attend lectures on the economy and leadership to unza. And have them write papers on what they have learnt. That way the parliamentarian qualification does not end at grade 12. The attendees further their education and it will help them when they make policy and vote for bills in parliament. Many of our parliamentarians do not know that they are very limited in their education. This includes civil servants.

  15. You have a forged president called Lungu, does this Lubinda Haabazok honestly expect better results? Actions can never be divorced from consequences. If you put in garbage you get garbage. No surprises here.

  16. Spot on at least here is someone who thinks like me we need more people like this and with this attitude. Everything is spot on and by the way Mr. Edgar Lungu please look at the Clive Chirwa issues of bringing him back to achieve this dream.

  17. Dr. Haabazoka, you are right! THis has been my stance. I have written extensively on the IMF-Africa fiasco! Please Zambia, we got out of it after numerous dribblings and changing of goal posts by IMF! Ask President KK who I sat and discussed the matter with at one time. Going back is risky for the future of Zambia! We can indeed, get out of any mess we are in without IMF because we are very rich and have the resources. I am sure we are looking for a long term loan but I would rather stick with Euro and China than IMF. God bless Dr. Haabazoka, God bless Zambia.

    • “Dr. Haabazoka, you are right! THis has been my stance. I have written extensively on the IMF-Africa fiasco!”
      You liar! You are always typing incoherent statements about HH here and now you claim to know a thing about IMF and economics.

    • Zambia is like one sitting on a golden stool and begging. We have a wealth of resources. Habazoka is spot on.

    • Ati “…President KK who I sat and discussed the matter with at one time…”

      Hehehehehe ……a sexual bipolar stalker going delusional….hehehehe..

  18. Dr Haabazoka for President!
    Why on earth are we being led by empty tins when we do have brilliant minds like Haabazoka?


    • Clive Chirwa could not thrive amidst hyenas in leadership. If Clive was a white man , you all would have done as he says. Many of you could not grasp nor visualize Clive’s initiatives because you have not experienced that level of development.

    • No wonder you choose HH just because he said one thing once which was “right!” But this is not to undermine Dr. Haabazoka. It is to highlight deficiencies in HaChrome’s faculties.

  19. @HaChrome, in your land that was incorrect! Especially if you play for Hatribes United Football Club! You think I am just a Vuvuzela like you! Surprised little boy? Childish!

    • You are an incoherent sexual stalker of HH……what would you know of economics ?

      If the way you write is anything to go by , and you claim to be a zambian professional , Zambia has a bleak future…

  20. You are very wise regardless of your names doc. United we stand because this tribal bull crap has gone too. In my upbringing in the 60’s and 70’s, no one cared about where one hailed from and we thrived and helped everyone az neighbours and friends.

  21. You are very wise regardless of your names doc. United we stand because this tribal bull crap has gone too. In my upbringing in the 60’s and 70’s, no one cared about where one hailed from and we thrived and helped everyone as neighbours and friends.

    • There is no president like lungu who has fuelled, tolerated and pored petrol on the simmering flames of tribalisim in Zambia..

  22. @HaSpakata, Did I claim to be a Zambian professional or your own mind told you that? Never judge the book by its cover!

    • @Sharon. We don’t need to judge you, your own illusions and rantings about HH and Tonga’s speak a tone about your state of mind. Am very sympathetic with you because it should be very painful to be you.
      For your own information am not even Tonga, am very far from Southern province.

    • @Sharon. We all know you are far from being a professional of any kind, the point of contention is your claim to have written extensively about the IMF and Africa. Don’t try to pass for a smart person here, your rantings speak for you.
      (“Dr. Haabazoka, you are right! THis has been my stance. I have written extensively on the IMF-Africa fiasco!”).

  23. As a custom when passing through kalulushi from the farms I passed through one of the clubs in the town center which is a hub of Upnd supporters I was shocked to find people celebrating the closure of one unit ofthe local mine. I still don’t understand why someone should celebrate a misfortune that is likely to adversely affect many families.

  24. @24 Mayanda Mulenga do not mislead people about the Zambian people especially on tribalism in Zambia in the 60s and 70s. Tribe has always been a problem in Zambia. People were told to marry their tribe mates and a certain tribe was refered to or associated with sewers and toilet systems. Tribalism has just reached its crescendo. If you think I am lying you do a proper research from our independence struggle and why there had to be a coalition government to win independence why Dr.KK had to be president. Flash forward to 1991 why FTJ was made MMD party president. DONOT mislead me I WAS THERE AND MY memory is still fresh.

    • No need for research, what you’ve said is 100 percent factual. In fact it’s the main reason KK opted for a One Party Democracy. Some party belonging to some tribes became very violent a development which lead to some people getting killed.

    • I will repeat my post under SISHUWA SISHUWA’s One Zambia, One Nation! The disturbing ill-treatment of Tongas in Lungu’s Zambia.

      There is no doubt that my beloved countrymen the Tongas and the Lozis have a pathological inclination to tribalism. They are inherently tribal. There is also no doubt that every other tribe in Zambia, including Northerners and Easterners have an element of tribalism, as is with any nation with more than one tribe, but not to the scale practiced by our brothers the Tongas and the Lozis. This is a fact that can be denied for reasons of ethnic image, but not erased. Be that as it may, with Tongas and Lozis being who they are by birth or naturally, we accept and tolerate them and have lived in harmony together. What with intermarriages. I’m an Easterner who has…

    • I’m an Easterner who has married a Kaonde woman. One of my daughters is married to a Tonga bull, another to a Namwanga and yet another to a Mambwe. My grand children have paternity that isn’t from my tribe. And I look forward to seeing my great grand children from all walks of tribe. We are one big happy family and I wouldn’t want this to be jeopardized by careless talk by the likes of Sishuwa. Therefore Sishuwa, don’t try to fuel tension in this country. You are a sadist and a pathetic moron. Zambians, do not listen to war mongers like Sishuwa and his like. Let’s continue to live as one people. One Zambia, One Nation.
      As for nepotism in places of work, it has been with us ever since Zambia was born, with Tongas favouring Tongas, Bembas favouring Bembas, Lozis favouring Lozis, Eaterners…

    • As for nepotism in places of work, it has been with us ever since Zambia was born, with Tongas favouring Tongas, Bembas favouring Bembas, Lozis favouring Lozis, Eaterners favouring Easterners, Kaondes favouring Kaondes, etc. There is no tribe which is clean. This is even among tribes and no tribe should point a finger at another. But the practice is abhorrent and discriminatory and must be erased from the face of Zambia, collectively, by Zambians themselves.
      Even as I write this, there is a little empire of Tongas and Lozis at one workplace which I will not mention who have done “Tisunganenge” at the exclusion of non-Tongas and Lozis. This is also true of other tribes to a lesser extent. So Sishuwa what do you call this? It’s pure tribalism. Don’t play the persecuted when it is you who…

    • Even as I write this, there is a little empire of Tongas and Lozis at one workplace which I will not mention who have done “Tisunganenge” at the exclusion of non-Tongas and Lozis. This is also true of other tribes to a lesser extent. So Sishuwa what do you call this? It’s pure tribalism. Don’t play the persecuted when it is you who has an innate tendency to ostracise others.

  25. This ***** has no clue what he is talking about. Does he honestly think US$1.3 billion is pocket change to a country that collects a paltry US$4billion in revenue per year. There is nothing wrong with borrowing if the debt proceeds are not be looted as is the case right now. If the borrowed funds were used for sustainable development in agriculture, industry and infrastructure , our economy would have grown to the size that sustaining debt servicing was not going to be an issue.

  26. When you say “you and me, not political leaders”, what do you mean?
    The master minders of every country’s economic development starts with leaders. If the head of the country can’t implement solid rules and regulations, who do you think will?
    I strongly believe every change in a country’s status is initiated by the overall leader. We saw it in the times of MMD with the late Dr. Mwanawasa and our late President Sata with PF. Compare their leadership with the current one and if you are wise will agree with my statement.
    No one is paying attention to the greatest need of our country, research and technology. Without these our country is doomed and individuals do not have the capacities but potential to get the ball rolling. So the leaders should and must put up strategic policies…

  27. This lecturer is talking rubbish does he think that the bonds Z has taken will be paid back or will the vulture funds take over, civil servants haven’t been paid as yet and he is preaching copper prices he should go back and stop using theory and start going out into the real world or is he trying to get a Job with PF?
    Tell me if your University’s fully funded and the students happy your institution is the most trigger happy one so stop being hypocritical and wake up.

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