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ECZ should not wait until Zambia is on fire, says UPND


Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka

The United Party for National Development (UPND) says the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) should not wait until Zambia is on fire for it to take the issue of the escalating political violence seriously.

UPND Secretary General, Stephen Katuka says his party is very concerned that the ECZ is taking the issue of political violence lightly.

Mr. Katuka says the UPND is of the view that the Commission deals with issues of political violence during elections as they arise.

In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Katuka says the truth of the matter is that political violence has been commonplace whenever elections have been held in the country.

Mr. Katuka says the ECZ being the custodian of elections, is not helping the situation by allowing the perpetration of political violence to be business as usual in the Country.

He states that the UPND insists that all the July by-elections be put on hold until such a time that political stakeholders meet and agree on how to sort out the issue of political violence.


  1. If you look at his face you can tell that he is talking trush. Why cant UPND bring out valuable points? Why do they always wish evil for the country as if they have another country to run to?

    Who said there will be fire when UPND continue losing? Remove HH from presidency and the party will be voted into governement. HH is the one pulling you down and not anybody

    • Now imagine having this kind of cretin in Power…I don’t why UPND only sees fire, doom and gloom. What kind of people are these.This is not the Mazoka UPND that i once belonged to…its completely the opposite

    • Ba UPND nabena, what violence is there. Violence was between PF vs MMD, but now they fornicate together they don’t anymore.
      Remember when ambassadoe Frank Bwalya slaughtered chicken? And Dora called him impotent man? That was violent times.

    • The Anderson Kambale Mazoka UPND was truly a party for all Zambians…am starting to believe someone within the UPND sent Mazoka to the grave. Mazoka wanted to bring sanity to Zambian politics and if he was still alive today that man should have been President…am 100% sure..and now we have HH,Katuka,Kakoma who only envision fires,bad economy,self defense etc

    • If we has a competent Commander in Chief, there would be no political cadre violence. Levy Mwanawasa showed us how that is done, but this pretender Lungu we now have is a joke. The violence has blessings from State House

  2. But this Katuka and his friend Kakoma are nut cases. Why don’t they start with telling their cadres from agitating violence? The evil duo have not said anything about those PF cadres who were hacked in Monze during the just ended ward by election. PF could be violent but it would make more sense if these two would also comment on the violence perpetrated by their members. Violence is violence and trying to force the ECZ to control it is abrogating your responsibility as a leader.

  3. Violence?? Panga for panga as propagated by your Vice President GBM?? Who should be complaining??? Are you up to something???

  4. Put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes tight and shout

    “Stolen votes, Petition, Corruption, Panga for Panga, Self-defense”

    That’s the UPND strategy!

  5. Unfortunately for Katuka, the ECZ mandate ends at conducting elections and they should ensure that their calendar is adhered to religiously. If the UPND are not ready for elections they shouldn’t agitate for postponement by causing violence. Let the police deal with perpetrators of violence. Who told Katuka that ECZ is a peace enforcement institution?

  6. ” TONGAS ARE BORN TRIBALISTS AND BITTER” says Chishimba kambwili. Mr. Katuka says ECZ should put all July elections on hold until political violence is sorted; This is a lame excuse to avoid the looming electoral defeats. UPND know that they are losing these council and mayoral elections and they don’t want to be embarrassed once again hence hiding behind political violence excuse. These losses will have damaging effects on the political fortunes of UPND as this will come barely a month after the Chilanga bye election loss. We are now seeing the last kicks of the dying horse in UNPD. NO vision, NO leadership NO strategy and NO inspiration from this tribal grouping.

    • Go in the bush to live with animals who think like you. Unfortunately, this world does not belong to people like you. The world consists of people from diverse backgrounds.

  7. UPND is doing cosmetic surgery by putting lipstick on a pig. Have they fired Pastor Mulenga who was to stand for mayor in Lusaka? Is Charmaine Musonda with Mutinta at home? Camouflage! We can see it through! “Only a Tonga can be president of UPND, Sikota Sakwiba you are not Tonga!”

  8. Leadership of UPND is made up of hardcore sadists, namely Hichilema, GBM, Mrs. Nalumango, Katuka and Kakoma.
    This clique knows that a Bemba Teacher who was beaten by UPND cadres in Sinazongwe has parents too, yet none of them ever issued an apology to her relatives to-date. The same clique never offered an apology to non-Tongas attacked by UPND cadres in Namwala. When HH selectively displaced the Ilas from their grazing land, the UPND prided itself by describing HH inhuman action as a mere BUSINESS ENTERPRISE. What good can come from this brand of politicians?

    • Attacking non-Tongas in Namwala “Never happened!” That is the official stand of UPND the party of arsonists and haters.

  9. I am waiting for HH to lose in 2021 so he goes into retirement! I am also excited that UPND will Helect GBM, the “Thief” as the new president! Woochi!

  10. “….until Zambia is on fire…”
    The language of evil, the language of satanists and arsonists.

    “….the UPND insists that all the July by-elections be put on hold until such a time that political stakeholders meet and agree on how to sort out the issue of political violence….”.
    Is that constitutional?
    Anyway, this is one of the agenda items of the long awaited political dialogue. And who is responsible for the delay? upnd.

    These directionless goons continually shoot themselves in the foot, from h.h all the way down! No Mr Katuka, elections are going ahead, we cannot put Zambia on hold for you forever.

  11. UPND is a finished party…Useless.
    Why talk of fire alaa mwe ma sat.anist all the evil comes mouth and mind. And you know you are not going to win, so don’t bring confusion. Lost party. Pf is winning.

  12. HaJayJay doesn’t believe in God! He does not believe in Jesus either! He is the god of the Online Wing of Hatribes United and hooligans and bullies of the tribal gathering! Who do you think they represent? Satan! Who do you think they sacrifice to? Satan. Who do you think they want to lead Zambia? Satan.

  13. UPND is the worst and most useless opposition party ever. UNIP had people after Kaunda left that could actually operate rationally. MMD is a well oiled machine that its MPs are now even minsters. UPND are just scared of their base because they keep on losing elections. HH, Kakoma, Katoka and GBM have to go. New leadership UPND is needed.

  14. But why is it that only UPND and his dull leaders consider Zambia to be on fire?Do we all live in a different Zambia?Alarming statements from UPND terrorists such as Kakoma,Katuka,HH,GBM,etc are shocking!!!Why should ECZ put elections on hold just for the sake of unpopular UPND?go to hell Katuka with your Kainde!!!Am sure these tribal creatures are sensing dangers of losing all upcoming by elections!!!BE STONG GUYS!!!WE ARE ENJOYING TOTAL PEACE ACROSS ZAMBIA!!Violence only exist in your sick heads bo Katuka!!!Whether you like it or not,we shall vote for Miles Sampa on 26/07/2018 and HE WILL WIN PEACEFULLY!!!

  15. Katuka is a finished politician. All his hopes of being a government leader are deem. And he can say anything that comes to mind without thinking twice. He joined UPND during the time of Mazoka when he left ZAF thinking he would be in government but all in vain. He has bad feelings for other groupings in the country. He should just let go and become a farmer in Mwinilunga to grow pineapples.

  16. I can’t feel proud to be called a Zambian, anymore..most Zambians can’t analyze situation and contain catastrophe.

  17. God of Abraham will.not back you.
    You think zambians are your
    Go and start the fire in your own house.
    We are not going to be tagged long.if your time on earth has expired please expire alone with it.let us with a long life push out nation towards progress.
    Where have all the old wise man gone?

  18. Who is going to set Zambia on fire? Why is it that UPND always issues threats of Armageddon and fire? UPND does not represent any tribe in Zambia but a few Satanists

  19. @1.5 Obatala please don’t talk in your sleep. During Mwanawasa’s time Mr Michael Sata was attacked by Kitwe DC and his MMD cadres at Radio Icengelo. During the assault some equipment got damaged. At one time as your Mwanawasa was ascending at the South Downs Airport in Kalulushi, MMD cadres attacked those perceived to be supporters of FTJ. Your Mwanawasa never condemned these and other incidents. Don’t paint the guy to be an angel. Also this chap had appeared to have done well because he inherited an economy which after 10 years of struggling had started to stabilize and coincided with the one of the highest copper prices.


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