Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Long Acres Lodge upgrade pegged at USD 211 million


Proposed Mixed Use Development for Long Acres
Proposed Mixed Use Development for Long Acres
Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Dr. Howard Sikwela has called on the consultant for Long Acre Lodge redevelopment to conclude the paper work and come up with a salable document within 2018.

Speaking when he officiated at the lodge’s revamping feasibility study presentation this morning, the PS said the document should be done timely so that the development project takes off and the Government can realize the much-needed benefit for the Zambian people.

He said in whatever way, it should be the Zambian people that must benefit because they are a priority in any development process.

Dr. Sikwela said the Zambians should be considered first so that they can see the benefits from the development even if they do not sleep in the facility.

And project consultant Hillary Zebron said his said there is plant appetite for developers to take up the lodge.

Zebron said what will be cardinal is to find some who has the resources and better means to quicken the project implementation once the paper work is approved.

He said his team are able to find the financiers and developers for the project.

Meanwhile, according to Mr Zik Zekko the project cost is USD 211m which includes USD10.5m of the land and that this good value that the public sector is availing.

He said that the private sector should come come with USD10.5m as an equal partner.

Mr Zekko said this would give a 90 to percent equity ration to who soever will be come in as a partner from the private sector.


    • Surely the amount quoted is a mistake, a typo, surely!!!!

      However, it is perfectly in line with this Lungu government to overprice and chew the difference.

      There is precedent. A lot of it.

      How in the world can one ever have a return on this investment??? Maybe after 500 years.

      Every news from government is a scandal.

      This Lungu sivintu.

  1. Two billion one hundred ten million on bricks cement and windows? Even east park, Manda hill and Protea tower combined do not cost that much

  2. Give the contract to AVIC international already. Lets stop beating about the bush. we are used by now.

  3. We surely have the wrong priorities in this country. We still have an education and health system from the Stone Age and we want to place resources elsewhere.

  4. 211 million USA dollars on a lodge, yet our hospitals are lacking latest medical equipment. We do not have a fully functional blood bank nor do we have scanning machines in our all districts.

    Let us set our priorities right people.

  5. Its actually $2.1Billion, just under one third of the current debt burden. This lodge will be fully developed with underground facilities like water, coffee, Gold casino, swimming etc. All government conferencing will be done at this lodge by Law.

    It will be one of the best in Africa if not the World. Viva Lungu.

  6. In the picture I can see something that looks like a hydraulic leg. Will the structure be adjustable?

  7. Criminality is highly pronounced at House No. 1, that’s what it is when you elect a man with no vision to govern. Just in a blink of an eye has become one of the riches chaps in Zambia. The wife at on time was selling pa kuku market.

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