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President Edgar lungu’s visit to gutted COMESA market in pictures



President Edgar Lungu during the tour of COMESA gutted market


COMESA gutted market


President Edgar Lungu during the tour of COMESA gutted market


President Edgar Lungu address COMESA traders after touring the gutted market


President Edgar Lungu address COMESA traders after touring the gutted market


Some of the goods that remained after the inferno at COMESA market


President Edgar Lungu talks to ministers during the tour of gutted COMESA Market


President Edgar Lungu talks to COMESA Secretary General Songiso Ngwenya during the tour of gutted COMESA market


President Edgar Lungu and cabinet ministers take a tour of gutted COMESA market


President Edagr Lungu and Cabinet Ministers touring the gutted COMESA market



  1. That’s not a market it’s a slum right next to Lusaka highrises – no building codes ,no zoning laws and no fire/health or safety guidelines enforced.That’s typical Zambia for you no wonder cholera came calling.

    • 3 km is the distance from fire station opposite evelyn hone to Comesa market. If the $42m x 42 wheel-burrows can’t quench a fire just next door, which fire can they quench? There are plenty other wheel-burrows at City Airport, KKIA, Chongwe, Chilanga etc.

      PF00Lish regime need to be prosecuted for theft & abuse of govt funds. Even Kaizer’s damage of govt property (Land-cruiser) & failure to report a road traffic accident will be not be investigated becoz they’re above the law & constitution.

  2. materials used to build this markets are fuel for fire, lessons should be learned and develop proper structures. if k70 million can build what about us42million but as usual we buy fire engines

  3. I have a question. The President and his entourage have been travelling around the world. They have seen, for instance, next door Namibia’s infrastructure and the cleanliness there. No envy sure and try to emulate the same?
    What is he inspecting? Isn’t he ashamed of the poverty depicted here?

  4. This corrupt theif and his gang of looters have been touring burned markets for the past 4 years yet they have done absolutely nothing except loot some more in the name of fire prevention via 42/42…

    The corrupt theif promises 500,000 jobs and instead gives unemployed youth a death trap black mountain…..

    What’s the bet , come the rains , the corrupt thief and his gang will don gum boots for a photo op in the midst of a cholera outbreak , come June the theives will be touring burnt out markets again looking humble , in the meantime their bank accounts swell and we sink deeper into dept…….

    • HH the corrupt thief sold Zambia’s wealth for a song and became rich! He hides money in Paradise land – Tax Haven in Panama and never pays duty (he has said so, that it is h-ok) and he has been acquiring land in Namwala by corrupting chiefs. Currently he has 1,000 hectares of land there! (That is why he built a school to appease his gods there) Is it the corrupt thief tribal boy you are talking about HaSpakata? He will NEVER be president in Zambia but he must try to run as Paramount Chief of the Namwala people. He will do very well there. He also built a house for a woman on the ConCourt! That is DIRTY!

    • “…Is it the corrupt thief tribal boy you are talking about HaSpakata?…”

      No I mean the fraud convict ? Do you know how is a convicted fraudster between lungu and HH ??

  5. Even the usual PF resident LT kaponya rats seem tired of praising him touring burned out markets looking humble ….waiting for the next fire and photo opportunity to look humble….

  6. Message to to Lusaka Police Chief. At one time the Copperbelt was notorious with crime, armed robberies and a lot, especially Ndola. Zambia introduced the Flying Squad. It kicked the hell out of the criminals and today Copperbelt is relatively better. If the Chief has ears let him him hear.

  7. UPND is a terrorist horganisation and it must be treated as such! Anytime you cage animo farm and Common Health intervenes please Mr. President don’t EVER listen Hagain!

    • Hehehehehe ati “Common Health ”

      You know when a fontinee is going mad from sexual frustrations in diaspora , NGOs must help. Like this one.

  8. Visiting a hazardous scene and still not conforming to appropriate dress code! Importantly picture 6 of the goods saved caught my eye! Bravo! Even being guarded by a police officer!

  9. Lungu is setting up all fires with the intent to win the marketeers and to use the million dollars fire trucks. How come we had no fires with the previous presidents not even the UNIP vigilantes. He need to be booked or stoned alive

  10. We cannot see the story on Lungu’s speech to the marketeers
    To the Commesa GS, you are just showing us pictures, why?

  11. Krushev Mweemba Mwiinde is thief and if found pleasse take to Choma police station and a large reward will be given. This man has stolen from many people his name is tarnished all over the web and in Zambia.

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