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Kapiri-Mponshi to have state of the art bus-terminus valued at K 1, 3 million


Kapiri Mposhi Town Council in Central province has commenced construction of a modern bus station at a total cost of K 1, 3 million.

The council has since set up a temporal bus station in the main business district to pave way for the execution the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) funded project to be completed within 18 weeks time.

The Local authority has engaged a local contractor, Camfield Enterprises who has already moved on site construct the first ever Bus Station in the area.

ZANIS reports that Kapiri Mposhi Town Council Public Relations Officer Chris Mulaliki who confirmed the development to ZANIS today.

Mr. Mulaliki said the construction of a modern bus station will enhance the revenue collection for the local authority.

He said previously motorists used to decline from paying Bus Station levies sighting the bad state of the facility and lack of amenities.

“As you know we have never had a standard bus station in the district despite the district being a transit point with routes connecting various provinces and the country to the neighbouring countries,” Mr. Mulaliki said.

Mr. Mulaliki stated that other than adding beauty to the town the Bus Station will also provide a conducive environment for motorists and travelers to operate from.

The council has been using an open ground as a bus station for local and inter-district buses which was usually flooded during the rainy season.

And Kapiri Mposhi Town Council Director of Works, Justin Phiri said the Bus Station will be accompanied by convenient facilities such as toilets and shower rooms.

Mr. Phiri said the scope of works on the facility involve paving using precast concrete blocks and construction of drainages.

“This place is an eyesore as it is covered in mud and has pools of water whenever it rains. Its paving will provide a convenient operating space for the motorists,” Mr. Phiri said.

Meanwhile, motorists have urged the council to accelerate the construction of the new bus station.

Humphrey Chanda, a taxi driver, said the temporal place where they had been moved to was dusty and had no toilets.


  1. Please you dingbats let’s learn how to use such words and if you are going to use them give examples of features that makes this product special to others:
    “state of the art”
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  2. I’m also wondering how a state of the art bus station would cost only K1.3 million. Ni state of the art yakuti?

  3. Zambians are fond of using the bush for defecating. So having a toilet is considered ‘state of the art facility’.

  4. State of the art at 1.3 million kwacha, stop joking or is it us Zambians used to big figures. 1.3 million kwacha can’t even buy a fire engine. And it can’t even do a 1km road.

  5. Comment:that is Zambian modal town make it grow as big as it can be ,,ignore what other people say without action,,

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