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Zambia ranked politically and economically stable by the Global Innovation Index


The Global Innovation Index (GII) has ranked Zambia as a politically and economically stable country standing at 54 of the 126 countries that have been graded in political and economic stability in 2018.

Zambia, lower middle income country has also been categorized as one of the countries with a record of adherence to the rule of law and has been ranked 80 from among the 126 countries that have been graded by the Global Innovation Index.

According to the Global Innovation Index, Zambia is among the countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa that has performed relatively well in innovation and that the region and Africa as a whole has been urged to preserve its current innovation momentum.

The 2018 edition Global Innovation Index themed; “Energising the world with Innovation,” is prescribing a holistic approach to innovation for developed and emerging economies particularly in the energy sector.

The 2018 GII edition states that in today’s connected world, increasingly driven by technology, communication and super human intelligence, energy has become the fundamental element that makes everything possible and that Zambia has shown strength in general infrastructure development including investment in the energy sector.

The report says innovation in technology, energy, agriculture and other sectors often does not need one to be politically correct to be innovative as the degree of freedom to be innovative has the potential to reduce inequalities in developed and emerging economies.

The report was launched at the side event which was organized by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) at Cornell University Campus at Roosevelt Island during the ongoing High Level Political Forum (HLPF) at the United Nations (UN) in New York.

According to the report, Zambia has shown strengths in the category of ease of starting business and ease of resolving insolvency.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, Mauritius, Senegal, Rwanda and Kenya are leading the way in innovation while China has also shown the way exceeding the United States and that China’s innovation is being felt by many economies across the globe.

Zambia has generally posted some strengths in governance institutions under the categories of political environment, regulatory environment and business environment.

The GII further reveals that Zambia has shown strengths in infrastructure under the categories of information and communication technologies, general infrastructure and ecological sustainability.

The GII explains that energy demand is reaching unprecedented levels as a result of growing world population, rapid urbanisation and industrialization and that higher levels of technological and non-technological innovation are required to meet the global energy demand.


  1. Zambia is indeed a beacon of peace. Unfortunately, “THAT ONE” wants to bring violence to this nation. We must watch “THAT ONE” THE FOOLISH ONE” before he causes chaos.

    Welldone ba President Lungu…..Twalumba!!!

    • Thanking Lungu for what exactly?
      You must he one of those s!lly people benefiting from his crookedness.
      Time is coming mukakakwa bonse ba sw!ne.

    • If doing fine to you is a bloated external debt, overpricing of contracts, poor governance by failing to control government expenditure and graft, political intolerance, victimisation of people critical of PF rule, perpetuating political violence and violation of civil liberties then GOD help you, YOU have a lot to learn my friend !
      Don’t just give credit anyhow be objective.

    • @Carlos, your pair of glasses need dusting. You probably are seeing dust on your spectacles on others.
      You sound so upset and usually people with such amount of anger cannot correctly judge or see things as they really are. Perception and what your mind wants is what you see. Save your heart from internal bleeding and take a break. Be in a bit of distance, breath in and see things from another angle. Don’t die young from stress.

    • Shhhhhh! Let me explain what this report is about, zambia ‘a lower middle income economy’ in simple words, those days in primary schools, there used to be group one for top pupils, then group two for the middle pupils, last group three for ifikopo!,,,, so zambia is lower middle,,, is in the middle of group three,,,,lower group
      And lets not forget zambia has huge debts to pay, so far there is no paying hope!!!!

    • @Chama Your point being??
      Docile people like you is the reason Africa lags behind . We need to be accountable to the electorate.
      Thank GOD our fore fathers were more courageous than you otherwise we could still be under colonial rule.
      Sometimes I wonder how lenshina got away with duping people to drinking urine but when I see your reasoning I now understand!

  2. ” TONGAS ARE BORN TRIBALIST AND BITTER PEOPLE” says Chishimba Kambwili. This is bad news for UPND tribalists who are naturally sadists. They celebrate only bad news for them to paint a bad picture of PF governance so that they gain political mileage. Upon hearing this piece of good news these tribalist are now bitter and hateful towards the government. This kind of news does not sit well with UPND as long as their small TONGA god HH is not in the state house. But all well meaning Zambians, especially in 6.5 provinces, are happy at this development since it shows that the economic and political landscape of the country is now on course

  3. “I WAS CHEATED, USED AND DUMPED BY HH” says Daniel munkombwe. HH always tells his tribal supporters that it is costly to do business in Zambia, in contrast, this reports says the ease of doing business in Zambia has enhanced. Truly, there is infrastructure development, improved communication, stable foreign exchange, low inflation, low interest rate and stable political atmosphere, all these not only boost and attract investor confidence but also make business easy to conduct. I wonder what kind of an economist HH is, the man must be very dull as far as economic issues are concerned. No wonder he struggles to explain how he is going to manage the economy if at all (GOD FORBID) he becomes president.

    • Peace is within oneself from which it can be radiated to others as a result you’ve a stable nation. Unfortunately in Zambia peace within can only be obtained only one himself becomes president. This himself has planted agents in all strategic areas with a view to frustrate government efforts to improve the country. Yes we’re going through a rough patch but it’s also a time to consider oneself a Zambian whether we’re president or not. Lungu is not the owner of the country and just like others before him he’ll leave State House but Zambia will be there. So punishing Zambians because of Lungu is the most unwisest thing and lowest level one can think of.

    • Are you sure about improved communication, stable foreign exchange, low inflation, low interest rate? Really laughable you must be working in State House enjoying a comfortable life with Kaizer writing off GRZ cars like you are a stuntman for a blockbuster movie….do you even know what infrastructure development is? Its no surprise to you that you do not lead the way in innovation in Sub- Sahara…spending billions on overpriced substandard yesterday projects…no wonder you are in debt.

  4. “Global Innovation Index (GII) has ranked Zambia as a politically and economically stable country standing at 54 of the 126 countries”

    So you are ranked 54 out 126 and you are proud….really laughable…let’s have standards for crying out loud!!

  5. “In Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, Mauritius, Senegal, Rwanda and Kenya are leading the way in innovation..”
    In Zambia, they would rather go to a rally and listen to Lazy Lungu and Hakainde ….Rwanda is one of the countries leading the way because their President has a vision(though he is dictator) …even secondhand clothes are banned in Zambia just go to Soweto Market you will see Street Vendors selling secondhand underwear…if our leaders were smart they would have banned this stuff then invested in textile industry.

    • Dept of Hanegatives & Hatribes! @2.1 (Bufi Bwenu) above says, “Unfortunately chimbwili Kashimba forgot to state that Bemba’s are thieves, liars and perpetual crooks.” NOW YOU KNOW FROM WHICH HEART THEY FIGHT AND CODE STUFF!

  6. Mmmmmmmmm…….this is sad news for HH as he doesnt want to hear anything positive about mother Zambia before he enters state house!!!!
    Devil is a liar,so no weapon formed against mother Zambia shall prosper,wavela Kainde?
    Things shall keep on getting better and better for mother Zambia!!!
    Keep it up ECL as you are on a right track Sir!!Kainde can continue mourning about his political defeats since 2006 as we dont care provided peaceful life continues in our country!!Nobody told Kainde that he was born to be Zambian president at all costs!!

  7. What data was used to come up with such statistics?What confidence levels,hypothesis tests or empirical evidence were used in coming up with such results?Was there a population stratum that was used to infer about such a statistics?
    Minus disclosing the data that was used,the information is bogus and lucks merit.It is information that is based on conjecturing.There are a lot of issues which were supposed to be disclosed before arriving at such statistics.
    Politically and economically,the nation has drifted in the abyss of corruption.There is an element of bias in this information.

    • If the news was the opposite, I am sure you’re not going to ask for statistics, were you? Personally I don’t give a sausage whether it’s true or false.

    • Politically and statistically, UPND the Tribal and Terrorist Horganization, has shifted into the Abyss. This is supported by empirical data and Hypothesis that if you throw a stone at random at any UPND rally or on this site’s comments the probability that it will fall on an Hatribes member or on a negative comment will be a member of the Hatribes Horganisation is 1.

    • @8, Don’t try to impress us with your little knowledge. You and your economist “THAT ONE” are nowhere near the intellectual acuity of GII. Here is the answer to your questions, or should I say ignorance.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      The Global Innovation Index (GII) is an annual ranking of countries by their capacity for, and success in, innovation. It is published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization, in partnership with other organisations and institutions, and is based on both subjective and objective data derived from several sources, including the International Telecommunication Union, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

      With institutions such as the World Bank and the World Economic Forum as sources, that must…

    • With institutions such as the World Bank and the World Economic Forum as sources, that must give you the confidence level. You are a poor analyst because your views are based on political affiliation and unproven hearsay provided by GALU WADYA, while GII use proven data.

  8. Zambia will be very good when the police finally begin to send terrorists to places where we will never see them Hagain. We need The Flying Squad Hagain.

    • Sharon , sharon

      Who among these is convicted of defrauding a widow ?

      A) HH
      B) lungu
      C) CK

      If you get this right we will find a man for you….

    • A convict cannot stand as Republican President. Lungu is your President right now, whether you like it or not.

  9. Where in the 2018 report is Zambia ranked 54 ?

    It is showing as ranked 119 and 120

    Is this a lungunomics numero ?

  10. What is this global index whatever. Is it a credible institution or one of those one man controlled entities who will speak in favour of the highest bidder?

  11. When did Zambia become Costa Rica? Malawi (114th), Nigeria (118th), Guinea (119th),
    Zambia (120th), and Niger (122nd). Latin America and the Caribbean includes only upper- and lower- Middle-income economies, with three exceptions: Chile, Uruguay, and Trinidad and Tobago, which are all high-income economies. Still leading the region in the GII rankings for another year, Chile (47th) loses one position this year; it is followed by Costa Rica (54th, down one) and Mexico (56th, up two).

  12. This seems to be misinformation and i am challenging the author of the article to direct us to the actual page number in the report where Zambia is ranked 54th or pull down the article. You will not be allowed to mislead and mock people wallowing in poverty with doctored information.

  13. The thought process of pf and their supporters is dazzelling with dullness….you can see them sontaring and dancing above thinking Zambia is ranked 54th ?

    From the hoardes of unemployed attending rallies , to cholera ravaging communities , how can you belive Zambia is ranked 54th out of 126 countries ? No matter what scale you use.

    With this sort of thinking it is not surprising the country owes $17 billion and still has some of the highest unemployed on the planet…..

    After $17 billion debt, Zambia should be up there as an emerging economy….but sadly it is not.
    And this is even before you start repayments…

  14. spaka like lilo and Jay Jay just try to look again on the Bonafide GII list, this artical by LT is very authentic.
    the GII have a lot of indicators.
    1.1.1 for political stability and absence of violence our ZAMBIA stands at 54
    1.2.2 for Rule of Law ZAMBIA stands at 80
    3.2 for general infrastructure we stand at 34.
    at some point i thought you guy were right but i now understand you only celebrate when bad things happy for zambia.

    • With corrupt violent theives running the country and lungu as president , there is no way Zambia can be ranked 54th out 126 countries “politically and economically”

      This story is misleading….Aminestry international has cited Zambia, the IMF know Zambia is begging for money.

      Maybe on infrastructure Zambia could show a true ranking , having spent what we have but not any other ranking.


  16. Some things are better left to the indigenous to grade. U come all the way from New York and start talking nonsense when you know nothing about the political violence and lawlessness in the manner our leaders adhere to the rule of law. high levels of corruption and the motionless state of governance we have. what is infrastructural development without a strengthened economy. what are shopping malls without pensionable employment for our people. this is what i call DOG SHIIIT.

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