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‘CADRE-ISM’ May Degenerate Into Tribal Violence- Archbishop Chama

Headlines ‘CADRE-ISM’ May Degenerate Into Tribal Violence- Archbishop Chama

KASAMA Archbishop Ignatius Chama carrying the cross of Jesus Christ during Good Friday with several faithfuls at St. Johns Cathedral in Kasama
FILE: KASAMA Archbishop Ignatius Chama carrying the cross of Jesus Christ during Good Friday with several faithfuls at St. Johns Cathedral in Kasama

Vice President of Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) Most Rev. Ignatius Chama has expressed worry that if the spirit of ‘cadre-ism’ is not curtailed by various political players in Zambia the country might degenerate into tribal violence.

Archbishop Chama has observed that if not careful with the spirit of cadre-ism in Zambia, the country risks being put on fire.

“These cadres who belong to various political parties are taking advantage of this and they are manipulating the situation. They are behind most reported political violence that is taking place in Zambia,” Archbishop Chama said.

Archbishop Chama noted that although Zambia has not yet experienced any tribal wars like other countries in Eastern Africa, the country is facing an inherent tribal tension that needs to be checked.

“We have not seen in Zambia tribal wars as such, but underneath the current seemingly peaceful existence we have, this thing [tribe war] is burning and from time to time we hear there is violence especially during elections,” Archbishop Chama noted.

Archbishop Chama has since urged all political party leaders in Zambia to restrain their carders from fuelling political violence.

“It is my hope and prayer that all political party leaders should put down their feet and speak the language of condemnation and make sure that these cadres are handed over to the law enforcement authority so that this thing [political violence] is stamped out because if we do not stamp it out now, when we go towards elections in 2021, it is going to be a disaster,” Archbishop said.

The Prelate further urged Zambians to work together towards coexistence and that this ethnic diversity can bring about meaningful development to our country.

“Zambia is a country that has 73 ethnic groupings and that this ethnic diversity is a gift from God that we have. We can use this gift as the opportunity for us to grow together in unity and peace and enhance our development”, Archbishop Chama said.

Archbishop Chama was commenting on a sub theme of the 19th AMECEA Plenary of the Catholic Bishops in AMECEA Region entitled ‘Peaceful Coexistence among diverse and ethnic grouping within the AMECEA Region’, that was deliberated on in the second session on Wednesday 17th July 2018.

Catholic Bishops in the AMECEA Region are meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 14th July to 23rd July in which, and the theme: ‘Vibrant diversity, Equal dignity, peaceful unity in God in the AMECEA region, are discussing among other things the Catholic Church’s championing for integral human development, peaceful coexistence and unity among the citizens in the AMECEA region.

AMECEA region comprises of Episcopal Conferences of countries of East Africa and partly Southern namely Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Others are Ethiopia, Eritrea and North and South Sudan.

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    • We have no leadership in country. Edgar doesn’t have what it takes to be president. He and his team are fomenting tribal divisions to propel their political fortunes. This, however is unsustainable.

    • Archbishop Chama’s warning is right the only problem is that this is already happening.
      If you look closely at the midiocracy exhibited by this government through appointments of such charactors as lusambo, Kampyongo, mwila, so called bishop chomba kaiser and the perpetuation of violence by PF cadres all let by a visionless and feeble leader you realise that this country is truly in trouble.
      Never mind the infiltration of the somalis chinese and the proliferation of corruption and fake goods food and drink.
      You then know that the death of a nation is in the making by the very people that are supposed to save it and if you think the fake prophets will save the country dream on!

    • Yes in Namwala. I am amazed when I read UPND mentality it is always upside down! (E.g. 1.2 above! & HASPakata!) Villagish! Always! That is why it is dangerous to vote for a villager who still has to emancipate himself from village life! (Nothing wrong to grow up in a village but you can’t go to State House with a village mind like that of HH!)

  1. The country has never seen the levels of political violence , corruption , tribal divisions and moral decay as of now with lungu , alpha omega of pf incharge…

    • Obatala and Spaka like lilo, your thoughts are not far from mine which revolve around leadership. While Zimbabwe seems to be moving away from vices associated with cadre-ism. We are busy immersing our feet deeper and deeper into the vice. This topic could not have come at a better time than when we are celebrating Nelson Mandela’s would-be 100th birthday.
      During a speech to mark the occasion President Obama condemned the idea that only people from marginalized groups can comment on marginalized groups’ issues.
      Obama made the comments when he was discussing the best way to interact with those with whom we disagree.
      “Democracy demands that we’re able to also get inside the reality of people who are different than us, so we can understand their point of view,” he said. “Maybe we can…

    • Continued
      “Maybe we can change their minds, maybe they’ll change ours.”
      “You can’t do this if you just out of hand disregard what your opponent has to say from the start,” he continued. “And you can’t do it if you insist that those who aren’t like you because they are white or they are male, somehow there is no way they can understand what I’m feeling, that somehow they lack standing to speak on certain matters.”

  2. The bishop has a point right there and it must be taken very seriously. It really saddens me, and often sickens me to the stomach witnessing my beloved country crumble to such a level …… We’ll have no good stories to pass on to our grandchildren. What a shame.

    • That is because we have a corrupt theif in charge who’s only preoccupation is corruption and using caders to stay in power….

    • HH the inside trading thief of privatization and money launderer in chief to Panama and bribery chief of land acquisition to poor tribal chiefs in Namwala is seeking to rule Zambia! Hell NO!

  3. He raises people of dundumwezi for tribal vote

    He builds a school in namwaala where ethic cleansing took place

    90% made of one tribe

    98% votes from his tribe


  4. 90% of mp s made of one TRIBE

    Party lawyers come from his tribe

    The chief s supporting him come from his tribe

    He has no mp in lsk. Cb. Northern. Eastern. Muchinga. Luapula.

    He is popular among tribes mate


    • You are too ignorant, check the voting pattern in some places in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga. Look at GRZ appointments at every level, Civil Service, Diplomatic, Parastatals…..

  5. “HH IS THE WORST TRIBAL POLITICIAN ZAMBIA HAS EVER PRODUCED” says TAYALI. Its political I agree with you 100%.

    • You are too ignorant, check the voting pattern in some places in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga. Look at GRZ appointments at every level, Civil Service, Diplomatic, Parastatals…..

    • HH is a tribal chief in charge of a tribal organization masquerading as a political party. “ONLY A TOONGAA CAN BE A PRESIDENT OF UPND. SAKWIBA SIKOTA YOU ARE NOT!”

    • #7.1, you are the one who is ignorant! Do you want government to appoint people from HH who are 100% HH and they have HH blood? Okay, I get it! You want government to appoint MOLES for HH! Tayali in this INSTANCE was right. The guy you are insulting only quoted a person. I have quoted a person too in 7.2 above! Please don’t insult me too, I beg!

  6. Rev. Chama is right. Politicians, both ruling and opposition must warn their cadres that they risk jail time and that if they break the law they are on their own. As for the Police, they are often ill equipped in terms of mobility. They need to respond rapidly. For the coming elections, mobile units need to be stationed in strategic positions across Lusaka, with swarms of foot patrols updating them on the situation on the ground. They should be able to deploy in the shortest possible time and be in trouble spots before the trouble makers have time to misbehave. Arial support by police choppers is essential too, to provide the exact locus in the city where trouble may be brewing for nearby units to act.

  7. Its true.I’m also scared when i hear UPND cadres especially from when tribe when they talk.For them it’s about tribalism and hate speech against some dominate tribes in Zambia forgetting that the two major tribes make up 65% of Zambian population.Let us unite pipo n stop tribalisim. There is nothing special if your tribe rules Zambia.We need to work hard.In government there is no money but money comes from private sectors.

  8. We never used to have as many Party cadres before as we do today with PF and UPND. We never used to have campaign styles that we see today with hoards of intimidating noisy cadres surrounding the candidates together with candidates’ party leaders also in attendance and seemingly all enjoying the spectacle which clearly encourages arrogance. There would be a lot of peace if we got rid of cadres. Let us change the way we do politics but
    I am sure PF leaders don’t like that because they believe this is what makes them win and UPND will tell you we can’t disarm unilaterally while the others are arming themselves.

  9. In 7years of PF the heritage of the country is completely destroyed. Army officers cadres, civil service cadres,markets cadres, judges cadres,the country’s future is grim

    • You are wrong! In 7 years’ time we have seen great development in the nation and we have seen Hatribes getting more jealous! They know that their tribal inclinations have been exposed.

  10. State house is full of cadres what do you expect? Its like expecting apples from a lemon tree. The back stops at the President. Its either he is condoning what is happening and gaining political millage or he is just sheer incompetent to deal with the rot. Mwanawasa dealt with it by declaring that his was going to be a government based on the rule of law and not that of men. The rest is history, but with the likes of Kaizer, Kampyongo, etc what do you expect?

    • @#12, You mean the tribal cadres who lined up the road in HH”s hired vehicles where the president was passing on the road in Mongu and refused to yield to the Presidential Motorcade?

  11. ask me why there was no leakage about Chile Kapwepwe ascending to COMESA SG, its because there are no more planted upnd cadres in the civil service.

    • @#13, You are right! All UPND cadres in Civil Service are plants. You leave them out they cry. You put them in they are moles. You don’t appoint them they cry, meanwhile they vote 100% HH and do not like to join the party in the tribal land of theirs! You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t! Let us not dance to the losers’ tune. Go Zambia, go. Zambia is bigger than one tribal gathering!

  12. Tribal cadre and regional cadre-sm is a DNA on Zambians politics. No matter what circumstances cadre – sm can’t go away. Even chiefs;headmen,clergymen,Non governmental organizations,CSOs , Governments institutions and any other Social organizations have CADRE attributes.This is a RESULT of TRIBALISM. The truth is THAT CADRE- SM and TRIBALISM are cousins. Can’t separate them. TRIBAL politics bore CADRE-SM.Zambia today, in political arena, PF will always trust loyalty support from their CADRES based on TRIBAL inclination.This goes on and on across ALL political parties. So HOW DO ZAMBIANS SOLVE THIS ISSUE…?

  13. This is sadly true, President Lungu by ignoring the likes of Max Chungu only makes the situation worse. Never have cadres been so powerful, that they can slap policemen and nothing happens. Back when i was young you feared and respected that uniform. Unga gwile buju iwe.

  14. Tapulika adada Chama.The only people who have caused political fissures are the politicians.People in these political parties are very friendly to each other.They are incited by politicians who use crude language.They normally do this by painting other each other black.They create an unnecessary tension by vulgar language they produce.

  15. @ if you been around in latter years, you would bear this is vice the Late Mwanawasa quashed aside,and only the best idealist citizens aligned with him (MHSRIP).be visionary too. @1.4.. Great write-up great thought in part @1.5 understand the bishop’s intuitive meaning. Be an introspective researcher….
    etal etc …..seems country keeps on degenerating into booky citizens who cant analyse and add positive development values in comments @ least for mother Zambia. A paid up blog forum if it were, would have been the best on this blog list.Free is cheap i understand…..

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