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CEEC engages Chinese firm to construct the first ever Industrial park in North Western Province

Economy CEEC engages Chinese firm to construct the first ever Industrial park in...

The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) has engaged Golden horse, a Chinese construction company based in Zambia to construct industrial yards in Northwestern province.

CEEC business development officer, Esther Chingoma the construction company was engaged through an international competitive bidding process to win the tender.

ZANIS reports that Ms Chingoma who revealed this development in an interview yesterday said that the contractor is already setting up offices and a living area on site in preparation for the construction of industrial yards.

“Within the next 14 days, land will be cleared on site in readiness for construction works of the industrial yards to start,” she said.

CEEC is currently formalizing land meant for bulking centers in Solwezi, Mushindamo and Kalumbila districts from traditional land to government land, she revealed.

Once land in the three districts is formalized to government land, the project will commence.

One bulking center will be set up in Solwezi district, one in Mushindamo district and three in Kalumbila district, respectively.


  1. Chinese province of zambia. An extension of china. Where was this so called bit published you plonkers. You already received bribes.

    • Why would a contract be awarded to a person who is 100pc commenting rubbish on LT. Show us the proof that you did bid and met all conditions but was left out gor a china company. Unless it was THAT ONE the fooolish ONE.

    • How Ironic Citizens economic empowerment … awards a Chinese company hehehehehe! And you want to believe that this commission really buys and believes in its citizens? Fwe ma Zambians we are jokers Indeed

    • The Chinese are making rapid progress owning Zambian assets.

      They already own a lot of Zambian women. I keep seeing a lot half Chinese children around.

      It will be game H-over very soon.

    • As others have already mentioned, this is truly laughable.!!!! CEEC, using tax payers money, empowering citizens of other nations!!!If we have ever wondered why Zambia remains poor, this is it!!! Organisations dont live live their mission statements. This is really sad.

      Whats more, all the companies to occupy thrse parks will be chinese, under supervision of CEEC.Dununa reverse alright. Thats what we voted for

    • If you don’t have the faculties to discuss such topics and its ramifications best you go to facebook, there are a lot of dullards waiting for you!!

    • @Daniella, at least Jay Jay makes sense and fights for logical things and for the country. What do you fight for??Let him be, although I know he is more than capable of defending himself.

  2. Poor visionary leadership…. I am yet to read reports on Positivists(and i mean real improvements to citizens) on already completed similar parks ……We not going anywhere…Such does not mean anything if locals cant benefit… its underdevelopment of the country.

    • As though the Namwala thug and privatization thief has a vision! He will retire in 2021 still losing! Watch this space!

  3. Let’s develop this thing! It will NEVER be president! Next time it comes there it will not commit another crime. This time when it goes to Mukobeko we will not get it out.

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