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PF and UPND unanimously agree to hold a joint press conference on Friday

Headlines PF and UPND unanimously agree to hold a joint press conference on...

Margaret Chimanse, the Manager Public Relations at Electoral Commission of Zambia
Margaret Chimanse, the Manager Public Relations at Electoral Commission of Zambia
Representatives from the PF and UPND have unanimously agreed to hold a joint press conference on Friday at which they will announce measures aimed at tackling political violence ahead of the mayoral elections set for July, 26th.

Both parties have agreed to call a truce and disarm their militant members.

This is according to a communique made available to ZNBC News by Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relations Manager Margaret Chimanse.

The parties have agreed to let the police execute their work professionally without any political interference and arrest any person carrying offensive weapons or perpetrating violence.

Ms. Chimanse says both parties will demilitarise their political regalia going forward and allow the electorates to move around and vote freely without any threats of violence, force or intimidation.

She said the two parties will appeal to the media to report factually and professionally.

According to the communique the PF and UPND say they will not clash or disrupt campaigns of other political parties.

Apart from the PF and UPND, other parties that have signed the communique are Rainbow party, the United Peaceful and Prosperous Party of Zambia-UPPZ, the Forum for Democracy and Development and the United Party.

Below is the full communique

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    • Both Lungu and HH are bad for our country.

      And yes, there will be violence in Lusaka. You can not separate PF and pangas.

      I just pray that no lives will be lost

    • I agree with Jay Jay both HH and Edgar are fooools….Edgar only stood on a strong ticket(PF)…otherwise he is not a good Politician….HH also nima Rabiish

    • Useless press conference.
      What we want is :
      “Lungu and HH to hold a joint press conference on Friday”.

    • They are disbanding their parties so that the country can move forward without them. PF and UPND are waste of space.

    • How stupid the one signing for PF is even the Minister of Home affairs what sort of country is this? Who is in charge kanshi if the Minister in charge of police is signing a political campaign truce???? People please let us be serious

    • We used to have a president who never took a strong line against political violence until his own son was killed in a politically-connected way. One of his children shot an ordinary citizen in the back in 1990 and pleaded self-defence in court after being arrested. The late judge Cosmas Musumali wasn’t convinced and he convicted him in the High Court. On appeal he was freed on self-defence argument by a three-person panel of Supreme Court judges on which even the Chief Justice had sat. It was by then 1991 and the UNIP govt had been voted out. There was an outcry and the Chief Justice had to resign. I hope this background to feelings of being special when people are in State House helps our millenials to understand where we are coming from.

  1. So you hold press conference with reps as if they are at war when both leaders live in the capital…how i miss our leaders of yesterday not these two selfish egotistic fooools!!

    • Tribal nuts have their brains made. And pathology is in the blood. I like cleaning toilets of children. You can learn a lot from their dung.

  2. Absolute garbage. I don’t know why the party not in government has allowed to itself to be used. It’s govt responsibility to ensure that peace reigns. You don’t debate wrong things.

  3. Simply deploy the National service in the Capital for election week. Let PF and other political parties pay for our defense forces for being made to baby seat these cadres. Trust me, they do not want to mess with our National service.

  4. Personally iam against the cease fire, ECZ should leave us alone and sort out each other. All along we never used to revenge, PF were beating us like chickens, now we are hitting back seriously and big time, see the way we crashed ECL 2021 vehicles the other day. This is the only language the PF thugs will understand and now we have blessings from ba HH and GBM to do Panga for Panga, i think thats better. its time we teach pf a lesson and be more violent.

    • The best that should have happened to you was never to have been born. Let HH and GBM send their Children and not use other people’s children

  5. The commander in chief should just instruct all armed forces to shoot and anyone found with offensive weapon.

  6. Now that upnd have decided to hit back pf want a truce, we told upnd leadership to stop folding arms and be at the receiving end of violence all the time! The only language pf understand is violence, let’s continue hitting back, defend yourself!

  7. UPND needs another leader. It seems to me the members of UPND are reaching out for help to get rid of HH and GBM. I know most of you cadres overseas want HH because you are on his paper cabinet. Mushusha? We know you professors in the diaspora. We also know that you took a gamble on your careers that didnt work. Get rid of him. What would happen to UPND IF HH died?

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