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Saturday, January 18, 2020

President Lungu expected in Chipata tomorrow for a three day working visit

President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Chipata City for a three day visit in Eastern Province to drum up support for PF candidates vying for the July 26th council chairperson elections in five newly created districts.

According to a tentative programme released by Provincial Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo, the Head of State is expected to arrive in Chipata, the Provincial capital at 10:30 hours and fly to Lusangazi district where he is expected to woe support for PF candidate William Banda in the forthcoming election.

The following day on Saturday 21st, July 2019, President Lungu is scheduled to fly to Chipangali and later Kasenengwa districts where he will campaign PF candidates, Million Tembo and Saul Zulu, respectively.

President Lungu will next day on Sunday attend a church service at Lumezi Catholic church and later address a public meeting to back PF candidate Clement Mwale before proceeding to Chasefu where he is expected to drum up support for Chimwemwe Banda who is contesting Chasefu council chairmanship on the PF ticket.

The Head of State is expected to return to Lusaka upon conclusion of his programme in Chasefu.

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  1. President Lungu is always expected everywhere more allowances for his entourage…tax payers money at work


  2. “Tomorrow is Friday…Oh let me go to Eastern Province for the weekend and call it working that’s Friday Saturday and Sunday done plus there are by-elections soon oh my I love this job”

    Meanwhile the Corporating partners are financing his supplementary budget that is going towards debt servicing …and some dullard will ask me why I call this chap lazy!!


  3. And next week; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday …he will be in Lusaka campaigning for next Mayor of Lusaka one Sampa who out muscles his next opponent 100 times in budget and manpower backed by govt resources!!


  4. This Lungu has really lowered the presidency in this country. He can’t send another person, even a minister to campaign for a council chairperson in Chipata district. And some id1ots are clapping and dancing that Lungu is poor, humble and working hard. Zambia is full of id1ots who can even celebrate fecal matter.


  5. one of the *****s us you because you want everyone to think the way you do . And by the way who told you people with different opinion from yours should be insulted ? I wonder we what makes you to think you are wise.


  6. There he goes again. Tasks that can be undertaken by any of all those appointees he makes. In any case, how is this a working visit when the programme is to campaign for PF candidates? Working visit is for government duties not partisan politics.

    He just returned from a self-egoistic and I am sure self-aggrandizement trip to Turkey. Before then he was all over on these ‘working visits’. Whats with all this ‘continuously on the move’ governance? Meanwhile, his finance minister is waffling about debt and austerity. Controversial land and contract awards are being ‘dished out’. Energy tariffs are going up etc. How about a press conference to ‘set the direction of the country and record straight’? How about actually sitting down on a chair, sofa, bench and answering some questions?


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