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Newly proposed Land policy does not apply to Barotseland

Rural News Newly proposed Land policy does not apply to Barotseland

Minister of lands Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands Jean Kapata

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Jean Kapata, told Parliament on Tuesday 17th July 2018 that the draft Land policy currently under consideration by her Ministry does not apply to Western Province (Barotseland).

Responding to a question on whether the land policy covers all parts of Zambia, Kapata reiterated her earlier explanation to the house that the land policy does not apply to Barotseland.

A few weeks ago Kapata responded to a similar question and when queried as to why the land policy only applied to 9 provinces, she responded that the Zambian constitution was very clear that Barotseland has its own land administration different from the rest of Zambia.

Kapata had further explained that in fact, Barotseland had the best land policy in Zambia but when asked why the government has not adopted it, she appeared puzzled and claimed that the chiefs in the rest of Zambia cannot accept the Barotseland model of land administration.

Zambia currently has ten provinces, including the Western Province which falls under the contested Barotseland territory, and the latest ministerial response in parliament by the lands minister is yet another official government acknowledgement that in fact ‘Western Province’ is a part of Zambia on a different basis to the rest of the country – even under the current constitution which does not acknowledge the abrogated Barotseland Agreement 1964 that gave the Kingdom of Barotseland an autonomous status within the Republic of Zambia.

Meanwhile, Vice President Inonge Wina has accused opposition UPND parliamentarians complaining of lack of development in Southern, North Western and ‘Western’ provinces of trying to divide the country.

She was responding to Monze Central Parliamentarian and leader of the opposition Jack Mwiimbu who lamented about the bad state of main roads in Southern, ‘Western’ (Barotseland) and North Western provinces.

Some PF lawmakers claimed that the potholed Livingstone – Sesheke (Nakatindi) road was being rehabilitated when, in reality, they were merely patching the potholes with gravel.

Recently, The Mast Newspaper reported that a land policy validation meeting which was convened by the government to discuss the draft failed to take off at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka as chiefs from across Zambia walked out in protest and total rejection of the entire proposed land policy.

The chiefs said the draft land policy only pursued stealing of their land as it was not in the interest of Zambians “but a minority few corrupt elements”.

The chiefs’ walkout left lands minister Jean Kapata and her Chiefs and Traditional Affairs counterpart Lawrence Sichalwe stunned.

However, agreeing with the chiefs’ protest at the failed meeting, opposition United Progressive People (UPP) President Savior Chishimba said the effective abolishment of chiefdoms under the proposed sections 13 and 25 of the Urban and Regional Planning Act of 2015 was not only unbiblical but was also meant to concentrate all powers on land matters in the politicians.

He said the abolishment of customary land tenure system (Lands Act, Cap 184 (iv)) and the introduction of an open market system would only serve to cement the ongoing scramble for Zambia by the Chinese and other foreign nationals.

He further noted that the proposed land sales by the State for revenue generation would create landless poor Zambians who would be enslaved by foreign landlords.

Source: Barotseland post


    • So what applies in Barotseland? Who is the commissioner of lands in Barotseland? Sounds absurd for Jean Kapata to say what she is reported to have said without her govt dealing with the Barotseland issue. We cannot have it both ways. Either the Barotseland issue is dealt with or the same land policy applies evrywhere.

    • The status quo is not a ‘copy and paste’ from South Africa but rather it has been like that since Zambia’s independence in 1964.

      In fact, it is a historical matter because Barotseland was a separate protectorate from Northern Rhodesia. It was a ‘protectorate within a protectorate’ – if you like.

      The Zambian government should openly teach Zambian nationals this historical fact and not deny it for harmony to continue.

  1. So the Barotse People want to buy land in my Chiefdom but they don’t want anyone to buy land from Barotseland?

    I will let my subjects loose and evict all, I mean all Barostes from my land. Tit for Tat bane

    • People, whether Lozi, Bemba, Chinese, etc, buy land in your chiefdom because it is for sale – there is a willing seller and a willing buyer.

      So, there is no need for you to victimize Barotse people on account of the prevailing land administration in Barotseland.

  2. Why, you are scared of the Lozis you pank? This land gibberish is all hogwash for PF minions to steal our land and give it to the Chinese. Why are they swift with this policy when the bills to do with free dissemination of information have never seen a light of day in parliament. Jean kapata lifontini sana.

    • Because they have signed agreements with Litunga behind closed doors…on top of that he is paid a handsome figure every year to keep quiet and also have a token in the name of Old Hen Inonge to warm the veep seat.

  3. The draft land policy does not apply to the Western Province?Then it should not apply to any other province in Zambia.

  4. Barotseland is not Zambia. Zambia is not Barotseland this is why things a different. its just a matter of time Full stop.

  5. This land policy and the fact that Western Province does allow Zambians from other provinces to own land in their ‘protectorate’ simply means other provinces should be allowed to bar Lozis from settling on their territories. The government should be very careful when discussing this issue because it will lead to tribal divisions. The Barotseland issue needs to be concluded as a matter of urgency. All Zambians should be treated equally.

    • Where did you get information that Western Province does not allow people from other provinces to own land? Visit Western province, virtually all districts have people from other provinces settled there. The Town planning office does allocate plots and title deeds issued by Ministry of Lands, also individuals advertise land and houses for sale regularly, you will not come across a clause restricting buyers to be only Lozis’. Western Province has played host to Angolan refugees since the 1970s’ in their thousands, many opted to remain when Angola got independence, because of the hospitality accorded. On the other hand if you prefer traditional land you have to follow laid down protocols by the BRE.

    • You got it all wrong. The land policy does not bar other tribes to buy land in Zambia. The Minsister has not explained properly cos the difference lies elsewhere. Any Zambian can buy land in Western Province.

  6. Who said Western Province is Barotseland? Did the minister just say that? Or did the writer put Western Province in brackets as Barotseland?

  7. Colonial days soon coming back in the name of investors. We had chiefdoms before the western type of governance. The poor or the weak will remain homeless if chiefs powers are diminished. Customary land is the home of the weak and and the poor. God denounced the Kings who overlooked the poor and the weak and made themselves rich.Christian and traditional norms demand that the poor and the weak are taken care of but What Is coming on land policy is not of Christianity. Our freedom fighters fought for freedom to pay hut tax and other issues but that struggle is being undermined by those with powers to sale land to foreigners in the name sourcing for revenue. So money has taken the place of humanity. Utulo ulala: notwa munobe. Mwebakwatishe amaka naindalama ishingi; think of your…

  8. We are not scared of our Chiefs,, it is the Government which we are scared of,, why the hell should a Chinese national own land in my country when I equally have the capacity to develop it? The Government is scared of the Lozis because they are united pertaining to there ancestors assets and heritage,, so should any other Province in Zambia,, a rich culture is the back born of any developed country,,now you want to bring dragons on my doll steps,, You only know where you’re going if you know where you’re coming from,, 20 years from now they won’t be any factual Culture for our children,, if Government takes over of our Customary Land

  9. Zambia has an estimated 80,000 Chinese and the figure is growing. Chinese are buying large tracks of land some it has been designated as no go area for our local people. It is better to protect the land which our ancestors fought so hard for than to be aliens in our own land. Chiefs who safe guard customary land for their own people should be praised.

  10. There are some few Chiefs who are corrupt where Land is concern,, but the our Government is worse,, in order for them to instill confidence in us, they should start by formulating Laws which does not allow foreign Nationals to own big portions of Land,, if possible land should only be leased out to foreign Nationals,, so that at some point it should go back to the indigenous,, otherwise Zambia is the next Zimbabwe/ South Africa,, where Zambians will be foreigners in there own Land,, I am encouraging our Leaders to behave like Patriots,,

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