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PF and UPND cadres agree to disarm


PF National Youth Chairman Stephen Kampyongo embraces UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma delivering during the joint UPND-PF press briefing.
PF National Youth Chairman Stephen Kampyongo embraces UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma delivering during the joint UPND-PF press briefing.

Cadres from the ruling PF and the opposition UPND have unanimously agreed to disarm.

According to a joint communique issued after leaders of the two parties held talks, all cadres that are in possession of arms should be disarmed in both UPND and PF

The parties agreed that the arms that should be put down include guns, machetes commonly known as pangas and other offensive weapons.

The two parties also resolved that party regalia that resembles military uniforms will not be allowed.

They also resolved that no cadre should move around wearing masks.

The two political parties further resolved that all markets and bus stations have with immediate effect been depoliticized.

The joint UPND-PF press briefing.
The joint UPND-PF press briefing.

Full remarks by UPND Deputy National Youth Chairperson Habeenzu Munji

Colleagues from the Patriotic Front (PF), Fellow Party Officials from the UPND, colleagues from the Media

Ladies and Gentlemen

On Wednesday, 18th July 2018, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) convened a meeting of stakeholders at its offices in Lusaka to discuss issues relating to political violence during the bye-elections for Lusaka mayor and other local government elections taking place throughout the country.

After deliberations at ECZ, it was resolved that the United Party for National Development (UPND) and the Patriotic Front (PF) should hold a joint press conference to announce resolutions to end political violence. We the undersigned, having resolved to commit ourselves to peaceful elections, therefore resolve as follows:

1. We shall embark on a massive campaign to end violence;

2. All cadres that are in possession of arms should be disarmed in both UPND and PF. These arms include guns, machetes commonly known as pangas and other offensive weapons.NO cadre should move around wearing masks;

3. Everybody is free to wear party T-shirts, Chitenge or other party regalia without being beaten or harassed by cadres from competing parties. However, party regalia that resembles military uniforms will not be allowed.

4. We shall uphold high levels of tolerance in accommodating members from all political parties to freely move in their party regalia;

5. We shall uphold high levels of tolerance in accommodating fellow Patriotic Front(PF) and UPND members to freely move in their party regalia;

6. All markets and bus stations have with immediate effect been depoliticized.

7. All UPND members who have been chased from the bus stations and trading centers should be allowed to go back to those places with immediate effect without being intimidated; All collection of levies should be done by local authorities than party cadres

8. There should be no hate speech or any other form of provocation. By this joint resolution, we direct all members of PF and UPND national wide to refrain from the use of hate speech and focus on issue based politics;

9. All UPND and PF youths have been directed to stop moving with offensive weapons with immediate effect;

10. The Zambia Police should act professionally, firmly and fairly against all law breakers regardless of political affiliation. We shall support the idea of having a professional and ethical police service which shall enforce the law equitably, including the Public Order Act. The failure by the police to protect citizens against violence has resulted in conflict.

11. There should be fair coverage by the public media for all political parties. Biased media coverage has created tension in the country. We call upon the ZNBC, Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia to give equal coverage to all political players.

12. There shall be no use of motor vehicles that have number plates or bearing similar numbers like ECL 2021 or HH 2021.

Lastly, we believe that we have only one Zambia and we need to jealously safeguard the peace we have enjoyed over the years. We need to love one another, realizing that we tolerate politics in diversity.

We pray that God will unite us more than ever before, God bless the PF and the UPND, and God bless Zambia!!

Issued by:

Habeenzu Munji
Deputy National Youth Chairperson


Remarks by PF National Youth Chairman Stephen Kampyongo

PF National Youth Chairman Stephen Kampyongo delivering his remarks at a joint UPND-PF press briefing.
PF National Youth Chairman Stephen Kampyongo delivering his remarks at a joint UPND-PF press briefing.


The Patriotic Front Youth League’s presence here today is because we value peace, the sanctity of life and respect for public and private property.

The Youth League of the Patriotic Front seeks to reaffirm that it upholds the principle that while we can differ politically, this can be done without becoming personally disagreeable.

Our presence here demonstrates our understanding as the Patriotic Front Youth League that the plural politics we chose for ourselves was never designed to turn the different players into enemies of each other.

Our being here this morning is to demonstrate that we stand opposed to the view that a brother must rise against another brother, neither should any sister rise against a fellow sister.

In the words of scripture, Matthew 26:25, the Bible says “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “ for all who draw the sword will die by the sword”.

We are here today because our democracy is not premised on pangas and machetes. Our democracy is inspired by the great words in our national anthem: “One Land and One Nation is Our Cry. Dignity and Peace neath Zambia Sky…Land of work and joy in unity, all one, strong and free”.

His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has consistently instructed not just the Patriotic Party members but the nation at large to avoid the route of violence. In particular, President Edgar Lungu has directed that those who commit violence hiding behind the veil of political parties, irrespective of the justification, is criminals and irrespective of their political affiliation, they long arm of the law must reach them to face the consequences. President Lungu has guided all Party members that those found committing violence before, during and after elections, are on their own and should not expect to be shielded in any way. This he has said because he desires that Zambia remains a country of laws and not of men!

Allow me to salute the Electoral Commission of Zambia and their Chairperson in particular, for convening the Patriotic Front and United Party for National Development to address the issue of peace and non-violence ahead of the upcoming by-elections. We were properly guided and we urge them to remain pro-active and engaging of all players in the political space.

The country has witnessed incidences of violence especially coming from Chilanga and Lusaka District ahead of the Council Chairperson and Mayoral elections. Some of these incidences have resulted in the loss of life. We must cease the blame game and finger pointing as political leaders, take responsibility and act in order to entrench our democracy.

In this regard, the ruling Patriotic Front commits as follows:

1. To play our role in countering the threat of violence before and after it has occurred;

2. To co-operate with law enforcement agencies, in particular, the Zambia Police with investigations and assisting to bring culprits to book;

3. To engage very serious self-reflection, criticism and self-criticism whenever and wherever political violence involving our members happens;

4. We commit that all Patriotic Front leaders will use civil language during and after the campaigns and subsequent elections in order to properly guide our followers;

5. To ensure our structures and communities get involved in curbing violence and the threat thereof;

6. To promote co-existence within the rank and file by deepening democracy and mainstreaming on-going political education among our members;

7. To commit that Patriotic Front’s leadership will use every platform and opportunity to promote non-violence among our people.

Let me end by re-assuring Zambians at large that Patriotic Front is committed to peace and violent-free campaigns and elections because that has been our founding principle from the days of our late President Michael Chilufya Sata to today under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

We have a duty to continuously and urgently engage structures and communities in affected areas and beyond in order to isolate and deal with those behind these barbaric actions. Indeed, as National Chairperson for Youth and Security, let me announce that all youth structures across the Country have been instructed to do just that. Our senior leadership will join forces with provincial and other lower organs to ensure this engagement is effective.

I thank you


The joint UPND-PF press briefing.
The joint UPND-PF press briefing.
UPND and PF members shake hands during the joint UPND-PF press briefing.
UPND and PF members shake hands during the joint UPND-PF press briefing.
The joint UPND-PF press briefing.
The joint UPND-PF press briefing.

The joint UPND-PF press briefing.

The joint UPND-PF press briefing.
The joint UPND-PF press briefing.


  1. There is nothing to this so-called truce. Just wait a couple of days or weeks. I know the deep-seated hatred in PF for the rest of the country.

    • A handshake is always good to see. But HH knows that if he makes peace with PF that means his political career is over…let’s wait and see what happens after UPND loses the Lusaka Mayoral election

    • And what are all those old women doing in UPND…what development can those namaliketi looking women bring to Zambia.
      And by the way Mnangangwa is on the verge of losing elections in Zimbabwe…ZANU-PF will soon become another UNIP
      Nelson Chamisa will soon be elected as Zimbabwean President

    • Please political parties get proper youth leaders a 38+ year old man is not a youth…have you no shame!!

    • So silly an acceptance from both parties that they have been in control of the violence all along but what is more shameful is the Minister of Home affairs himself admitting to this nonsenses

    • PF cannot allow peace to reign because they stand to lose too much from a peaceful Zambia. When blood is spilt, and they win an election then it would have been worth it as far as they are concerned.

    • We need weed young politicians to take over…Zimbabwe is on the verge of electing a thirty something year old President…both PF and UPND should get rid of these madalas

    • ZANU-PF and Mnangangwa is in big trouble and am loving it…it looks like ZANU-PF’s rule is about to come to an end…

    • Anonymous – Continue dreaming: Chamisa will not be Zimbabwe President after the elections next week. It will not happen. Zimbabwe is not ready for a teenager.

    • Disarm?? Did we have a civil war in ZAMBIA?? Where the hell is the Inspector General of Police? This show weakness from the President himself. We cannot allow any party to use weapons in a democratic country. It’s Wrong and this should not be tolerated. If the Police have failed, the Military should take charge. ITS WRONG AND BOTH PARTIES SHOULD BE WARNED.

  2. You can say whatever you like and do anything you like but I am not convinced. As long as known War Lords like Kamba, Kampyongo and Lungu remain alive, violence will be there because it benefits them!
    In order to have peace in Zambia, it is unfortunate that you have to kill these 3 first!
    Mr Kakoma was just embarrassing us by hugging that snake, Kampyongo because he can never change from his thuggery. You go to Shiwangandu today and see if you will still be hugging that imbe.cile!!

    • We do not need vile people like you in Zambia. UPND loses elections because they are a regional and now a southern province front. They will lose even more elections now because Lungu is the peaceful looking leader. How do you will evil on people like that?

    • You missed it! Kakoma is the snake in the narration! UPND calls Good “evil” and evil “Good.” They think upside down. They think tribe first then sense second.

    • @Nzelu: Even you knows that what you are saying is total so why don’t you put it right in your ass and some of it in your grandmother’s! You are a little worse than a pig actually!
      The likes of Grazier Matapa and Memory Chibulo that were brutally killed by PF thugs would be alive today if we didn’t have animals like you.
      As long as animals like you, Kampyongo, Kamba and Edgar Lungu stay alive, there will be peace in Zambia. All these fake peace treaties are totally useless!

  3. Can someone tell these daft kaponyas that there is absolutely nothing nothing stylish about wearing a tracksuit unless you are an athelete waiting to take part in a match or a 12 year old boy or a just riff ruff.

  4. Now that you have acknowledged your criminality, the Police should summon you for questions about illegally carried and utilised weapons.

  5. Easier said than done. You start climbing the tree from the leaves. I don’t how can do that to begin with. How one is found on the tree top is what matters to understand critically. In the absence of that analysis then it is vital to start from the root course, then the tree will try fast! In this case the ‘have nots’ are the problems want to possess in whatever way. PF Bravo for scooping ALL the seats in advance because l will be busy doing other things TO SPARE TIME to congratulate you.

  6. Which cadre is going to read about these nice resolutions? Ifintu fyali onauka kale if I may be allowed to use vernacular here. Only God will take care of his loved ones

    • if you sit back and take tbat stance, there is no hope gor your children and their children. iys up wto you to start a revolutionary change and ot startd with forums like this one

  7. Love build on mutual respect survives the storms of turbulence.Mayhem and extermination of each other will not put the country in a path of progress.The nation needs politicians who will be above strife.The world is moving towards peace and tranquility.Ethopians and Iritreans as well as North Koreans and Americans have laid their weapons for the sake of humanity.Political groupings should coexist and live side by side for the sake of eliminating poverty and backwardness.The nation is bleeding from debilitating poverty.It needs solution from people who can come together and offer common solution.Killing and maiming each other will not bring development to the nation.

  8. I cannot kill or get killed over politics unless the children of that political leader spearhead the battle. We don’t even know their children so why should I risk my personal life to improve their personal life

  9. Is being a cadre a professional job imwebakolwe? Imagine people with grown up tummies parading themselves in the name of cadrerism. Just butcher yourselves this coming Thursday you mongrels, after all it is been declared a holiday, does that ring a bell? HH and Lungu will be enjoying themselves while you nincompoops harm each other like baboons. This is how bad our economy has become. You can not differentiate an intellectual from an imbecile, yaba.

  10. The man facing the camera is one of the leaders of a tribalist and terrorist organisation in Zambia. Remember the kiss of death that Judas gave to Jesus?

  11. step in the correct direction. we need a peaceful Zed. nothing wrong with caderism but everything wrong with Violence.
    We need to take this further and see cadres from different parties campaign side by side while cracking jokes

  12. I hope our investigative wings were there taking notes. UPND and PF confirmed that they are armed and the ones that cause chaos in Zambia. Next time there is violence in political circles, the police should arrest the head of both parties. kikikiki.

  13. Not a mention of h.h, why?

    Upnd. 2. “……NO cadre should move around wearing masks”
    This should read as “No upnd cadre should move around wearing masks”.
    For me this is the most important statement
    Jj, please devipher

  14. The biggest criminal in the picture above is Mwaliteta. With support from the panga man GBM and William Banda, i hope they will change.


  16. Only time will tell. Await changes in the political rhetoric if there will be any. This is a management weakness by government and its law enforcement wings, call me a cynic but calm will only last as the president avoids airport commentaries!

  17. No proper objective assessment by most bloggers as to what has transpired. It’s a truce, you need to look at why now, what led to it and whether it’s sustainable in the current climate – what underlying factors have not been resolved and what measures need to be in place. For example, we know how unprofessional the police has been, how corruption and a significant part of an unenlightened gullible population has been misled by thuggery in the guise of politics. Does this ‘pact’ address these? Was it even necessary when laws exist that should be executed to deal with those we know think they are above everything? Or shouldn’t we be mobilizing towards getting rid of primitive clueless governance?
    I personally think Zambia needs an ‘intelligentsia’ to drag it, (even with some…

  18. screaming and kicking) into human development. But then, therein lies the dilemma. How do we get it’s remnants together – seeing as that in recent years, its further existence has been stifled by a very low quality of education?

  19. A joint meeting should have a joint Resolution other than two one by UPND and the other by PF. There was no need in PF talking about the President’s speeches became action speaks louder than words. Thanks to both parties.

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