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Monday, February 24, 2020

President Lungu directs Ministry of Health to set up a Hospital in Chifunabuli District

Headlines President Lungu directs Ministry of Health to set up a ...

President Edgar Lungu  at a Campaign Rally
President Edgar Lungu at a Campaign Rally

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Ministry of Health to set up a Hospital in the newly declared Chifunabuli District in Luapula Province.

The President revealed that the people of Chifunabuli have for a long time faced challenges in accessing health services in the area.

President Lungu said this in the area today where he was drumming up support for Chifunabuli District aspiring PF Council Chairperson.

“ Among the services which come with a district includes the presence of a district hospital which the people of Chifunabuli are in dire need, “ he said.

Speaking at the same event, minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya assured the local people that a contractor will be on site as soon as possible conduct a survey in readiness of the construction of the hospital.

He said his ministry will work with great speed to ensure that the works for the construction of the hospital commence as soon as possible.

President Lungu has also directed the ministry of General education to upgrade Mwewa secondary school into a boarding school to cater for the learners in the area.

‘ The PF government is a government of the people hence it is committed to the improvement of the lives of people, “ the President stated.

And Minister of General education Michael Mabumba told the residents that his ministry will ensure the upgrading of the local school shall come with different amenities which will support the development.

Mr. Mabumba noted that the upgrading of the school will see an improvement of infrastructure development such as increased accommodation for the teachers and pupils and also an increase in classes.

Chifunabuli is among the five newly created District under President Lungu’s government.

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  1. He is a joker no budget just because there is an election there you come up with such. This is why the IMF finds Zambia serious with management of our resources

    • Everyday is issuing directives… am sure civil servants at Ministry of Finance are laughing at the clown!!

    • HH tribal joker and his tribal group ha jokers. Well done Mr. President. Let’s roll! It will NEVER be you!

    • Indeed this man is dull. And likely to be intoxicated while on duty.

      Where will the money come from? Has he even given a timeline in which to build and make functional such infrastructure?

    • We don’t get sick ku Ng’umbo. We are healthy people.
      Go to Lubwe Mission Hospital, so many empty beds. Go to Kasaba Mission Hospital, patients seats outside weaving fishing nets.
      All we asked for is an improved road system, and cleaning out crocodiles fron lake Chifunabuli.

      Don’t get worked out though. He has the activities back in his tènure. Time is fast ticking.

    • That Zambia can settle for such leadership tells a lot about those that cast the vote and how the country generally reasons!

      A directive is issued and lo behold! You see results!

    • Don’t start lying to abena Ng’umbo, you will start receiving utulumba, lightening in dry season.
      Even chiefs there don’t like ukubabepa, balalowa.

  2. Please can someone just give this lazy bum a blank cheque who doesn’t know what austerity measures…I personally thank IMF for not giving us $1.3 billion…its likened to employing a drug addict in a Chemist.

  3. And behold the “””””mighty s.t.u.p.i.d”””” ECL said, “let there a hospital in the newly declared Chifunabuli District in Luapula Province” and voila, from nowhere a hospital appeared. No, planning, no budgeting etc and even more weird, the majority of people keep killing every hope of their survival in Zambia by voting for PF. Countries like Rwanda are building telecommunication infrastructure, light rails, proper city transport to name a few smart projects. They get high profile visitors like Xi, Modi etc. Non of that is happening in Zambia, a bigger and strategically located country in SA with English as its official language and with 54 years of independence. Well think about it, make your own observations and conclusions.

    • And he wonders why Chinese President didn’t visit Zambia but flew past to RSA from Rwanda and Senegal… Xi Jinping knows these countries have serious leaders who don’t sell themselves cheap…he is happy to welcome dictators like Erdo?an. To him Lazy Lungu is like his garden boy who is more than happy to fly to China at short notice.

  4. This is not a tavern or a bar where one sits and shouts for beer from a bar lady, wake up from the lazy sleep and face the reality.

  5. Guys these are the results when a leader has no vision. It is uncoordinated knee-jerk pronouncements every day.

    We are still trying to wrap our minds around a nonsensical holiday, then this follows.

    Zambia needs rescue from these wasted years.

  6. True Lungu is a dunderhead, he has no proper vision even his sick predecessor Sata had many dreams. These declarations need proper planning if a good hospital is to be built otherwise there will be nothing or just a structure that says hospital with no proper staffing and medicines

  7. What a joker of a president……instead of creating industries the corrupt theif is only issuing directives to build more on borrowed money….

  8. Going by most of the comments here, people think this is about HH & ECL, the answer is no. This is about you, this about me, this is about all of us as Zambians. When will you start taking yourselves seriously and assuming some responsibility. What is wrong is wrong no whether it is from PF, UPND or whatever. Our country is without jobs but full of toll gates and taxes. For example borehole tax, rent tax etc. Telecommunication companies e.g Zamtel enjoying all government support are turning into tax collectors. WTH? We are a country full of jokes as CEOs and ministers. No role models at all for the youth. I’m really tired and ashamed of my country’s leaders.

    • When we tell people lungu is the most useless leader Zambia has everhad they think it is about UPND….the only worthwhile factory lungu as officiated was that fish food producing factory….nothing else.

      The corrupt theif he is promises to open mulungushi textiles then gives his cronies $67 million ZAF uniform import tender…..the corrupt theif that he is goes and corruptly give the Lebanese of lamise to manage our transport management system, as if lamise have that experience……the corrupt theif he is goes to China to sell our digital tv space for $250 million promising studios in all provinces then delivers 5 trailer vans ati studios…..

    • You need to pay your taxes.

      Tea Party movement, conservative populist social and political movement that emerged in 2009 in the United States, generally opposing excessive taxation and government intervention in the private sector while supporting stronger immigration controls.
      If taxes are too much in Zambia, speak.

  9. The recently announced austerity measures by Margaret Mwanakatwe included, cardinallly, no new projects to be started, those which are less than 80% complete to be put on hold.
    Hon Margaret you are a liar, how can you implement austerity when you were not DIRECTED to do so?
    But ba Lungu, DIRECTIVES all the times, he must think that he is very intelligent and knows everything just because he is the President! His ministers currently are ALL idi.ots no doubt. I wonder what tdibe Lungu is, with this kind of ignorance and arrogance Lungu must have some tonga blood, his name must be corrected to HaLungu.
    Come on jj, I am not in any way suggesting that Hah.h ia hetter, far from it.

    • Nothing surprises me anymore with these tools like this one (one minute he is changing his name to crowd the thread)…two days ago this selfsame blogger stated that it was Maggie’s who issued those Austerity measures without the blessing of Lazy Lungu..now its this. Its like you are dealing with 10 year old kids …let those repayments start kicking in and they will feel the pinch like everyone else.
      I have no time for them …leave them alone to engage among themselves in petty debates about fools in UPND and PF.

    • Nothing ever surprises me anymore with these tools like this one (one minute he is changing his name to crowd the thread next..)…two days ago this selfsame blogger stated that it was Maggie’s who issued those Austerity measures without the blessing of Lazy Lungu..now its this. Its like you are dealing with 10 year old kids …let those repayments start kicking in and they will feel the pinch like everyone else.
      I have no time for them …leave them alone to engage among themselves in petty debates about fooools in UPND and PF.

  10. UPND dunderheads spearheaded by chief cadre @JJ you can say what ever nonsense in your heads but Zambians love ECL .Atleast he is the first President who has seen the need for a hospital

  11. You can even plan to build universities, stadiums, parks,swimming pools and other facilities. The question is what is the time frame?Do we have resources to deliver?

  12. who told you that the people of Chifunabuli do not deserve better medical care? What ever the method the president can use to bring better medical facilities to my people in Ng’umbo land let be so. Fwebo ni Lungu. Ask Mponshano Kaiche,….KU nG’UMBO fwebo ekwesu fwebabelela kusamba panika……Kumfwe Inkene ne Mbowa owe tata eeee ku Ng’umbo kwabune.

  13. Anger can be understood,but not insults no matter how aggrieved.We will have ourselves to blame when restrictions on blogging are enforced
    Yes His Excellency is surprising us.There is no money and all projects less than 80% frozen, why start a new one?Currently we’ve exhausted our budget with 5 months remaining,Minister of Finance is requesting for Supplementary budget,one is at a loss where to place our president

  14. Health service delivery is a specialist field and has clearly stated World Health Organisation guidelines . These guidelines are aimed at promoting primary healthcare. for instance way back in the times of Zambian health reforms , Zambia adopted a model that required that we have a structure of Health posts, Health Centres and First level Hospitals. such as in rural areas 500 households(3500 inhabitants ) and in urban areas 1000 households(7000 inhabitants) for a health post. Health centres each for a rural population of 10000 or 25km radius and 30000 to 50000 inhabitants in urban areas. first level Hospitals for 80000 to 200000 inhabitants. this meant that as a nation we are supposed to satisfy the lower needs before moving to the next level since majority of health problems will be…

    • Baba that’s too much knowledge for the president to comprehend.
      He’s promising bridges were they are not needed.

  15. The government has already overspent by K5Million of the 2018 budget, where is money going o come from? No consultation with Ministry of Finance to ensure the funds are available! It will be one of those projects that will start but stall because they cant fund it to completion in one throw! This man runs the country like his home.

  16. This is vote buying veiled in service provision! Even those who would have voted will vote to have a hospital built.

  17. We don’t need more hospitals, we just need a decent standard of living and that can be made possible by a good leadership.

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