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A 53 man business delegation from Japan expected in Zambia


A 53 Man delegation from Japan will today, July 25 be in Zambia on TWO days business and investment trip.

The delegation which is led by Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Manabu Horii comprises 30 business executives, government and officials from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) respectively.

The trip is a public and private sector joint mission aimed at promoting trade and investment in Zambia.

The companies represent various sectors including infrastructure, Manufacturing, energy, agriculture, health, financial, technology, tourism and travel.

During the mission, the delegation will hold meetings and networking sessions with government and the local business sector.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan, Mrs. Ndiyoi Mutiti has hailed the upcoming business and investment mission.

“There is no doubt that the mission is very important and will contribute positively to Zambia and Japan bilateral relations. I would therefore encourage the business community, and associations to take advantage of the mission in order to create business ventures with Japanese companies,” said Ambassador Mutiti.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been sending such missions to Africa and this year Zambia was among those chosen for this important trade and investment mission.


  1. We need the big well known companies, who can open up factories and other big ventures than small scale businessmen who will come to exploit us.

  2. @China wandepaula with valid point……investors who come to sell old Japanese cars and tyres. With proper industry we can stop buying second hand cars as with South Africa. Good day bane

  3. I like the Japanese, they are better people than Chinese, all we need are ways of telling who is Japanese and who is Chinese so that we don’t roast them in the same pot, currently I fail to separate Chinese from even Philipinoes and those other small eyed guys from Bankok

    • The atrocities committed by the Japanese military during World War Two are so brutal that it is almost impossible to comprehend them. In some ways, it may be better to forget this terrible history, yet to do so would dishonor those who suffered and died. A look at the worst of Japan’s crimes in WW2 also helps us understand today’s world a little better, especially the animosity Korea and China still have for Japan. Moreover, it is important that we learn and remember the horrible crimes in our recent history so that we can make sure they never happen again.
      WARNING: This list contains extremely disturbing content.

    • Atrocities were committed by the Americans too, the Germans and who else not… decades ago. But the Japanese of today carry much more humility than the Chinese. ‘d Host a Japanese… anytime

    • How many of you are driving cheap ‘radioactive cars’ from Japan?
      Cars having up to twenty times the permissible level of radiation have found their way to African countries where several governments are clueless or unconcerned about such health risks.

  4. ALL PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS ARE WELCOME, the REAL PROBLEM is NOT WITH THEM BUT WITH OURSELVES through the GOVERNMENTS THAT WE HAVE!! If a Chinese, Indian, Labenese, Nigerian, Senegalese, Eriterian, Ethiopian etc finds a SERIOUS CORRUPT FREE GOVERNMENT that RESPECTS ITS CITIZENS AND ENFORCES THE LAWS, if they are a crooked type, they will not come,if they are genuine, they will invest and follow the laws to the letter!! NOT THIS COLLECTION OF LEADERS WE HAVE NOW IN BOTH RULING and OPPOSITION PARTIES WHO ARE HELL BENT ON PERSONAL INTERESTS!!

  5. The Tokyo Highway needs attention, the road has collapsed in several places. If the Japanese are as upright as we’ve been told let them fix those depressions. They made their money

  6. These guys have ‘ears to the ground ‘, they are very good at planning ahead of issues. By the year 2022, ALL cars here in the western world shall only be ELECTRIC hence, they are in Zambia to check on our copper whilst we sleep…

    The major component in electric cars is the battery. All those motors fitted into the cars are made from COPPER so since we have both the Lithium mineral and copper, they want to LOOT from us. Please wake up Zambians, we can make good deals with the world today.

  7. Samlindo , if you happen to live with them it is very easy to differentiate .Especially if you are in a multi culture nation.

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