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Koffi Olomide to appear in court on Friday

General News Koffi Olomide to appear in court on Friday

Koffi pays a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at his office
Koffi pays a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at his office

Congolese Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide has been ordered to appear in the Lusaka Magistrate Court on Friday.

According to a court order obtained in Lusaka today, Koffi whose original name is Antoinne Christopher Agpepa Mumba should appear before Magistrate Sakala on Friday to hear charges of assaulting photo journalist Jean Mandela.

Koffi has been ordered to be present in court until the case is disposed off.

It is alleged that Koffi assaultedJean Mandela on 28th December 2012 contrary to 248 of the penal code cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Earlier on Wednesday, Koffi paid a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo who encouraged him to free at Home.

Koffi later laid wreaths at the graves of late former Presidents at Embassy Park.

Koffi pays a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at his office
Koffi pays a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at his office

Koffi pays a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at his office
Koffi pays a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at his office


  1. This PF government is full of dirty tricks. They simply can not be trusted.

    They cleared Koffi to come to this country, now they are harassing him.

    This is a sad day for honesty and decency.

    • Sad that people think like you!
      Mulandu su oula!
      Now lets see who bribes who the most with these corrupt judges !

    • There is no arrest warrant for Kofi, he however has a court to case to attend to. The two are different issues.

    • HH is dirty and a tribal organiser leading a tribal organization! You are right! How is Larry Mweetwa doin’?

    • @ IndigoTyrol: Don’t be foolish, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. If you yourself assaulted someone in Congo or any other Country, would you be spared? Let him pay for his stupid behaviour. Koffi behaves so badly which is sad when he should be a role model. It’s not the first time he has done such. He hit his dancing queen in public at Nairobi Airport. His a F.OOL. Like BOWMAN who is even entertaining him.

    • The Minister smiling at a Beater of women. Bowman kapuba kanshi, he also looks like the type that slaps his wife around. Why even make time for this man. I hope the police arrest him on Friday.

      I blame Zambian women for not protesting this

    • Really laughable….I hope Koffie’s passport has been confisicated as he is a flight risk…ýou thought that big *****t in a tracksuit top in a govt office on a week day will serve you..you will have to koff up on legal fees.

    • On Friday??? He will spend weekend at woodland police station. Zambian system again.
      Those lawyers must be squabbling like hyenas.

    • Where can I get a ticket for Mindola Dam, I need to celebrate the mayoral final results with Mopao Mokonzi!

    • Zodwa should have also been allowed to come into the country without knickers. Double standards are at play here!

    • What this means is that assaulting someone is a lesser offence than not wearing a knicker! The law in Zambia is sick!

    • This stupid Burundi photographer still has genocide ideas in his mind. We don’t keep grudges in Zambia…in Zambia we forgive and forget and move on. So stop bringing the Hutu/Tutsi hate in our peaceful Country. Learn to forgive move on….you’re so broke and now you just want to extort money from my Uncle Mopao.You should be ashamed of yourself. Immigration officials will be checking your paperwork soon mambala iwe.
      Koffi Olomide will counter sue you for assaulting his hand chiimbwi iwe

    • A man laid charges against Koffi so are you suggesting that the law should ignore whatever an ordinary citizen is asking for? Suppose it’s you and you’re ignored because the man who assaulted you was a cabinet minister , how would you feel?

  2. Have you not heard of the separation of powers?
    Koffi should Answer for his misbehaviour.
    NOTHING to do with the PF

  3. This case was cleared and dispposed off a long time ago and Koffi even apologized. Fellow Africans why harrasing a man over a misdemeanor case that has been closed. We need to love one another and support each other as Africans. Koffi is also our brother who has made mistakes in life just like we all have made mistakes before. Even the bible says learn to forgive.

    • @Mwiponta mukabwela
      Where are you hiding big man…long time

      True we need to work together as Africans…bazungu always want to see us tearing each other apart and bringing each other down….for the few days that Koffi will perform in Zambia..he will create employment and help put food on alot of Zambian families tables.
      This photographer just wants attention…

    • If we are Brothers indeed the assault shouldn’t have happened in the first place …..why should brother hood apply when the matter is now raised. Koffi seems unrepentant because he has continued with this behaviour elsewhere

  4. You fake HH+GBM we do not have separation of power in Zambia. Didn’t you hear not too long ago your so called govt telling the whole world that Koffi was banned and only changed their minds after a backlash. Koffi would have been arrested at the airport if we had that, which is not the case now you have him visiting this government official something fishy.

  5. Dress code for a Minister on duty…
    Workers, please chase Hon Lusambo to go an dress properly. Kofi wa milandu is better dressed!

  6. After case is desposed off Zambians should scrutinise the work permit of this foreigner Jean because he can’t even do this in his country Burundi atase. Zambians want to dance both PF and UPND over the weekend

  7. Comment: let the goverment do what they are suppose to do.
    let them do there work this is simple for them
    why commenting foolish things !!!

  8. Atase this chi foreigner why didnt he sue Koffi in his country, burundi?? He runs away from his war tone country & wants to bring confusion in our peaceful country.

  9. It’s sad that our minister should even give this man koffi audience after what he did to our journalist,if he himself Mr Lusambo was to do what koffi did in another country would he be spared and let loose to mingo like koffi is doing in our country? What value is Mr Lusambo putting on our women?What example is he putting across? We all know Dora spoke a lot against President Sata at some point,where is she now,should this be the right time for her to speak and correctly for once?…and people of Zambia,let us learn to protect ourselves for once: when the chines come they use guns at us and now the muscians are beating us but it okay…for how long?evidently here Hon Lusambo cannot protect us because if he could he should have cancelled/refused to see this man…and ba minister Iets…

  10. justice must prevail in this matter. God hates injustice and corruption. if koffi is found guilt he must face the law and appropriate punishment meted out of him. government must protect its citizens. those donations koffi made were not in good faith.

  11. There will be an bloody eclipse of the moon this Friday. North Americans are covering thousands of miles going South just for a view. This is what what’s been trending in global media for months . ba lsk times, Zambia media where ar you? This is not to mention the likely good or bad Cosmo effects this could have on our emotions

  12. Lusambo must be fired. This boy is an embarrassment to intelligentsia.

    He doesn’t understand how govt system operates.

    Pf must redeem it’s self from such low calibre cardres in high govt positions

  13. Pa Z, who is kofi to be laying ryths? And visiting ba lusambo, who chases late comers. People really love publicity. Ba lusambo everyday muma headline, lusaka remains dirty, lusaka has areas with no water no sewers. Markets are a disaster & he is an aspiring president. On what CV. Is this not similar to kambwili whose CV was only sports & information minister ninshi next is state house aspirations? Calibre of Z politicians leaves gaps. Others after selling parastatals & grabing shares in them then next they want state house.

  14. There are a lot of criminals in Zambia who must attend court and be criminally prosecuted. I read news that President ECL has warned criminals. Let him encourage his Ministers nd lawyers to attend court too. Just like Koffi, it’s good to resolve crimes than to elude justice. A crime can only be resolved through a criminal prosecution . End of story. In civilized countries, other people pay fines for differing the prosecution. When he clears himself of the alleged crime,M he will be free to come in as many times as he has done. I encourage the Zambian car robbers who stole my vehicles in abuse of the judicial process that mulandu siuola.. I filed criminal summons against them and they cannot elude justice bpthrough political money laundering and legitimizing crimes through fraudulent…

  15. I just did some research and here is an extract: “For cases involving the penal code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, an accused actor, musician, performer or person SHALL NOT perform, dance or sing on stage in Zambia whilst a matter is active in any Zambian Court”.

    This practically means that Koffi is not performing this time. Sorry.

  16. Isnt it shocking that Koffi had done this in 2012 and yet Zambia remembered his crime after Kenya showed him that its women can’t be touched by anyone regardless one’s status. Must we always be followers in everything? Even simple things that are practically common sense? If Kenya had not raised dust would we have remembered the case? Am amazed at our minds really..

  17. Who filling the blank spaces in that summon?!That handwriting filling up the blank spaces….. Leaves much to be desired

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