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Transport and Communications Minister challenges TAZARA

Economy Transport and Communications Minister challenges TAZARA

Communication and Transport Minister Brian Mushimba announcing the cabinet approval of a new national airline during a "Team building" cocktail at Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel on Monday, 18 December 2017. Picture By Jean Mandela
Communication and Transport Minister Brian Mushimba announcing the cabinet approval of a new national airline during a “Team building” cocktail at Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel on Monday, 18 December 2017. Picture By Jean Mandela

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba has challenged the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA), to be self-reliant and reduce its dependence on government for financial support for its operations.

Mr. Mushimba said TAZARA needs to be self-sustaining and start declaring dividends to the Zambian and Tanzanian governments, the two shareholding governments, which have heavily invested in the railway company.

ZANIS reports that he was speaking when he commissioned 12 TAZARA rehabilitated wagons in Kapiri Mposhi.

Mr. Mushimba said government expects TAZARA to take advantage of the recently enacted Statutory Instrument number 7 to move heavy cargo from road to railway to increase its revenue base and enhance its operational capacity and efficiency.

And TAZARA Managing Director Bruno Ching’andu has commended government for passing a law to compel the movement of 30 percent bulk cargo from road to railway.

Mr. Ching’andu said the railway company has recorded improvements in traffic volumes after the enactment of Statutory Instrument number seven (7).

He added that TAZARA has since entered into access agreements with several companies to bring new traffic to the railway company which has improved its revenue base.

Mr. Chin’gandu said that using own generated resources, the railway company has refurbished 315 wagons out of the 400 wagons that it intends to put back on the rail by the end of 2018.

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  1. Hooo there is such a minister too?
    Best job in Zambia is minister in PF. They get paid for nothing.
    I can’t keep such a job, so boring. I like to sweet and get massaged at end of week, ati but mwalibomba sana this week!!

    • Strange how people can’t even come up with a proper strategic plan. Zambians like dull leaders because it’s about bootlicking. TAZARA should be extremely profitable. Its leadership is Dump.

  2. What real progress have we seen in our transport or communications sector?

    This minister spends a lot of time in the media, but the jury is still out regarding concrete achievements.

    I hope they can revisit the lusaka Ndola road, and build a proper motor way with 3 to 4 lanes either way.

    The rail network is under utilised, uncared for. This should have been his priority, but despite the Euro bond loan, zambia railways has not benefitted from that money.

    So mr minister, spend more time doing work, and less time in the media.

  3. The same speach every time he addresses TAZARA but no action, BRUNO is just a puppet too as he is not implementing his own ideas

  4. LT please match your stories with the right pictures. This gives people the impression that your journalists write stories they have heard and not witnessed. Your are so boring. People talk and you don’t even listen. It’s like people’s complaints don’t even bother your. Show us professionalism please. The story talks about Kapiri and the picture says Hotel Intercontinental. Awesome mwandi

  5. It looks that Non. Minister is looking for the source for development of his own bank account?

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