Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela (c) with Road Development Agency Principal Communications Officer Anthony Mulowa (r) and Kawambwa Town Council Chairman Kalumba Chifumbe during the inspection tour of the 122 Kilometer Kawambwa – Mporokoso road

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela has assured the people of Mwansabombwe that government will not leave them out in its developmental agenda.

Mr. Chitotela said government has taken infrastructure development as a key driver of development in the country.

ZANIS reports that he was speaking when he officiated at this year’s Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony of the Lunda people of Mwansabombwe district, in Luapula Province. Mr Chitotela who is also Pambashe Member of

The Minister said that Mwansabombwe, will like any other part of the country enjoy infrastructure development.

Mr. Chitotela cited the construction of government Complex and the Civic Centre which have seen over 80 percent of works done as some of the projects that the people of Mwansabombwe are currently enjoying.

The Minister, who is also Pambashe Member of Parliament, observed that Mwansabombwe has potential in both agriculture and aquaculture which need to be exploited.

Mr. Chitotela disclosed that to make this potential a reality, a company called Kumeil through the Luapula Expo and Investment Conference has shown interest in investing in a Sugar plantation.

He said once the plantation is operational it will benefit over 2000 farmers through the out grower scheme.

Meanwhile, Mwata kazembe of the Lunda people of Mwansabombwe district called on government to revise the draft land policy and make it more inclusive.

Speaking through Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony Midlands Organising Committee Chairman Misheck Kaoma, the Mwata kazembe said chiefs as partners in development, are concerned with the current state of Draft Land policy.

He pointed out that he is concerned with inheritance to chieftainship which he said has become a battle.

The traditional leader said people are today lobbying from government to become chiefs, the situation he said has brought confusion.

This year’s Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony marked 20 years on the throne for the current Mwata kazembe.

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  1. Three-quarters of chiefs in Zambia are not genuine.
    The Kazembe himself was imposed by Chiluba. I was young but I remember the battles that were fought for him to become Kazembe.
    Maybe it is time for the real Kazembe to take over


  2. @Kwahae, that’s not true! Follow me as I tell the succession method of the Lundas of Mwata Kazembe. The first born male child to be born in the palace is the legitimate heir to the throne. the scenario you have given about wrangles is neither here nor there because the other prince who wanted to wrestle power was born before Mwata Kazembe, the 17th, Paul Kanyembo became the chief. So the succession is well laid down for the chiefdom and there shall never be an impositor on the throne like other chiefdoms have. Oh by the way the Lundas have patrilineal method, meaning it’s the sons of the chief who are heirs. I hope this helps to clarify your ignorance.



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