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PF and UPND must jointly visit their strongholds in all provinces-Jean Kapata


PF National Chairperson for Women Affairs Jean Kapata says the PF and UPND must jointly visit their strongholds in all provinces, to take the message of peace to their supporters.

Ms Kapata says it is important that the peace talks start now ahead of the 2021 General elections.

Ms Kapata who is also Minister of Lands noted that youths and women should embrace the One Zambia, One nation motto to enhance peace and Co-existence.

She was speaking when PF youths visited the UPND Secretariat to cement the peace pact.

And, UPND Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka says the initiative of the peace pact is commendable because it focuses on building the country.

Mr. Mucheleka said UPND President Hakainde Hichilema supports the process and initiative between the youths.

Earlier, PF National Youth Chairperson Stephen Kampyongo said the meeting does not only look at elections but the welfare between the PF and UPND as well.

Mr. Kampyongo explained that the President Edgar Lungu is supportive of the initiative between the two parties.

Meanwhile, UPND Deputy National Youth Chairman Munji Habeenzu says youths from the two political parties should build a cordial relationship that will foster peace despite having different ideologies.

Muteteka at PF UPND peace meeting at UPND Headquarters
KApata at the PF UPND peace meeting at UPND Headquarters
PF UPND peace meeting at UPND Headquarters
PF Youth Cghairperson Stephen Kampyongo at the PF UNPD peace meeting


  1. PF and UPND must jointly stop their endless 24/7 electioneering and politicking.This is time for national development & serving Zambians , politics must wait till 2022.

    • This is a very welcome move. Not a single person deserves to be beaten or killed in the name of politics. Violence is archaic, degrading and dehumanising.

    • Lessons form Zimbabwe rigging techniques;
      Watch “Now The Rigging Is Exposed, What Can Zanu Say Now” on YouTube

    • Deal with the kind of uncivil rhetoric that has made polarization to take root and urge NGO’s together with CBO’s to be useful in educating the people on democracy and its principles! ECZ must invest more in programs that can make the electoral system more efficient accessible and transparent to the Zambian people. As long as the system remains shrouded it will continue to be a bone of contention! Why is it that in this modern day and age we still have issues with ballots and results yet in highly populous countries polling results are announced in real time to the electorate?


    • UPND must be very careful dealing with PF. PF has designed a strategy of peace and is using it to neutarlise the UPND. And it is working with UPND falling for it. Going into the UPND strongholds with PF will swallow UPND. I urge HH and steam to see through this peace stratergy by PF before they lose their membership to PF.

  3. This silly woman must realise that upnd does not have violence problems. We don’t have time to waste on things that we have taken care of years ago. Its like me telling another mans family that he needs to do what am doing in my household just because i have only realised that my household are thugs .

  4. Although this initiative is good it does not cancel out criminal activities that were committed in the past.Women have been stripped naked and videos are there, some have been murdered (and the culprits are known) and these must be followed and culprits dealt with accordingly.

  5. This is good news, let not always be in the news for wrong reasons. Our friends in Kenya have shown us a way. Thumbs up PF/UPND

  6. This is a good move by PF and must be commended. indeed UPND now is a dead and buried party mark my words. this is what they should have been doing from the start.

  7. That can only happen, if we start to here people in government start to “resign” and you know in zambia that doesnt happen,

  8. There is no need to travel countrywide as suggested by the Minister by PF and UPND ,for a simple reason that, these are not the only parties in the country.All active registered Political Parties must be engaged in all activities that seek to foster peace and tranquility in our country because they are also stake holders.
    Infact, these two parties already have existing party structures countrywide and all they have to do is disseminate the information to those structures and perhaps serve resources for their other party activities.
    Inclusiveness of all Political Parties and other stake holders is the only way forward in matters that affect the nation.

  9. lands for sale in chisamba district some 80km away from Lusaka in chipembi area contact me 0979440154, 0963088322

  10. It is a good suggestion for the first time from Jean Kapata – I hope she means it. I have my doubts about Kapata because she is known as one person that thrives on physical fights and antagonism even within the PF itself. The NewsDiggers are still carrying an article in which Lungu publicly shamed Kapata and her Manadevu constituency chairman as 2 people that are dividing their PF and the Nation which is very true to a large extent. Kapata is a vile woman that needs to be taught a very good lesson even at her Old age although I can understand that violent behaviour is common from women who s*xually starved like she is. She doesn’t even remember when she last had a proper orgasm from s*xual intercourse other than a vibrator she uses.

  11. Just get to work and develop the nation ,we tired of your dirty politics. Same old story from 2016 to date. Please get a life.

  12. Animo Farm and chronic loser! Notice is hereby given that the nuisance to Zambians and chronic loser will go into retirement in 2021.

  13. No. PF and its cadres must visit Zimbabwe and see for themselves what they are trying to bring in Zambia. They must first tell Zambians why they are hiring more riot police as if we have run short. Those are the issues UPND must bring up right now. Zimbabwe situation and Riot Police hiring to be trained by Turkey a dictatorship.

  14. So it is now confirmed that Zambia is like USA and UK with only two parties. So kanshi mubebe ababambi bafyatile baleke icongo. Twananka nabo babipa pamenso like mulongoti.

  15. What for? People want development, those who are developing must continue and those who have never stoped campaigning since 2016 due to their loss should continue because that is their business and not development.

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