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Zambia in talks with China over the concession of TAZARA

Economy Zambia in talks with China over the concession of TAZARA

MINISTER of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba
MINISTER of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba

Government says it is in active discussions with China railways,a parastatal, on the possibility to concession the Tanzania Zambia Railways (TAZARA).

Minister of Transport and Communications, Brian Mushimba says concession period being considered is 20 years and that the level of investment per year will be agreed on.

Mr. Mushimba has explained that this is one of Government’s plan to revamp TAZARA and the objective is to have an improved and modern railway at the end of the concession period.

The Transport and Communications Minister has told ZNBC News in an interview in Lusaka today that discussions of the concession frameworks include ensuring protection of employment of the locals and also the efficiency that Government requires in a railway Company is achieved.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mushimba says studies have been concluded on the possibility of setting up a mass transit train in Lusaka.

He has explained that Government has been executing a Memorandum of Understanding with a Chinese Company for the last 3 years to study the mass transit train option.

Mr. Mushimba has noted that having a fast train to ferry people from the peripheral to the central business district would be an efficient way of decongesting traffic on the roads in Lusaka.

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  1. Even senstive strategic national services you are failing to run. The pf have failed us.today the chinese could easily overthrow the government considering the power they yield. Zambia yasila.vote upnd next

    • And this is the daft moron Brian who is going to luanch a National Airline in October ….really laughable indeed

  2. Ma chinese, please also help us run ZRA, ZISC, National Housing Authority, National Assembly, UNZA….etc.. palasti muzayamba kutipipa

  3. As this mickey mouse Government fails to properly run a single strategic service, which they end up giving away cheaply like a packet of chips, they are still busy dreaming like a Heroin addict dreams of big things, of starting a functioning Zambia Airways.
    Of course some of us know, Zambia Airways part 2, is just a license by P.F mbava’s to loot the treasury, whilst the docile ones look on, & dance Dununa Sontapo reverse.

  4. Look, we are slowly giving away Zambia to China Piece By Piece, don’t we have the capcity to run the Railway Line as Government, if we have failed let us look inside first before running to China, don’t we have Zambians who are willing to take up that concession, of course we have the Kavindele’s who may be interested and others, why should we always run to china, what portion have they made eat for us to always think they are always the solution.

  5. Ka minister should be ashamed.How can a country of 16 million plus people fail to sort out its own simple problems,managing a rail company sure! if John Cecil Rhodes managed to build a rail in 1905 and today in mordern zambia with keys to the treasury ,you maflaz are failing it seriously shows you do not know what you are doing but you are only good at mobilising resources for campaigns.

    • The are failing to run a Railway company that transports millions of dollars worth of copper and minerals every year…

  6. Ignorance on the part of people commenting on this matter is dangerous. My people perish for lack of knowledge…… They think such a decision to consider concessioning is taken lightly. They think they are smarter than the entire group of technocrats government has. They think they are smarter than the minister who is a trained engineer and a renowned one at that…. Ikalenifye.

    • Peter your technocrats are a perfect case of the blind leading you the blind.What is their to point or talk about that which those same moron technocrats have to show.
      The lusaka railway station looks like a dumpsite (pa chishala) yet millions pass through the same station all monies go towards campaigns.
      Go to botswana and see how they at least take care of their railway infrastructure.

    • @ Peter Hantuba

      You are right when you say “Ignorance on the part of people commenting on this matter is dangerous” because you are IGNORANT JERK.
      Before going any further, ask yourself just one question, who owns TAZARA and who can decide on the matter?

    • Concession is the way to go!! After all they built that rail line, trained the engineers, provided the locomotives. How long has TAZARA been in the doldrums? For the better part of 20 years now, not the current Governments fault. Just because kavindele has ideas about North West railways doesn’t mean he can raise TAZARA, moreover he was Veep at the time when TAZARA started its downward spiral, why didn’t he do something to stop it? No, they wont uproot the rail line like UPND sympathizer Chishimba Kambwili did with the Ndola-Luanshya rail line, instead they will run it economically with their own money, re-inject cash into those massive engineering workshops, employ lots of people, save the road between kapiri & dar a lot of wear and tear….
      China this, China that…you don’t even…

  7. When we tell you lungu and his ministers are useless , this is what we mean, they are useless corrupt thieves who only know campaigns , corruption selling and concessioning.

    After spending $17 billion , they fail to train and come up with the skills needed to run strategic industries
    these are nothing but corrupt thieves lead by lungu who failed to run a meaningful law firm in his privet life…

  8. Is this another wasted asset like jacaranda school and nrdc. Then we have more such wasted assets like zambia railways, state house and the whole of off which we can give them.

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