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LCC given 7 days ultimatum to clear garbage

HeadlinesLCC given 7 days ultimatum to clear garbage
Garbage heaps and temporal pit latrines here, are some of the factors which has led to the demolition and closure of Kaoma-Kaoma Market make-shift structures as a preventive measure against the outbreak of Cholera in Mongu
Garbage heaps and temporal pit latrines here, are some of the factors which has led to the demolition and closure of Kaoma-Kaoma Market make-shift structures as a preventive measure against the outbreak of Cholera in Mongu

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has issued a seven day ultimatum to the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to remove waste disposal in Lusaka’s Misisi and Garden Compounds, Town Centre and along Katima Mulilo road.

The ultimatum which is with immediate effect comes after a resolution passed yesterday by ZEMA in pursuant to Environmental Management Act No. 12 Section 60.

ZEMA has ordered the local authority to remove indiscriminate disposal of waste in the areas and sites because it is not satisfied.

ZEMA Corporate Affairs Manager, Irene Chipili said in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, that indiscriminate disposal of waste is an impediment to efforts aimed at protecting the environment in making Zambia clean and healthy championed by President Edgar Lungu who re-launched the clean campaign a couple of months ago.

“LCC has accordingly been ordered to remove the waste in a number of locations in Misisi and garden Compound, Town Centre as well as along Katima Mulilo road. The order must fully be complied within a period of 7 days,” Ms. Chipili said.

And ZEMA has reminded all councils in the country to take full responsibility of ensuring that sound management of waste in their respective areas is adhered to.

Ms. Chipili also implored business entities and members of the public to manage waste in a sound manner.

Meanwhile, LCC Public Relations Officer, Brenda Katongola when contacted for a comment on the matter could neither confirm.

Ms. Katongola however, said that the council is mandated to remove garbage from the streets and residential places in the city.


  1. They are waiting for Lazy Lungu to come and clean in his blue overalls after he returns from Zimbabwe inauguration. We have told you time and time again leadership is not about issuing silly Presidential directives to the Army to clean up its implementing long-term policies.

    • 7 days??? Why not stay within 100 days of Miles Sampa plan? Give him chance, he has WiFi system for bus stations to lobby from Turkey.

    • Zambia is filthy and stinks
      February 7, 2012 15:26

      By Paul Mumba

      Mother Zambia, what a beautiful country! Full of natural resources some of which still remains untapped. Wonderful and hospitable people, beautiful wild animals, wonderful lakes and rivers, tantalizing grass plains and minerals to mention just a few. But take a walk in the streets of cities, towns and along highways especially where road blocks/check points have been set up woo! It’s a mess! You see liter all over and horrible stench coming from the sites. Zambia! Zambia! Where is personal hygiene? Where are the local authorities? It’s like everybody enjoys this kind of environment.

      Every time you tune to ZNBC News, it is all about uncollected garbage in Livingstone, Lusaka, Kitwe to mention just these three…

    • ” …….examples, and what you hear are just silly excuses from town clerks and the people that have been entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining clean habitable environments, setting high standards of living for the people and sensitizing.

      For how long are we going to be served by jokers who are always giving excuses? Zambia is living in a lot of filth and it appears there is no leadership to tackle this matter head on from the grass roots. This explains why we have cases of typhoid and soon or later it will be cholera. Shame on the councils! You are a total disgrace to our beautiful country! You are even failing to maintain your dilapidated infrastructure you operate in giving all sorts of excuses. Its high time Zambians learnt to apply the vote of no confidence on the…

    • …. useless leaders that are there merely to oil their pockets. Leadership is about servanthood and not about me and myself.

      What a strange country, blessed with ward chairmen, constituency chairmen, and members of parliament, District commissioners, councilors and the so called town clerks. Bunch of failures? They all sit comfortably in their offices not minding that they are sitting on garbage in their offices, driving along filthy roads, drinking from bars whose surroundings are littered with all kind of dirt and their homes are surrounded by garbage.” Shamuleni, shame!”
      Zambia is filthy and stinks
      February 7, 2012 15:26

      By Paul Mumba

    • Yet you still voted for Sampa…he is not going to question anything or step on any of his friend’s toes. Just go around City Centre and see those yellow MTN bins they are all overflowing with refuse as no one collects.

    • Lazy bum insolent tribal hooligan and bully son of a polygamist father who never trained his tribal son manners is mad under the frenzy and curse of Satan pouring out his rage cause by Hatribes and MAD COW DISEASE.

    • It is like taking a donkey to the river to drink. It cannot drink if it doesn’t want to! That is what UPND and some of these irresponsible people above are. How many times have we explained normacy to UPND and they still continue to Hallucinate HH just like the above. No difference. Animo Farm loves HaNEgatives but they cannot see it or the same behaviour in themselves.

    • Please don’t mention clueless lazy Lungu when it comes to keeping Zambia clean. This guy has no clue on how to keep Zambia clean. He just put up a show last time, because we the people forced him to clean up the country. I mean look at Rwanda where a motivated president keeps the country clean, and has managed to influence people’s attitude and a change of culture in keeping the country clean. Zambia will continue to be a dirty country as long as you continue to look to a guy like Lungu to keep it clean. He has neither interest nor motivation to do so. Lusaka city is where this guy lives. And yet he’s unaware that the LCC is not doing it’s job? Most likely he knows, but he doesn’t care.

  2. Shame on the LCC…..total disgrace! They probably dont see the filth because at home they live in filth too

    • HH is busy trying to deceive people that his club is not tribal by puting a lipstick on the pig, GBM, Charmaine, Kangwa. The pig is a pig! People know it when they see it!


    • Lipalale – you expect people to collect rubbish for the council…in Lusaka you can pick rubbish up and have nowhere to throw it. Where are all those trucks donated by the Islamic Society of Zambia to LCC?

    • @ Lipalale …. Unbelievable really Unbelievable ! I see why Africa fails to collectively progress. In Zambia people are generally clean but indeed do u want the citizenry to take things to the central city damps themselves ????? If u support the PF then it is worrying that u want to justify dirt and still not hold the leadership accountable ?? I like the behaviour of the ANC caders in RSA they all protest together when it comes to under performing municipalities … This Zombie state u have adopted as caders is worrying

  3. We keep telling you , lungu and his ministers are nothing but corrupt theives only intrested in staying in power……since the last cholera out break with lungu posing for photos cleaning , nothing has been done …..after that photo opp the corrupt theives went back to stealing and campaining……where is that ka mwale and bone head lusambo ? All looking for tenders while the corrupt theif lungu lives right in the capital city and has not bothered to check on his directives ?

    • To collect garbage is not rocket science you just need an efficient fleet management system…in the UK each borough has collection days and they do it with military precision or else they will have a backlog and hit with complaints.
      We all know the LCC trucks are probably busy doing jobs for Directors busy transporting blocks and cement to their illegal acquired plots across the city.

  4. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    I knew it wouldn’t last long before the garbage returned. It hasn’t even been a year. See cleanliness is a cultural thing embedded in your everyday life and not just knee jerk reaction based on impulse.

    You need to change people’s mindset and it has to be a collaborative effort from kids un schools to grownups. See in my house, my 2 year old toddler knows how to throw dirty in the bin at home; when I’m eating an orange in a place surrounded by bushes and with no bin in sight, I put the peeled in my pocket involuntary / subconsciously without even thinking. And at a McDonald’s, I put my garbage in the bin effortlessly. But in Lusaka I have seen people throwing empty drink from the window of their cars. You have to change the mindset then you can achieve long lasting success.

    • Alternative Facts….
      There is a person up there on this blog who says we should not blame the leadership.Ours is a unique case you definetly need to change the mindset and that is the work of government for it to succeed.

  5. This largely is residents’ attitude torwards the surrounding environment. They are not concerned about cleanliness.

  6. Let’s not put the blame on LCC! It’s not LCC that litters! The root cause is the Zambian People’s Dependency mindset which is wrong! They litter deliberately because they think it’s the job of LCC to collect their trash! LCC’s job is to collect Garbage that is managed in an organized way. Where people litter indiscriminately, it’s because there is no consequence for wrong doing! We thank Cholera for what he did. He taught dirty people cleanliness but I am afraid our people have short memories. They have already forgotten that filth kills. I have a suggestion. We should start arresting and prosecuting people who litter indiscriminately, even if it means sh00ting such people on sight of littering! If we start doing that, Lusaka will be clean again. Waste management at the rate of the…

    • From what people post online i am able to know who are truly patriots fighting for development and some bootlickers. Its not a question of who is supporting who when it come to fighting for a better Zambia. We all buy from same traders, drive in same roads and live in the same country. What we all need is the people concerned to provide leadership thats all.

  7. After cleaning in your gum boots lungu , garbage has returned , what are you going to do, wait for cholera and another photo opportunity ? Or are you going to hold people accountable ? Don’t tell us you did not cleaning systems in place ?

    Me thinks you will wait for another cleaning photo opportunity when cholera returns…

  8. The People of Misisi and Garden compounds should have been mobilised to clean their environment last saturday of July. What happened? It appears people didn’t turn up for the campaign for cleaning exrcise.

    • Only you believe that rubbish of Saturday cleaning by that Home Affairs Minister boy…to date he has not given us an account of how much was raised from Cholera

  9. Different story. …HH rubbishes the on going peace initiatives between PF and Upnd. He also acknowledges that there’s a possibility that some of his MPs will defect to the PF. The last one would be bad for our democracy.

  10. Lazy Jay Jay ranting again. You can touch the tribe in his words. Hwy Lazy jj, where is your little tribal god? He’s been so quiet since the by elections, very untypical of him. His youths are joining hands with PF youths and he is quiet? Maloza!!!
    Has he lost his grip?

    • Same tactic to diverge topic to petty issues of no relevancy here…I don’t even have to read your post. Tell Sunday Chanda to teach you how to engage bloggers on the topic at hand in your next class without mentioning tribal, your silly HH etc.

  11. All we need is to charge people responsible for filth and those who fail to take it away – Simple. When people break laws they MUST be PUNISHED and HELD ACCOUTABLE! That is why is was wrong for government to listen to Common Health when all it needed to to prosecute Childish. A country must be governed by the Rule of Law.

  12. Citizens have to be part of the drive to be clean. Does the city provide bins big enough for the garbage? I don’t see them in the picture. Send the city official in charge of cleanliness to clean up the mess. I am sure he or she will make sure the marketeers clean up their premises.

    • International Order – I have seen skips behind markets overflowing because of none collection …how big you want them to big??

    • International Order – I have seen skips behind markets overflowing because of none collection …how big you want them to big??

  13. P.F Pompwe’s talk of running an Airline, when they struggle to manage a simple task like Garbage collection.
    Dream on dreamers, & Dununa. Your Kilometers Sampa is there to eat, NOT work.

  14. When Michael Chilufya Sata was National Houseing minister the town was green and clean today Cairo Road looks brown

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