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ZICTA decentralizes network licenses

Headlines ZICTA decentralizes network licenses

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has decentralized its issuance of service and network license to Provincial and District levels across the country.

ZICTA Manager Markets and Competition, Collins Chomba explained that this is aimed at encouraging more players in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

Mr. Chomba told ZANIS in an interview yesterday that ZICTA embarked on the implementation of new licensing system in order to help mitigate the challenges that people faced in acquiring various operation licenses from the authority.

He explained that the old system had converged licensing framework which technologically required people to specify the type of license such as mobile voice, fixed internet, service provision wireless and internet provision among others.

He stated that, with the new system, one will be required to choose from the two categories either the service or a network license.

Mr. Chomba added that, for people applying for the network license the client will need to roll out their own supporting infrastructure and a network through which a service will be provided.

He pointed out that the licenses will also be given according to the capacity and categories presented at different levels such as district, regional, national and international.

The ZICTA Markets and Competition Manager also noted that at national and international level, only Airtel, MTN, Zamtel and the new UZI mobile Zambia are licensed to the services.

Mr. Chomba further called on Zambians to take advantage of the decentralized system of licensing and invest to contribute to the development of the ICT industry in the country.

And a youth, Reagan Tembo has advised fellow youths in the country to be creative and utilize their own innovations.

Mr. Tembo who cautioned youths not only to depend on government for employment has invented a network device that allows people to make free video and voice calls without airtime.

He further stressed that time has come for youths to think outside the box and embrace their skills to create jobs.


  1. What other licenses are there? I thought there were only four licenses …please reporters/journalists try to post articles that are informative….if in doubt ask questions.

    • Why are you so lazy?
      Don’t you know where ZICTA offices are?
      You can also call them to get more info.
      Oh! By the way you are not on the ground.
      Learn to do not to talk.

    • I dont have to call them to clarify an article that is the job of the journalist…if you are too smart why did you not educate me instead of criticizing me …I doubt you understand it.

  2. REALLY?

    “Mr. Tembo who cautioned youths not only to depend on government for employment has invented a network device that allows people to make free video and voice calls without airtime.”

  3. Let Zicta pleases sponser Mr Tembo that’s a good project, let’s not always depending on foreign investors and denying our own

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