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HH’s Press Conference on National Debt, Peace and Dialogue

Videos and Audios HH's Press Conference on National Debt, Peace and Dialogue


    • Like a Hyena HH does not ascend to any higher hierarchy in the animal Kingdom. Keep chattering till you attract the Lion’s attention.

  1. Zed underfive has a twin brother underfive in Zimbo. But ours has a tribe and the other one doesn’t have.

  2. This is what you call leadership and politics of integrity. This is a man who should be chairing the SADC political and security wing. Meanwhile SADC have given that position to a crooked chap called lungu who has a poor record of upholding the rule of law. A guy who wants to subvert the constitution by standing for a third term. A chap who illegally arrested the very man we are seeing in this video all based on trivial made up charges. Lungu and PF are insecure. It is sad because zambians have now lost confidence in political governance and this is reflected in the drastic voter apathy levels being seen in recent elections. When people get this frustrated the next thing is a revolution or uprising. I see this happening soon in zambia. mark my words.

    • This clowwn sold our mines. He would sell all the SADC lions to eurpeans. He is not even fit to be councilor.

    • @nzelu, how does a man who makes your annual salary in minutes sell some hungry looking lions to europe? Ule tontokanya mune. These are important issues which require sober and mature debating. If you have no use for your internet bundles then please just refrain from buying and use that money to help your starving poor relatives.

    • The dullness expressed here is frightening! No wonder we are ruled by the likes of Kampyongo.
      HH never sold mines!
      It was Kafubi and frog face Penza who did!
      Can you compare that to the people who have sold the entire country.
      Having nothing left to sell they are even trying to sell zambia’s debt!
      Am sure someone will get a cut these rascals! Eish!

  3. He’s always holding press conference. But he does not want to dialog. Elections were free and fare, you lost. Anyway don’t worry at least you’re a president of the party.

    • indeed the elections were a “free fare”, in other words a joke.. a fare where kids go to play. How can you take elections in zambia seriously when the sitting president has power to election ECZ commisioners, constitutional judges etc. How can these offices facilitate a fair outcome without bias when they know that their job is at the mercy of a drunkard?

    • Kk, FTJ, Mwanawasa, RB and King cobra they had power over ECZ and judges yet they either lost the election or their term came to an end. Upnd are always rejected by the people nomba kulebepesha Lungu, ati he has stolen the votes, he has power over ECZ, he does not want to dialog. Just accept that people don’t want you, sell the party or close it.

  4. Can’t waste my time listening to or watching people who want to waste my time. What is that underfive boy still doing on our political scene? Didn’t he migrate to Zimbabwe?

    • It is because you cannot compare the literacy levels of urban zimbabwe to those of the highly illiterate urban zambia. That is why the pf is in no rush to ensure economic and social development as they know that a dim empty tin is much easier to mould into how you want it to look.

  5. This man thinks he’s president. Don’t be surprised if you see a flag on his vehicle. …very soon it’ll happen.

    • And you are still under the illusion that you are a successful zambian farmer.i wouldn’t be surprised if this chap ndanje walks around arcades and manda hill in khafi federal suit dreaming he is a farmer.kikiki

    • Dream on my dog that walks on two legs. Just HH in your demented dreams you think you’re a minister of something.

  6. Chaps who own 1000 animals but walk around in finished suits, Darth vader Masks, torn pata pata and a finished motorcycle are unfit to talk about debt and re-financing. To them living a debt free life is bliss as if that’s the goal of life.

    Totally clueless about high stakes leverage that uplifts livelihoods with targeted acquisition of debt and re-financing to pay back when it’s affordable. We can afford the debt we have and more. That’s why people are voting Pf in droves coz who you cast dark shadows all the time.

  7. HH, unlike Chamisa, has very, very limited urban support in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. His support is concentrated in his tribal area in Southern province. He is not a national, but a regional and tribal leader with very, very limited support in the more cosmopolitan areas of this country. May the almighty God have mercy on this very bitter man.

  8. By Dr. Albert D. Bwalya

    Patriotic Front Members should know that HH was not in government when Fredrick Chiluba was selling the mines. He was neither a government agent but was rather helping the MMD regime as one of the 120 Zambian Economists called by Fredrick Chiluba to try to value the minesAt the time of privatisation, HH was already a wealthy man with a lot of investments in South Africa and in America. He was just called by President Chiluba to be among the 120 senior government economists to try and value the mines on behalf of the government.
    People who are talking about privatization are either ignorant about the whole issue or are just deliberately doing so to scandalize HH.Ask Madam Edith Nawakwi the Finance Minister at that time and she will tell you the truth that HH was…

  9. alive and active in politics. Nawakwi would have been in forefront condemning HH if he was really guilty.

    In Zambia its like every God chosen person has to undergo accusations. Look at how the Late President Sata (MHSRIP) suffered before being elected. The same people that are in PF today insulting HH (Bowman Lusambo and Dora Siliya) were the ones who were in forefront of calling our father Micheal Sata as a man who wanted to promote homosexual. Homosexual against Micheal Sata was like a national anthem for Dora Silya and Lusambo. Today it is heartbreaking to see the same people that insulted our departed leader being given front seats in PF and Government while members that laboured for the party are still wallowing in poverty after spending all they had to make the party grow despite…

  10. The ignorance about the sell of the mines is astounding! Or is it just the constant attempts to divert from real debates and issues? HH is an economist and business management graduate – as well as in practice. Undeniable fact. While I agree that the opposition should be more shrewd in exposing this regime, challenging it and offering informed and evidenced alternatives, I also know that given a chance, HH would be more prudent and astute in trying to turn around Zambia’s economic fortunes than the current clueless forever interested in elections only PF goons. It is a tragedy that the PF is in power but the biggest tragedy of all, is that we have a significant population that has allowed it – hook, line and sinker – some of whom shockingly continue to defend the indefensible on this…

    • musankwa, saying hh “would” this or that is exactly why they call you clowns under 5. The guy has failed five times at convincing Zambians, illiterate and literate, that he can be better.Don’t blame PF, he lost to Levy and RB too. He was no match for Sata who found upnd as the largest opposition in the country but relegated them to 3rd in the next election. Just accept, hypothetically, hh looks the best prospect but practicality he is not, that’s why upnd cannot win elections beyond southern, western and north western provinces. PFs leader died and left a guy who has been accepted and has carried it to the next stage, sadly upnd has failed badly at that aspect!!

  11. … forum for their selfish ends. People who have no aorta or inkling of humanity left in them. Continually spouting senseless meaningless political diatribes at the expense of productive debate and ideas.
    It is undeniable that Zambia needs measures to retake control of its resources, overhaul the civil service in attitudes and work ethics, align the education curriculum to the need of harnessing productivity that is beneficial and encourages innovation. Corruption is endemic – now a culture. There should not only be processes in place to stop it, but there should also be zero tolerance to it – regardless of status.

  12. Sold your mines? False witness ati ka born again Christian. It’s so easy to see who is bitter and carries hatred against others. Deliverance is needed

  13. 1991 is 27 years ago. ecl was 33 and b
    hh was 29. both spent about 5 years in umiversity and possibly 6 months at national service. I can almost be certain that non was to rich before privatisation unless they inherited their wealth.

  14. HH was able to advise the government on which companies were viable and able to revitalize…but Alas…..as usual stingy spirited man he is, he amassed wealth selling everything even all the graders thus, making it hard for the roads to be constructed in the nation, ECL came new on the scene with no support from Brethurst and Anglo American with maine and helicopters, but he was white washed several times the cow boy. Mooooooooooooo.

    This under 5 clown can’t be the president…. He is too bitter and blame game is his way of politics. He always has excuse for his defeat. Do you know that he has already smelt defeat in 2021? He knows it already. Mwanawasa hammered him, RB hammered him, Sata hammered him, ECL frabagusted him twice pwaaaaaaaaa. But Kainde Chabe….

    Polotics are not in…

  15. LUCHI and Associates must be tamed! Already, KKIA will soon be under LUCHI and Associates on a 99 year lease and all of us alive won’t be there to correct things for our unborn great grand children! Politics aside, the painful truth is what has been laid bare here. We must begin to dig ourselves out of this PF mess of Junk status! It’s shameful! Hate the man but he has said the painful truth! He says Zambians must save themselves! Remember he has nothing to lose! It’s those who think they have to put on PF legalia to be Zambians who have everything to lose! Don’t be deceived Zambians! LUCHI and Associates only care about themselves!

    • Talk is cheap. Your kadansa called HH may talk nice because he doesn’t know how government works. Let him go to state house and the tone will change.

  16. Pompwe these are true lies atase. We’re you happy with the state of the airport after all these years. That’s why South Africa looks like London’s airports its because of brains like yours.

  17. You speak so well. One might want to ask about those you displaced and had their houses demolished, how have you helped them?

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