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The King is Here !


Zambia Breweries Country Director Jose Moran and Slapdee celebrate the launch of Budweiser lager in Zambia.

Hip Hop icon Slapdee – AKA the “King of Zed Hip Hop” – shared the limelight with the undisputed King of Beers in front of over 150 A-list celebrities and guests during the unveiling of Budweiser Lager in Lusaka this week.
After an intensive activation campaign for the latest addition to its portfolio, Zambia Breweries formally unveiled AB InBev’s leading global brand Budweiser Lager on August 2, 2018 at Lusaka’s The Other Side venue at Latitude 15.
Budweiser is a medium-bodied beer with subtle aroma notes of malt and Noble hops with a fruity nose giving it a clean smooth taste. The American lager has the world’s largest brand value and the most expensive brewing process designed to produce a drink that is as close to a perfect balance of flavour as a beer can get.
It has been launched in Zambia with a full launch event planned for later in the month.

Zambia Breweries launches Budweiser lager in Zambia

The King of Beers is no stranger among football lovers as it was the official sponsor of the just-ended 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
Speaking at the launch of the premium beverage, Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran said he was excited by the Zambian Breweries portfolio continuing to grow, giving beer lovers across Zambia a wide variety of world-class beverages to choose from.
“As Zambian Breweries, we want to offer our consumers quality and prestigious global brands which will expand our current portfolio while also indulging the passion of beer connoisseurs in the country,” said Mr Moran.
The Budweiser launch demonstrated the company’s desire to come up with fresh ways to engage directly with its consumers and forge new friendships by bringing people together for a better world, he added.
The country director also encouraged consumers to enjoy the brand responsibly.
“As Zambian Breweries, we would like our consumers to enjoy this brand responsibly by avoiding drunk-driving and underage drinking.
Zambia Breweries products are all about bringing people together thus we decided to introduce our latest product to the people by embracing this philosophy and going out to directly engage with our customers and share our mutual love for world class beer through these events.”
Budweiser, which now has a presence in over 80 countries across the globe, is being brewed for the first time in Africa at the AB InBev brewery in South Africa.


Slapdee, Bobby East and friends enjoy a Budweiser
Dj V-jeezy and Mic Burner (right)
Cleo Ice Queen
Zambia Breweries launches Budweiser lager in Zambia
Zambia Breweries Country Director Jose Moran and media guests celebrate the launch of Budweiser lager in Zambia.
Zambia Breweries Country Director Jose Moran chats with Zambia Association of Musicians President Tivo Shikapwasha and Salma Sky at the launch of Budweiser lager in Zambia
guests celebrate the launch of Budweiser lager
guests celebrate the launch of Budweiser lager
Kchinga (left) and Jay Rox at the launch of Budweiser lager
Dj El Mukuka at the launch of Budweiser lager



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