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Government to sign MOU for Zambia to export Human Resources to Kuwait-Malanji

Headlines Government to sign MOU for Zambia to export Human Resources to...

Minister of Foriegn Affairs Joseph Malanji in Kuwait
Minister of Foriegn Affairs Joseph Malanji in Kuwait

Zambia and Kuwait are in the coming month expected to sign several Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) which will see Zambia exporting human resource in areas such as engineering which the Persian Gulf nation desperately needs.

Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji has told ZNBC News in an interview in Kuwait City yesterday that Kuwait has asked Zambia to finalise the MOUs so that relations between the two countries can be enhanced.

Speaking after he held a one hour closed door meeting with the Acting Prime Minister of Kuwait SABAH AL-KHALID AL-SABAH, Mr Malanji said Kuwait wants to employ Zambian engineers who are renowned as one of the best in the world.

He added that once the MOUs are signed, the private sector in Kuwait will start engaging their counterpart in Zambia to find ways of working together and developing Zambia.

Meanwhile, Mr Malanji has delivered President Edgar Lungu’s special message to the Emir of Kuwait SABAH AL-AHMAD AL-JABER AL-SABAH.

The Foreign Affairs Minister, who traveled to Kuwait as President LUNGU’s special envoy, delivered the message tyesterday through the Acting Prime Minister Sheikh AL-SABAH.

Mr Malanji expressed optimism that following his visit, economic activities between the countries will improve, adding that interactions between the two countries will also be enhanced from the Permanent Secretary level up to the highest level.


  1. All because of the hard work of President Lungu.

    Keep him beyond 2021 so he can finish all this hard work which is beating fruition

    It is the right thing to do.

    I have a PhD.



    • Please my sisters and brothers do not go there. Just check online and see how people have been enslaved in this part of the world. This govt is not serious indeed. When you go there in the name of labouring ninshi chapwa nolupia tawakaumone iyo. Plus ati I am christian this side they hate you because of Jesus. Careful.
      good luck

    • Mixed races live and work in kuwait. Take all violent political cadres and prisoners who are skilled to earn income for their families and government.

      Malanji get your acts together. They are closer to UAE than Zambia. I can attest to you that UAE can expatriate better engineers to Kuwait than Zambia. No cynicism here. Listen to 1.1 Charles, he knows stuff I know. I don’t wanna repeat. I believe you have eyes. Be warned. Allow those guy to come here so we can watch their acts.

    • I suspect that both Joe Malanji and Edgar Lungu read nothing serious regularly. That is why they have this illusion that they carry weight in the Arab world.

    • The government intends to export maids and house help to Kuwait. This is modern day slavery.

      Kuwait is not interested in Zambian engineers. PF government is lying again.

    • If Zambia has best engineers, then why are our mines, construction works run by South Africans and Chinese? Why don’t we have labour policies that protect these Zambian engineers to run the show in Zambia than to send then to Middle East were they will be enslaved?

    • While some countries such as the Philippines are discouraging their citizens from going to these racist Arab countries for work, that’s when Lungu is trying to send Zambians there? You think Zambians will be treated any better than the Asian workers? Come on get serious. Arab countries are generally very racist. They are daily called out for their intense racism and violation of foreigners’ human rights. So good luck if you think Zambians will treated any differently.

    • Let them round up the PF carders and take them to Kuwait. They have worked hard for Lungu so they can use the opportunity. Zambia will be less violent without them. Can we squeeze in the Chinese as well.

    • For those desperate to be in a foreign country, very big mistake if you’re thinking of going there to work. Just ask those Zedians who’ve tried opportunities in Russia and China, it’s a very “Sad Road”.

    • Malanji and PF Govt now promoting Govt sponsored HUMAN TRAFFICKING…extremely dull minister and extremely corrupt PF Govt!!

  2. What engineers? Zambia can’t keep its open sewers clean ,can’t finish some downtown buildings in 20yrs and can’t find a solution to its pit latrines then you’re gonna export engineers to Kuwait?

    • Plus Lusaka is filthy. Thanks Enka. Ati Zambia engineers. S3X too much. No show. Ikalenifye bamalanji.

    • The only engineers that are given a chance to practise their trade in Zambia are probably electrical engineers at Zesco and CEC, mining engineers and metallurgists working in metal smelting. All other branches of engineers are not given opportunities to hone their trade because they are just working in maintenance. There are few or no chances to design anything. In such a work environment you cannot innovate or add value to existing technology.

  3. When due to poor economic management and unaccountability of national funds leads to being forced to deal with questionable terror-linked connections

  4. This idio.t even sounds excited. How do you send your none effective skill to another country & be proud when your own country is in shambles. On one hand Sata said educated zambians that went to work in other countries “ran away”. Today a minister is excited that now his government will facilitate for more to run away. How their going to work in kuwait will facilitate development in zambia is yet to be seen. Zambia government leaders!!!

  5. Zambia kuwayawaya fye,what have we invented in Zambia for us to have the best engineers in the world?We can’t even build roads of our own or sky scrapers.

  6. Come on are you telling us Zambia doesnt need engineers…if these Arabs are really desperate and have the money they wouldnt have a problem. This doesnt add up…are you sure they are looking for Engineers or slaves as I know Arabs are the worst racists and this govt is trully incompetent to trusted with issues.

  7. Be careful, amid centres in Kenya and Ethiopia have been exporting domestic workers there for years and those girls have their passports taken, overworked, sexually abused, etc

    • You are talking from an informed stand point. I wept when I watched Iraq ishmalites give a cold treat to a maid of African decent. Isn’t Malanji informed? Zambian mining engineers don’t work as engineers in mines. We can’t make roads, we can’t make machines, we can’t rig for oil let alone explore for it. We outsource all the damn time. Can’t make Razer blade or just took pick. Dumb engineers. Close CBU/Unza engineering department for graduating engineers without passion.

    • I concur,
      I’ve worked in Oman and Saudi Arabia. In order to prevent the worker from running away, the employer keeps his/her passport. The worker is given a copy of the Ikama (work permit) to show the authorities of their right to be in the country

    • # 8.1  Thorn in the flesh

      “….Zambian mining engineers don’t work as engineers in mines. We can’t make roads, we can’t make machines, we can’t rig for oil let alone explore for it. We outsource all the damn time. Can’t make Razer blade or just took pick. Dumb engineers. Close CBU/Unza engineering department for graduating engineers without passion….”

      It is because of people like you…..your PF has just spent $17 billion , now in debt. How much was used on skills training ? How much was used on preparing Zambian engineers to take over and run projects ? How much was used on prepering Zambia bussiness leaders to lead ?

      You see lungu wearing gum boots cleaning , you start dancing ……foo.l.

    • Ba spaka don’t give me that crap. You know very well that your inert and lip service engineers who are actually operators have remained inactive from UNIP through to the current government. When I say engineers graduating without passion I mean across the political divide, UPNDEADs included. An Engineer doesn’t need to be in government to impress. You are dead wrong to assert that you need handouts to prove your viability. Hehehehehe! You will die with your engineering degree in your file if you do not reform your dependant attitude. Ati projects hahaha! Dumb.

    • Thorn in the flesh: How does UNZA or CBU train cutting edge engineers if you have not upgraded their laboratories since the 1960s and 70s? ZTE the other year just made a donation of tarining equipment to UNZA electronics and telecoms dept. It was an indirect way of saying,”what kind of engineers can you possibly train and think they can work for us without this kind of equipment?” You are an uninformed extremist who doesn’t know that UNZA graduates have gone on to post-grad engineering school abroad and made it.

    • Thorn…

      That’s the problem with you du.ll PF kaponyas is you think PF is in GRZ just to borrow money, campain and give contracts to foreigners.

      In other countries where some of us have worked have seen governments at work naturing local talent…..training, mentoring and cohexing local talent to run the country as opposed to foreigners….

      To you kaponya rats giving call boys and marketeers funds from lungus slash bank ati is empowering …..

    • @Chanchi
      That observation is not political but objective. We should then be searching for answers from the line ministry and make the occupying person and personnel working. But I reckon you appreciate my frustration with our so called engineers. I take exception to your “You are an uninformed extremist who doesn’t know…” thread in your comment. You have outlined the disconnect and I have witnessed the shortcomings of the unza product. What we have is the status quo, a problem. @spaka, that is dumb. See how low you can get?

    • Old folk lecturers and professors at UNZA transfixed onto holding on to the old way of doing things. They teach old and outdated stuff and usually at loggerhead with younger and energetic lecturers joining them from schools abroad. The field of engineering and applied sciences has advanced; having old schooled characters in decision making positions won’t solve your problems either. It begins with the Universities having the right kinds of people asking the right kinds of questions to government. Plus does government have the right kind of people HEADING those ministerial positions? Zambian Engineers are half baked like it or not.

  8. Why Zambia? Why not India or Pakistan which is nearer and share similar religious beliefs! Why send your own people into slaverly?

    • Excuse Jonathan Malanji, his highest qualification is a Diploma in Business Management…he has does not know what Engineering is. This govt has a beggar’s mindset they don’t think things through….why should a small oil rich country like Kuwait be desperate?

  9. This is PF logic……sell or concession everything to let foreigners run vital industries of the country and export unemployed Zambians…….

    Problem solved…. lungu gets his bribes, PF does not have to do anywork as foringers are doing eveything, unemployed Zambians get to work abroad .

    Only snag is Zambia is being taken over while the owners are maligned …..

    • When the story is sweet and straight forward, try to comment without political bias. You are spoiling the flavor. Who knows, you could be that engineers from Zambia cleaning rails in the UK. Do not politicize this story you watchdogger. Damn teach your counterparts to learn how to make tooth picks. When owners like you run away, foreigners fill your space. Damn this goon.

    • Thorn….hehehehehe….

      It is true though , PF are a lazy corrupt GRZ only intrested in letting foringners do everything while they collect bribes.

      RTSA partnership to manage our traffic , given to lebanses ….

      Tazara , given to Chinese…

      ZAF $65 million uniforms imported instead of powering mulungushi textiles ,

      The list is endless of foringners being empowered, unfortunately Zambias wealth is not endless….

      This is the worst crime of lungu…failing to invest in Zambians by targeted training and empowerment. You have spent $17 billion now in debt , yet zero skills to show apart from manual Labour jobs.

      If just $500 million of that money was spent on training for Zambians the country would not need any foreigners .

    • You will die cursing with theories in your head. Sorry your three mansion got you wired. People of Zambia know what they want and they will speak again come 2021. You ain’t got any thing to do about it. It’s about numbers you disappointed goon. Fake engineers include UPNDEADS. The lazy fellaz run away from projects leaving them uncompleted just like you bunch of incredible double h goons; because they were half baked at UNZA and CBU. Your thieving nature compromise your work standard you returd. Dumb chicken littles. Double h mishandled the Privatization undertaking for his pocket and you sit there yapping and quoting.

    • OK tried to use your seemingly schooled aszes and damn you merciless quakes stole from the old man. How many engineering students graduate from universities across the land and tell me how many are doing well and running their companies apart from running down parastatals. Point at a landmark structure in Zambia designed and developed by Zambian Engineers. No show me. Google or youtube megastructures and get a sense of why I am calling your engineers a bunch of a huge joke. I say engineering you see trade and skills. You are sick.

  10. Something Seriously Fishy here. Things don’t add up. Which Engineers are these people talking about? The reason we have Chinese building and repairing everything in Zambia, isn’t that a testimony of the desperate need for local engineers? Just look at our ever failing systems, I mean which engineers are these. Somebody need to deeply quiz this Minister. And since when did a country officially sign an MOU to export it’s labour force? I smell a big fat rotten rat

  11. Problem with this dull stinking P.F regime is they have Cadres in high strategic governmental departments, hence these clueless goons saying whatever comes into their heads without doing the research first.
    Ma Engineer kuti?
    As already said by bloggers here, Zambia is a dilapidated building site, with piling garbage, & open sewers, & Citizens who defecate in plastic Chibuku buckets, & throw their waste in rain drainages. Is this the Engineering we will be exporting to Kuwait, Kaya!?
    This clueless talk starts right from the top, as we heard the visionless one rant the other day, “we shall be accountable to our citizens” yet he cannot Fire a single Corrupt official in his lazy Government.

  12. This is strange we don’t use our own engineers and now we sending them away. Meaning it’s cheaper to export human resources than to use locally. Or its cheaper to import which is which? I look at the mines most engineers are from South Africa, South America and China.

    • That is the point , PF are too lazy and clueless to organise Zambian professionals ……a easier option , import foreigne engineers to do the work in Zambia and export the half baked Zambian engineers….this is a serious dereliction of duty by GRZ.
      Not empowering Zambians.
      By not empowering I mean , a government is supposed to identify a project , select and train individuals , then let them proceed under caution.

      To PF and lungu empowering means giving money to marketeers. And giving contracts to build markets to Chinese…

    • Kenny Kasonde Kolala: ZCCM mines during state ownership and defunct Zambia Airways all had Zambian engineers doing critical work and with a world-class safety record. A number are working in Australia and other countries. Give credit where it is due please. I’m a patriot of the highest kind.

    • Chanchima

      “..Kenny Kasonde Kolala: ZCCM mines during state ownership and defunct Zambia Airways all had Zambian engineers doing critical work and with a world-class safety record. A number are working in Australia and other countries. Give credit where it is due please. I’m a patriot of the highest kind…”

      That is true, that was the great KK.
      We are talking about the present time…

    • They LAZY people these empty tins..busy signing billion dollar EXIM Bank loan contracts which have zero skills transfer yet want to import engineers whatever he means

  13. I usually go to Addis Ababa for AU/ECA meetings and I see the kind of humiliation girls and boys undergo when being “exported” to the Persian Gulf. It is a horrible situation. I shudder to see fellow Zambians undergo such humiliation. Ambassador Sikaneta should have given counsel to President Lungu not to fall prey to this slavery thing. Malanji is too raw to know these things. Six months into a sensitive job like that is not good enough. Secondly, genuine recruitment of engineers/teachers/doctors on professional basis happens everyday, which exactly is the reason why we have so many professionals in Botsawana, South Africa, UK, USA, Australia, elsewhere in the world without Govt involvement. An interested party simply advertises in the press and the due process follows. But where there…

    • Africans, Indonesians and Filipinos are treated worst than animals in the Arab countries. In 2012, an Indonesian maid stabbed her Saudi boss having been abused by him for year. The court found her guilty and sentenced her to death. She was beheaded and her body returned to Jakarta.
      In 2013 a Pakistani worker was deported from Saudi Arabia. His employer held on to his passport and he was given a copy of his Icama. His father died on 2009 and he could not attend the funeral. When his mother died in 2013, he decided to clubber his boss and face deportation, that was the only means he had to return home!

  14. ………. But where there is slavery, e.g. Cuban Doctors export, then Govt to Govt deals come into play. This whole deal sinks….

  15. Documentaries on migrant workers in Kuwait are heartbreaking. I hope it won’t turnout to be another shameful episode like the Iraqi one of yester years. Those that went to work in Iraq during KK’s reign haven’t still been paid their separation packages. And when it comes to negotiating deals the PF have proved to be worse than Hichilema

  16. A Minister of foreign affairs of a Christian Nation renting his Citizens to the Islamic Country in order to pay for the travel expenses of his Bwana?

    Is there limit to modern day slavery in Zambia?


    • Indeed , that better not send bembas …..people get hanged for theft over there..we will be having Zambians hanged every week….

    • Even my people from eastern , the once docil houseboys have become theives…..the easterners were houseboys while the bembas could not be trusted in the house and were garden boys by the British colonialists.
      But now the easterners are almost like bembas in stealing….

    • Spaka like lilo: I have never been one to stereotype people the way you have done it. My social science education and continuous reading have freed me from such thinking. I look at humans as humans and make allowance for individual weakness and not condemning an entire community. There is simply no province where the government has not built a prison. Grow up, Spaka like lilo.

    • Trivial spaka can not or never grow. Maybe it is his current location getting to his head. He must be an extremely stressed goon who only sees negative. No wonder I call him chicken little. Dumb asz.

    • Chanchima

      How come we don’t see you posting that when the PF kaponya rats are insulting southerners every day like the heading thread ?


      “…Trivial spaka can not or never grow. ..”

      Look in the mirror and you will see the reflection of a bitter tribal bottom feeder…unable to know Zambia is made of many tribes not only bemba and nyanja..

    • Spaka like lilo at 20.5: I became a blogger to fight tribalism in general and not just tribalism against Tongas. I know anti-Tonga sentiment has been the stock-in-trade of the PF and I it’s lo my target. I always denounce it if I see it. But I am not as active on this site as some people because I have a day job. I trace the problem from what KK and his UNIP govt did as long ago as the late 1960s. I have said so much on this subject and I don’t want to repeat myself.

    • Spaka like lilo: Social science is about society itself. The essence of studying it is to find ways of establishing a good society. There cannot be a good society if a section of Zambia doesn’t feel good about it. It’s that simple. I know this sounds basic but it’s not clear to most people or is ll too often forgotten about.

  18. Tribal cadres and political terrorists camped in “cuundu chaitwa” UPND party really amaze us majority Zambians.They blame everything which comes from PF Govnt without even understanding the details involved.Hey what kind of creatures are you fi Kainde followers?anyway,you shall keep on mourning online while PF rules Zambia!!!
    Most of you dont even live in Zambia but clean old whites abroad-so which is better?Dont just condemn anything for the sake of it.Sometimes it is better to condemn things after a said project fails.They say ‘nothing good comes to those who dont try in life”.Levy Mwanawasa was right when he said “UPND is like battocks-ever behind”.

  19. The idyot Malanji is promoting Govt sponsored HUMAN TRAFFICKING…this is sheer nonsense. Remember this extremely dull minister Malanji has a criminal record and served time in Mufulira prison for stealing a vehicle…so cant be trusted with our Citizen’s lives.
    The whole MOU he was signing does not make sense at all. Zambia has no surplus of qualified personnel. We are getting scholarships from well wishers like Russia, British Council, Germany, etc so that we can have educated workforce to develop our country. Instead of creating jobs to develop our country, this idyot and the PF are an plotting to export a few highly qualified staff abroad instated of retaining them!! Extremely DULL foreign minister ever with no vision just like Lungu!! Further, Kuwait is known for the brutal…

    • …..cont’d
      Kuwait is known for the brutal treatment of Phillipino and Indian maids so why send Zambians in harm’s way? Malanji is surely a pig!

  20. These people are looking for educated slaves;can the government ensure these zambian souls will be treated humanely once in that Arab state.

  21. This is a good idea. We can send all the Zambian Cabinet for starters and see how they perform. The nation would get rid all these suckers we have for a government.

  22. Zambia’s maintenance engineers are amongst the best in the world? Laughable!!!
    Show me one engineering marvel designed by these geniuses.. One please!

    Ours are engineers on paper and do nothing but intimidate others with their engineering titles.
    Ever noticed that Zambia is the only country in the world where “Eng” is a title before one’s name?

  23. Charles and ‘Thorn in the flesh, dont over mislead people. I working in Qatar right now, and my last stint before was in Kuwait. If you are employed as a Technical or skilled staff, the Employer will not keep your passport. The unfortunates ones are those that are employed as maids or houseboys, and site labourers(their passports are confiscated by the employer). That practice has now been stopped here in Qatar but I think its still there in Kuwait.
    For Christians, you are free to go about with your religion, and infact, there is a Religious Centre where various denominations are allowed to pray. So, Christianity is allowed as long as you dont despise Islam, you will be free.
    I read a comment above that UAE exports engineers to Kuwait, again that’s not true. UAE survives on imported…

  24. Working in the middle east countries unless you’re a professional or hold a powerful passport its a no go zone.Zambians should stay the hell away from these modern slavery practising countries.

  25. Watch that programme on DSTV called ‘How it is made’, Channel 136. I bet no Zambian engineer knows how to make a simple sewing needle, let alone the machine that makes it! I wonder what sort of Zambian engineers Kuwait is looking for from Zambia, for that matter. Yes, in Zambia we may be awash with engineers with paper qualifications, but there is zero evidence of what they have successfully engineered. Or is it the policy environment which is not right for them?

    If my understanding of engineering is correct, it is that human intervention on a natural matter to transform it into something useful to humanity as well as animals. I am not aware of any Zambian engineer who has transformed any matter into something useful to us all. It seems we have all succumbed to the influx of Chinese…

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