The first consignment of imported refined fuel stocks procured by government independently and directly from Saudi Arabia has arrived at Dar es Salaam Port awaiting decantation.

ZANIS reports that Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) pipelines Regional Manager for Tanzania Abraham Saunyama disclosed that the ship from Saudi Arabia will soon start decanting the diesel and petrol stocks at the Single Point Moring once docking fees and other formalities have been processed by the Tanzania Port Authorities.

Mr Saunyama said the ship is carrying already purified fuel products comprising 13 million litres of diesel and over 18 million litres of petrol for the local market.

He said the development is a milestone achievement as this is the first time in the history of the country that government has procured refined petroleum products directly from the source without engaging third party agents and other middlemen .

Mr Saunyama said government has since appointed TAZAMA as its agent to manage the processing and transportation of the refined fuel stocks to Ndola for sale and distribution to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Zambia and ultimately the general public.

The development is expected to stabilise and reduce prices of petroleum products on the market as well as cement their availability.

Meanwhile, TAZAMA has commenced the construction of a container terminal at its abandoned premises in Dar es Salaam as part of its diversification efforts.

Pipeline Engineer Max Ilunda said TAZAMA will spend about US$730, 000 to set up the terminal that will increase the revenue of the firm for investment in other company ventures.

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    • Importation of finished products is NOT good news. It’s admission of failure to run Indeni refinery & failure to construct a new refinery 54 years after independence. Imagine how many jobs a new refinery & new fertilizer plant would create??

      Its like when FTJ boasted of imported apples, imported cooking from South Africa. Today Zambian consumers are creating jobs for evil xenophobic south africans.
      Lets add value to products in order create jobs for our desperate youths. We need visionary leaders not these crooked dealers.


    • They have just announced the arrest of an inside trader in the USA. Zambia should have started with HH.



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